Only Me – Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Start! [2] “Heyyyy! Could you guys slow down a little for me?!” The angels Friteta fly with her wings on her back at a speed that could even be compared to a bomber, still, she can’t be compared with the Super JET Ridwan has. A transportation shoes that could reach half a light […]

Only Me – Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Start! [1]   The world starts to revolve… At this time, transmigrates all had come back as a returnee. No one stood aimlessly, and the surrounding starts to revolve within. Within the commotion, there stood a teenager, he stays silent as if he got nothing to do with all the commotion. He even […]

Only Me – Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Goodbye [3] “I know I’m wrong but, just leave me, for now, Gendis…” [No! if I leave you, you surely will attack and trying to rape her again father!] “Guahaha! What kind of desperate virgin you are?!” “Damn it, shut up Lichen! You ancient virgin!” “What did you say?! Haaah? You damn desperate […]

Only Me – chapter 12

Chapter 12: Goodbye [2] [Father! Where are you?!] *ROARRRR* Suddenly, Father, that’s in the midst of his spar against Lichen roar, the bloodcurdling scream shook the whole ghost town, even the normally aloof Lichen start to tremble a bit, then having a lascivious smile on his face. Suddenly the roaring Father ran, he ran towards […]

Only Me – Chapter 11

 Chapter 11: Goodbye [1]   “No! Richard!!” “Damn it! Anton, go back! Fortify the defense!” “Lynn! He’s not otherworlder like us! Why can you so nonchalant like that!” “You were all the same! No matter otherworlder or not! Live is equal! Don’t hinder us, Anton! Go and fortify the defense so as to let the […]