Only Me – Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Slaughter [6]   We’ve tried our best, however, we still on the losing end. No matter which path we choose, we’ll always in the wrong… okay then, I will answer your despair with hope… I wish this hope will bring light to you, O darkness creatures which seek warmth… yes, I hope we’ll […]

Only Me – Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Slaughter [5] We’ve always seek the source of anomaly, but never were we thought that all of the anomaly source come from a point… The same point we choose to search for our slaves… -God of knowledge’s research #76 opening  “Noooo, Please! Don’t  kill me, your holiness! No, your majesty! Please! By all […]

Only Me – Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Slaughter [4] 40 people, all in all, has failed to save their life and their classmates’ life… among them, 20 died in the within 2 years, 10 die under self-destruction, along with Juercols and its lifeform under them. However, now, the memory passed over, not to the summoned, but, a normal citizen… The […]

Only Me – Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Slaughter [3] “Ukh… where is this…” utter the boy, who’s holding his head in order to relieve the pain he receives on his head. Standing up, and stood by his feet only to see the scenery, that could be defined as bloodthirsty. Scene of blood and gore, where, his classmates all had become […]

Only Me – Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Slaughter [2] Anomaly… That is what we call them, a monster that comes out of the Dungeon, and a monster which has the power lower, equal or possibly… higher than ours. Once the thing detected, there’s death count on the higher being… once the extermination mission comes, we of Satan or God’s faction, […]

Only Me – Chapter 23

 Chapter 23: Slaughter [1] We only have a jurisdiction in our universe’s dimension, not a jurisdiction in another universe dimension. At least, that’s the truth until one of us reached the 9th orde. A person, which broaden our jurisdiction unto another dimension, which is a full place that has raw material all over the place, a […]

Only Me – Chapter 22

Chapter 22: New World [7] A normal dungeon has no layer… all along a dungeon only has floor in it Until suddenly there’s a mutation on the dungeon that suddenly has a layer after defeating the dungeon boss, leaving the dungeons’ challengers surprised. Thus, the first challengers successfully enter the layer of the dungeon, only to […]