Uncategorized Tensei Jinsei Chapter 65.8! It’s a war I say! A WAR!!

Tensei Jinsei Chapter 65.8! It’s a war I say! A WAR!!

well, against Brennan’s idiocy…   Please do visit my original and give me your review on it! If you like it, I may continue it, there’s already 49 chapters of them! HERE!     And the chapter is   65.8!

Tensei Jinsei Tensei Jinsei Chapter 65!

Tensei Jinsei Chapter 65!

Today we’d have a double release! well, the story continued steadily, and soon we’d reach the love route of the MC!   There’s some intermezzo of our first villain’s father though… oh well, Please enjoy!   65

Uncategorized Tensei Jinsei Chapter 63

Tensei Jinsei Chapter 63

You know, you just need to donate 5$ to open a chapter from the patreon locked chapter to me!   But, you can just wait for more chapter… This is this weeks’ scheduled release! thanks!   Please enjoy!   Chapter 63

Uncategorized Tensei Jinsei Chapter 62

Tensei Jinsei Chapter 62

There’s a piece of good news!   I can have a definite one chapter a week schedule! Yaay!!   At the same time, there’s a piece of bad news!   I can’t be definitely post it, once a week, or all at once in a day… well, I want to start my new project too, …

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