The Saint’s Dungeon Affair MTL Chapter 349-353

349===================== The identity of the giant manastone On the way back to the third-tier village, I suddenly remembered a certain fact. “Diana. Come to think of it, this giant manastone didn’t even properly research it and just came. sorry. I didn’t think of that. Would you like to go back?” In the first place, Diana had come here to […]

The Saint’s Dungeon Affair MTL Chapter 341-348 here

341===================== Rescue request Good. My spirit has recovered a bit, and my body is still heavy, but it’s still better than before. “Then, sir. Shall we go out soon?” As I said that, I reached out to Rachel’s sister. It was just to wake up Rachel, but for some reason, Rachel shuddered and trembled. Huh? Why are you […]

The Saint’s Dungeon Affair MTL Chapter 330-340

330===================== Ancient Curse “Then I will wait here.” The maid, who acted as the driver, said politely to us. Even if he knew how to break the curse, it didn’t break the curse. Therefore, in order for Matilda to get out, it was still necessary to move through a wagon. But since we might be […]

The Saint’s Dungeon Affair MTL Chapter 325-329

325===================== Ancient Curse “Then I will move.” I hugged Matilda’s body tightly and surrendered myself to pleasure as if deceiving guilt. “Heh! ha ha! Whoops!” Me and Matilda were already in a heated situation, so the climax was instantaneous. “ね!” “Hey! Ahhh… Whoops!” When I ejaculated, Matilda climaxed herself as she hugged me tightly with a look of genuine […]

The Saint’s Dungeon Affair MTL Chapter 317-324

317===================== Redemption of Counterattack and the next morning. As soon as I woke up, Diana gave me a massage. “You! really! thinking! and! Living Genga! Huh?! Huh?! What to do now! How do you see the faces of others?!” Thump Thump Thump Thump. Diana clenched her tiny fist and slapped my chest relentlessly. How angry he was, he had been beating for much […]

The Saint’s Dungeon Affair MTL Chapter 312-316

312===================== Tutor Salvation After that, Sarah ended up really doing nineteen more with me. There was a level limit, so no matter how much I ejaculated, Sarah never leveled up, so Sarah had to endure that pleasure just with her guts. Thanks to this, Sarah seems to have found a reason to go to the […]

The Saint’s Dungeon Affair MTL Chapter 307-311

307===================== Request Even if Lutia passed away, we couldn’t be completely relieved, so in the end, Sylvia and I just talked and fell asleep. Well, in the end, Rutia didn’t come back, though. and the next morning. Rutia approached me as I was hurriedly cleaning out the tent, excited at the thought of returning home. […]

The Saint’s Dungeon Affair MTL Chapter 302-306

302===================== Request “Wow… Sorry.” “no. It’s my fault that I was too excited, but Sylvia has something to apologize for. Let’s do our best again from today.” “Wow… . Yes Yes… .” In the end, I couldn’t level up as much as I thought last night. I don’t know when I’ll meet the Transcendental Servant, but I said too much that […]

The Saint’s Dungeon Affair MTL Chapter 300-301

300===================== Request We started the morning refreshingly with an ogre raid, and after a simple meal, we headed out again. It seems that the 5th floor is not made up of floors like the 2nd floor, but is made up of one large space. That’s why I’m hoping that there might be another ant den here. […]

The Saint’s Dungeon Affair MTL Chapter 292-299

292===================== Ready to request I put my hand into Sylvia’s droopy armpit again, and forced her to stand up. Now I’ve decided not to care whether I faint or not. I will do my job thoroughly. “Sylvia. I’ll wash your legs from now on, so stand up properly. It’s an order.” “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha […]

The Saint’s Dungeon Affair MTL Chapter 287-291

287===================== Prepare for quest Because Leia was curled up, her ass was in a perfect position for insertion, so my stuff went all the way down to Leia’s pussy in one go. The feel of Leia’s soft buttocks touching her lower belly is pleasant. Anyway, as soon as I inserted it, the tails made of purple […]

The Saint’s Dungeon Affair MTL Chapter 281-286

281===================== Saint Salvation And after washing one leg, I went over to the other leg and repeated the washing from the thigh to the same as before. By the end of the day, Diana’s waist movements were almost like masturbating using my legs. I could feel Diana’s harsh snort on her lips, and Diana’s clitoris […]

The Saint’s Dungeon Affair MTL Chapter 275-280

275====================== Saint Salvation No, this is not the time to be creepy! “Excuse me for a second!” Having said that, I untied the front of the pants I had just put on again. Then, grabbing the pants and underwear at once, pulling them forward and checking the appearance of the object, he immediately used his […]

The Saint’s Dungeon Affair MTL Chapter 271-274

271===================== The deepening secret of the dungeon The reason the skill was easily found is simple. It was already marked as a learnable skill. Huh? Wasn’t that a skill that only saints could learn? No, it was just passed down among the saints, wasn’t it something that only saints could learn? Anyway, in Leia’s skill window, a […]

The Saint’s Dungeon Affair MTL Chapter 267-270

267===================== The deepening secret of the dungeon Seeing Sarah like that, I gave strength to the hand that was resting on her head to stop her movement. Looking up at Sarah looking up with a puzzled expression, I shook my head and made a gesture to shut my mouth. ‘Close it? Aren’t you going to put […]