Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 106

115/164 106 Christoph’s Nichijou (Daily life) 2     Dorothy and I completed our ceremony safely. n? why am I calling her Dorothy you say? It’s alright now, I’m her husband after all! Moreover, I am Duke now. My territory is only Brut Island and Bruteis but, I had a tax revenue that come from the Marquis […]

Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 105

105 Christoph’s Nichijou (Daily life)1     Do you still remember? When I just got in the Royal Magic Academy, I found a grimoire, a magic book I received from defeating the last boss in the dungeon. I had some time off recently, so I check on the grimoire. A Grimoire is a sentient magic book, […]

Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 104

113/164 104 Raid 6     Belm principality’s consulate was successfully subdued. After the rescue, the knight of the consulate easily subjugated by the royal army and they were either be killed in action or taken as a prisoner, while the consul general was arrested. This incident has given plenty of scars towards the Sacred Kingdom […]

Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 103

112/164 103 Raid5     The progress on the siege of the Consulate is smooth. Jimnis was busy receiving reports from the other captain while giving instructions. I’m waiting right beside big brother Jimnis.   「Christoph, the soldiers’ deployments finished」   A shadow emerged as soon as Big brother Jimnis complete his statement. I held show […]