Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 67: Memories [6]

[N POV] As old as he might be, Orsted was always filled with vengeance in his life. Never once did he feel the need to converse more than necessary, which is why he cherished the normal conversation Claude had with his friends at the point of the story. However, the time for that soon ends. […]

Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 66: Memories [5]

[N POV] As Claude casts the spell, he also creates a magic circle on the ground. At that time, he forgot everything else but the magic circle. Creating it took time. Oddly, Orsted patiently waited for Claude to finish his magic circle. Orsted’s time-frame took a long time, but his creation brought awe towards Orsted. […]

Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 65: Open Negotiation

[Claude POV] “Are you sure this is safe?” Ash whispered to me, while keeping his eyes on Orsted. How would I know? This is definitely not safe. which is why I asked the other to back off in the first place. Even so, cooperation with Orsted is vital, since he knows about the future better […]

Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 64: Operation Start [2]

[Claude POV] This is scary; all of those things happened at once without my awareness. Even Isolte and Reida were stunned by the sudden event. What did they talk about? To think that Orsted would suddenly attack them without any notice and that Ruijerd would be defeated in a mere 3 moves? What kind of […]