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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 103


103 Raid5



The progress on the siege of the Consulate is smooth.

Jimnis was busy receiving reports from the other captain while giving instructions.

I’m waiting right beside big brother Jimnis.


「Christoph, the soldiers’ deployments finished」


A shadow emerged as soon as Big brother Jimnis complete his statement.

I held show my hand towards the escorts to stop them from attacking.


「it’s my subordinate」




「it’s been a while, Jimnis-sama」


After giving a bow towards big brother Jimnis, Primera started her report.


「those are imprisoned in the underground prison, with lord Adachi ready to rescue them at any time」


Primera calls Carla with her family name.

So sometimes I’ll be asked who’s it in my mind? I don’t say anything though, because it’s difficult to say the superior’s name nonchalantly.


「big brother, my subordinate has successfully infiltrated, could you attract their attention for some time? 」


「Um, leave it to me」


「Primera, give the order for Carla and the other to move after 10 minutes, the safety of the captives are their priority」




Primera responded to my instruction.


「・・・was Primera had this kind of ability?」


It’s surprising when you see someone suddenly disappear in front of you.

The current Primera had a perfect cognitive ability, thanks to the item I gave her.

It’s not just Primera thought, since I can’t say that, I just laugh to distract it.

After that big brother Jimnis got busy receiving the report and giving instructions one after another.

About 10 minutes later, I remind big brother Jimnis.


「big brother, it’s about time.」


「Um, let’s go」


Big brother Jimnis took his troops to the gate of Belm principality’s gate.


「I am Jimnis von Bryutzels, knights of Sacred Kingdom Vandamme. Asking the consulate to see me immediately」


He’s talking to the gatekeeper, but his sound is loud enough for those in the mansion to hear.

The gatekeeper asked to wait, and one of them ran towards the mansion.

They then come back bringing a butler-like person.


「My name is Kurt Buechner, I’m the counselor of the consulate. Since the council is absent right now, I will ask for our needs. First, please come here」


「Um, since the council is absent it’s unavoidable. Lord Bechner, pleased to work with you」


Following big brother Jimnis, we entered the consulate premises.


「Lord Kurd, is there any changes recently?」




「pardon me, my name is Christopher von Bruteis. I am the lord of Eastwood, where the Belm principality first make contact with」


「aah, pardon my rudeness. Count Bruteis had also come, huh. However, I don’t really understand the meaning of the question・・・」


He’s pretending, there’s no way a counselor didn’t know what happened within the consulate.


「I see、・・・then, were the 2? You do know what I mean, right?」


As expected, the councilor didn’t show anything in his expression.

But, I know that you’re actually panicking inside.

I can hear your heart thumping excitedly.


「hmm, 2 people?・・・what is it about・・・」


There are 12 knights following Big brother Jimnis this time.

It might bring harm to the hostages in case Carla and the other didn’t secure them, they could be taken as a hostage without me and might bring trouble to the prided Knight of Big brother Jimnis.

There, a loud explosion came from the mansion.

This is a signal that Carla and others had to save them, and can go out at any time.


「What happened-gasp?!」


At the same time as the councilor shouted, Carla and the other broke through the window on the first floor.

Peron that hold Francois, and Pritz that holding Beligzyme appeared.


「big brother!」「Ohh!」


At the same time as my voice, big brother kicked councilor Kurt and move to secure Francois-sama and beligzyme-sama.

Each unit that heard the explosion began to move, this place will soon become a battlefield.

In the plan, Carla and the other will rescue the 2 while Big brother Jimnis and his knight will escort them to a safe area.

In addition, although it’s very simple to take care of the principality, it’s not possible because we don’t know the exact location of the 2.

Because Pritz succeeded in finding the whereabouts of these 2 while they were still within the country, we can block the information leakage and end the principality.

If the principality murdered the 2, even I can’t do anything. However, they let them live.

For us, we were able to avoid the worst outcome, it’s a mistake for the principality.

Once the battle began, each captain can act at their own discretion, so big brother Jimnis didn’t give any instruction.

In this battle, Big sister Elizabeth leads a siege towards the building, and big sister Chrysnan is following her.

Since Big sister Elizabeth had just become a knight, she’s not leading a battalion-sized unit, but a 3 platoon size unit.

I earnestly wish for my sisters to return safely without any injury.


The rescue was finished in a hurry, and the two were taken to the safe area.

Because they weren’t given a proper meal and treatment, their appearance was far from a month ago, they’re only skin and bones now.

I don’t think that it’s sane to treat children this way.

The two can’t speak and walk properly.

Still, they can barely react to our voice.


「Christoph, bring them back to the royal castle. I have to take command on the Raid 」


「I understand. May luck be with you」


I along with the 10 escort knights given by brother Jimnis and Carla and the other head towards the royal castle.

With my exclusive carriage, I had the 2 onboard along with Clara and Carla.

Inside the carriage, I apply recovery magic to them so that they won’t die.

When their condition stabilized, we passed through the royal castle’s gate and got the carriage towards the area where people normally can’t enter.




As soon as I opened the carriage door, I can hear the voice of 2nd concubine Chenile and Crown princess Beni.

Because of the news beforehand, I know that there’s be some royalty waiting, but I didn’t expect to see those 2 here.

They held their children who look like a skeleton while weeping.

Still, this state can’t be left alone.


「Beni-sama, Chenile-sama, We need to bring them to the royal doctor in a hurry・・・」


「aa, that’s right. Count Bruteis, I will never forget this debt」


Protected by the knights, those 2 disappeared to the depth of the royal castle with their mother.

I went to his majesty(Raccoon)’s office along with Peron, Carla, Clara, and Pritz.


「Christoph-sama -gasp!」


On the way towards his majesty’s office, we met with Dorothy-sama.


「chri・・・Count Bruteis, and everyone else. I thank you for your rescue this time」


Dorothy-sama bowed to us without any hesitation.

It’s not something a royal did, so I asked her to raise her head in a hurry. But she insists on doing so repeatedly while in tears.

With Carla and Clara’s persuasion, she finally stopped crying and go with us inside the Raccoon’s office.

It seems that my father is already inside the Raccoon’s office waiting for us.


「I thank Count Bruteis for his work this time」


「this time, it’s these 4 that had saved Ramilda-sama and Beligzyme-sama. Especially Pritz von Hecate who found their whereabouts and continue to lead their rescue operation. They’re showing a remarkable outcome. So I ask his majesty to compliment them himself」


「um, thank you for your good job. Especially lord Hecate. I shall reward everyone at a later time」


『Thank you very much』


「Chrsistoph, you’ve done well. Everyone also did great. You can go back to the mansion and have an early rest」


With my father’s word, we left the office.

Now then, I’ll do what I can・・・


「Dorothy-sama, can I ask you for some time?」


I let Carla and the other leave first and headed towards the courtyard with Dorothy-sama.

After sending the other away, I had a talk with her.


「Dorothy-sama, I’m sure that this event must be something traumatizing for you」




「even so, you’ve slept well right? And your meal also」




「do you think the deceased Queen and Crown prince will be happy to see you look so sickly like this? Even I won’t be happy. Dorothy-sama・・・Dorothy, you do know what I’m talking about, right?」




「sleep well and had a good meal tonight. Do you understand?」




I hug the lean Dorothy, and asked the maid to prepare an easy-to-digest meal, I left the royal castle.

On the way back, Carla and the other look at me with grins on their face・・・what an unpleasant guy.

Were they so happy with their rewards? Or they’re filled with happiness being praised by the Raccoon?









As soon as we arrive at the mansion, Fillia was waiting for me.


「I’m sorry for the inconvenience」


「Are you alright?」




Fillia’s expression is the opposite.

I was worried because she had a white wrapping in her hand, but I didn’t ask her about it.

As she brought it, it must be something that she want to show to me.

And as I thought, Fillia knelt and hand me the white wrapping.


「That is?」


「it’s my father’s head」


n? What did you say? nipple? It’s not, isn’t it? ・・・Father’s head・・・ (TN: Kubi = neck/head in japs, Chikubi=nipple – a failed pun when translated)


「it’s my father’s head」




I inadvertently stood up from my chair.

What the hell is this all about? Why did Fillia suddenly bring her father’s head?


「when the carriage blew up, I feel like I know the smell’s source. It took me some time to realize that it’s my father’s smell」


In other words, the person that tried to kill me was Fillia’s father?

So, Fillia killed her own father that tried to kill me?

So Fillia did a mortal sin of Parricide because of me?


I believe that I totally had a foolish expression right now.


Wait for a minute・・・wasn’t Fillia’s father a merchant that was killed by a monster?


「I thought he was killed by a monster, but he’s still alive and I’m afraid that he’s aiming for Christoph-sama’s life」


「Fillia’s・・・father ・・・is・・・the brigand that aimed for my life ?」


I unwrap the cloth and stare at Filia’s father’s head to confirm their relationship with Brigand.

Normally, there’s no need for me to stare at the head directly but, for some reason, I had the feeling to do so.


「he was a member of Brigand, a Captain even. In addition, He didn’t remember me. ・・・this is his punishment for aiming at Christoph-sama’s life」


I wonder what should I say・・・How should I reward her?

I naturally get closer to her and hug her that started to get teary.


「I’m sorry to make you feel hurt・・・」




「if・・・if you can forgive me then・・・」


「there’s nothing for me to forgive! I’m Christoph-sama’s loyal servant. Thanks to Christoph-sama for picking me up and saving me rather than the parent that sold me off as a slave. It’s a definite choice! There’s nothing to compare・・・」


As she expose her feelings, she cried in my chest.

I was hugging her until she stopped crying.


「I’m sorry for making your clothes dirty, I’ll prepare the change right now」


「Fillia is my family」


I briefly convey my feelings as she tried to leave to get a change of clothes.

Even though it’s short, the feelings imbued within encompassing words that might be comfortable to hear.


「thank you very much」


Fillia turned around and leave the room with a big smile on her face.








Regarding this kidnapping case, it seems that my magic item can save 2 lives.

The Crown prince and the Queen wouldn’t expect an assassin to infiltrate the royal castle, and assassinate them, so they didn’t wear the magic item when they were killed.

However, both of the children wearing the magic item, made the assassination fail and they’re being taken away because it’s easier to capture them than to leave them alone.

Moreover, it seems that after being abducted, the Principality tried to poison them but failed because of my magic item, and continued to let them starve to death because of the failed poisoning.

Fortunately, they aren’t starved to death immediately and are given food from time to time.

As expected, if they aren’t given any food for a month they’d already・・・


This incident revealed a defect in my magic item.

Although it can protect the wearer against harm, they can’t respond to the kidnapping of children who’re light and easy to carry.

This is needed to be improved immediately.



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