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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 106


106 Christoph’s Nichijou (Daily life) 2



Dorothy and I completed our ceremony safely.

n? why am I calling her Dorothy you say?

It’s alright now, I’m her husband after all!

Moreover, I am Duke now.

My territory is only Brut Island and Bruteis but, I had a tax revenue that come from the Marquis Clebber territory which was under the royal family’s direct control.

It’s because the Bruteis territory is small, and isn’t enough for a Duke’s territory.

This treatment of the Marquis Clebber is in a way a thankful thing for me, because of my lack of subordinates it’s hard to make a subordinate of mine take it over. My budget will also increase because of it.

Ah, but don’t get mistaken. The revenue here is not all given to me, but their net income is under a certain minimum of the Bruteis family.

It’d be nice to receive the full amount, but Marquis Clebber will perish if that happened.


My newlywed life?

Well, although I never did marry, I an Oldman, of course, I’ve got plenty of nightlife.

Thanks to that, Dorothy suspects that I have another woman. But, that surely will be a good memory. (TN: my single soul is crying tears of blood… dang it)


Then, I sat face-to-face with Dorothy, to reveal the truth of my identity.


「which, which mean・・・Christoph is・・・God of magic・・・is it?」


「that’s right」


Bluntly said, I’d be crazy to know that my husband is actually a god so suddenly.

Ah, Dorothy also called me informally by the way.

It’d be a shame for a husband and wife to call each other formally.


「that’s wonderful!」




「Christoph is the god of magic, my husband is a god! Aa, how happy I am!」


huh? She received it easier than I thought?

heck, far from happy, she accepts it delightfully right?


「then, Fillia is Christoph’s vessel right?」


「that’s right」


「then, make me one too!」




「because it’s sad that Fillia shares a closer bond than Christoph’s own wife, isn’t it?」


Ah, there’s that way of thinking too?

But, if I die Dorothy will also die, I want to avoid that kind of possibility, but this momentum rejects my thinking.

After I do explain her that, and firmly explained to her as much as possible・・・


「If Christoph die, I’d die too!」


As expected this happened huh.

After I’ve persuaded her several times, she rejects them all, and I powerlessly make her my vessel.


「aaaaah! The power was swelling from my inside! Fufufufu, with this, I have the power to stand by Christoph’s side!」


Somehow, Dorothy’s image is・・・

And, I don’t think you need to have the power to stand beside me you know.


「Dorothy is my wife, you don’t need power to stand by my side you know・・・」


「no! Christoph doesn’t understand! Carla-san, Peron-san, Clara-san, and Pritz-san had more mana than me and always be by your side! I was always so jealous of them! Now, I can also be beside you!」


With that Dorothy become my vessel, and with her plead, Fillia, Lilia, and I. the 4 of us when to the forest in Eastwood at the mouth of the valley.

Since Dorothy want to test her power after becoming my vessel, we went to the unexplored area where I planned to survey.

There are plenty of beast-type monsters and plant-type monsters here, so there won’t be a lack of training targets.

Immediately, we meet with a monster named Lambchop.


Lambchop’s means of attacking was either headbutting or punching after it stand on its hind legs.

By the way, its way of attacking using its’ front legs like a chopping punch was what makes it called Lambchop, it’s not a food name.

Lambchop is also a famous E rank monster that lives in a group, and the one in front of us is also living in a group of 30.

It seems that the boss is the one that decides whether they’d be fighting or not.

Thus, the boss decided to fight us.

Those 30 lamb chops are kicking their hind legs and looking at us with blood-red eyes.


「I heard that Lambchop’s meat are delicious!」


Fillia and Lilia are the vanguards, using their spear and swords as they rushed towards the Lambchops, while Dorothy supports them from behind.

I carefully watch Dorothy’s movement from behind.

Dorothy’s mana has risen several times since she becomes my vessel, her physical ability is also crossing the limit, so much that it isn’t that different from Fillia and Lilia. Even so, she’s still shooting from behind.




「What’s up?」


Dorothy that slaughtered the 30 Lambchops suddenly said.


「There’s something wrong!」


Fumu, they seem to realize it.


「wh, what do you mean?」


「I feel up my mana springs up within my body. But, even so, it’s still different! Even this isn’t comparable to Carla-san and the others !」


Dorothy has a lot of mana.

Actually, Dorothy has more mana than Peron and the other because she’s my vessel.

However, she’s fairly lacking in mana than Pritz before she becomes my vessel.

As mana had attributes, they also have aptitude and class.

She originally has low-grade Wind, water, and attributeless attribute aptitude, and special grade light attributes aptitude.

Her highest grade Light attribute is mainly recovery magic, which resulted in a not very favorable attacking method.

Because I have my past memory I can improve light attributes for offensive purposes, but it’s different for Dorothy.

That’s why Dorothy used the wind attribute to attack the monsters.

Dorothy’s high amount of mana can push even the monsters even if it’s only a low-rank aptitude, but that‘s not efficient, even wasteful.


「I・・・What am I・・・」


「Dorothy, please listen to me」




Taking Dorothy’s hand and staring into her eyes, I slowly start talking.


「even if a half, I’m still a god. Within them, there is a good god and an evil god, there are also several types of attributed god. And I’m a god that god at creation・・・」


Dorothy understood what I mean and squeezed my hand.


「・・・In other words・・・there’s a thing that Christoph can do・・・there’s also what you can’t do・・・」


「that’s right」


「then, what can I・・・really do・・・」


I can easily tell her, but her growth will stagnate without her noticing it.

Dorothy bit her lips.


In the end, she didn’t get her characteristic well.

It’s fine though. She can take her time to find what she can do.

Well, as someone that had not much trouble it might not be a good idea to say this.


It’s a mistake to think that becoming my vassal will make you great at magic.

If she can understand that fact well, it’s great.





Eastwood has a population of 148.463 people.

This is the statistic I get last month, without the slaves included.

When the slaves were included, there’d be 157.384 people.

There are 8921 slaves, about 5947 were combat slaves that comes from the Saint Orion Nation.

I’ve created a family registration system that can help accurately count the population.

Everyone is obliged to register their name in the system when they entered the Eastwood, but its biggest feature was the magical power scribed in the register.

Magical power is always different from each other like fingerprints, so it’s convenient to identify a varying individually.

As a result, everyone who leaving or enters Eastwood will be recorded automatically.

In another case, as long as you registered you can freely enter and exit Eastwood. which can significantly reduce the waiting time.


「thanks to the Combat slaves, vegetable yield are jumping」


「if it continues, the price of Cabbage will plummet」


「then, why not control and adjust the yield to maintain the price?」


Ud’s subordinate that’s in charge of the pioneering is Nikita, an elven woman.

Nikita has reported that she’s successfully harvesting a large amount of cabbage in a large project that involved a large number of combat slaves.

On the other hand, the one in charge of supplies a bear beastman named Deriman was concerned about the price collapse, and the human named Bedmas who in charge of finance asked to adjust the yield to maintain the price.

Such conversation happens in Ud’s situation.


「the surplus of the harvested cabbage can be stored in the underground warehouse since there won’t be any timelapse there, and it can be taken out when there’s a scarcity!」


Then, the price will increase when the harvest season passed.

That’s right, the price of out-of-season vegetables is higher than pieces of jewelry, in addition, if you can supply the vegetable stably in the winter it can also be additional profit for Count… it’s Duke Bruteis now.

Ud has a great idea.


「then, the next agenda will be the increasing crime rate. With a higher amount of population, something like this is normal」


「in that regard, it’s important to increase the number of security personnel. As expected with the number we had now, there’s a limit」


Everyone looked at me.

It’s normal if they want an increase in personnel, but without a human resource, even if you want to increase them, you won’t be able to.


「prefentially send some personnel to the security department. Leave the final decision to Levis who’s in charge. Please consult to Ud first to make a necessary decision, you can also use the combat slave if they had no personality problem to assist 」


For this kind of thing, I can throw it to Levis and Ud!

Since Ud can work well even when he works too much as his eyes become blood red, something like this is definitely not a problem for him.

Levis can also work hard for this! Is what I want to say.

In addition, I don’t really need to decide everything.


We made several decisions like this in the developing Bruteis territory.

As the territory developed, their scales grow and the organization that developed them is also growing, so does their authority.

I can make my work easier if I had a talented subordinate, and the talented subordinate can teach the other subordinate to be as talented.


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