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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 12


012 Entrance Examination 1





There’s a Royal Magic Academy and Royal Knight Academy in Sacred Van Damme Kingdom.
Both are schools that opened for commoners and nobles in order to ensure excellent human resources in the Imperial Capital, furthermore, there are scholarships that ensure that the talented individuals are free of boarding and tuition fee, in hopes of ensuring them to be more focused on studying.

The only place that uses this special system is Sacred Vandamme kingdom, while the other countries use their families.
Thus the one who introduced this system was the yuusha that was known as the first king of this kingdom, that has been passed down for generations.

Of course, the one that received this treatment can either choose to work for the kingdom for certain period of time or refund the money while working in they chosen occupation.
The one who used this scholarship system is a talented people, thus at that time if they work in the country they’ll became a plus in the country, while if he chooses to work in another occupation because the one that they grew is a talented person for Sacred Kingdom Vandamme it will help the country progress it will all become a plus.

Basically, the ones who graduate from Royal Knight Academy will either work in knighthood or military, while the graduates of Royal Magic Academy will become court magician in the country.
Besides that they’ll serve their hometown nobility, the prospects of those 2 school are many.

This year’s student capacity for Royal Magic Academy is up to 300 people because there are 588 people, it has a scale of 1.96 times than the capacity. (T/N: might be wrong 今年の王立魔法学校の入学希望者は定員300名に対し、588名の希望があったので、倍率1.96倍の狭き門となっている。)(CZN: this kind of trivia is rarely read…)(TLN: i’ll translate it for formality sake~)

「The written exam will accommodate about the Kingdom’s history, arithmetic, and national language. The time limit is 50 minutes while the break time is 10 minute if you finish it before the time limit it’s okay to leave your seat. However, during the test, it does not allow one to reenter the class. The first test is Kingdom History – World History. Now, the exam start」

The simple explanation ended and the exam began.
In the morning there’s a written exam, while in the afternoon there’s a practical exam.

Because from the start that I transferred here I read many books about history so history became my forte.
It might get nearly a perfect score.

The following arithmetic test I’ve learned from modern Japan for me it’s just a piece of cake, I think this is too must’ve been nearly a perfect score.
Next is National language but, I’ve read the history book and magic book and many kinds of books so it must in the level of perfect score. (T/N: what… is this bragging you high spec MC!)

Father says I’ll get a Viscount peerage when I reach adulthood, if I do it poorly I will become a useless person that only receives the payroll.
I should watch father carefully so that kind of thing will not be happening is what I think but, until now there’s still big sister that I haven’t meet so I can’t be assured.
That’s why as the first step from independence I’ll use Royal magic academy.

That’s why I’ll use the best of my power to get full score. (TN: Scholarship noble!)

Though, I don’t want to get myself in the center of attention.

I’ve completed all 3 subjects in 30 minutes after reviewing it so to give another candidate pressure I’ve let them see my easy expression while leaving the venue, I felt a killing intent in the 3rd time though.
It is to ensure my top 10 in the entrance exam it’s not a cowardly way of doing thing it’s just a way of business.
Of course, I’ve had no intention of cheating nor using a scapegoat to get a top result!
It’s just a story about the person that have the knowledge.

After the noon break, it’s time for the afternoon practical exam.
Because the order is from Noble’s child first, I’ve got an early turn so I had heard.

「It’s irritating for a lowly birth to get included in the nobility’s exam」

When the time of noon break almost over I heard the rich noble groups talk.

「Mattaku desu!(indeed desu!)Especially Warner-sama like marquis to get a test at the same palce as the commoner, what did the teachers think?!」

It should be what are you guys thinking?
Entering the entrance exam without knowing this Royal magic Academy tradition?
These guys must be retards?(T/N: ‘baka’ but it seems good with retard :v mwahaha)(EDN: I would have preferred baka)

This Royal magic academy tradition is without discrimination against race nor identity.
I hear that half of the graduates of this academy is from commoner class.
You must feel ashamed when you guys don’t graduate from this academy as excellent students.
Because there are is a different between commoner and noble’s basic education,  even if they had the advantage, if they’ve passed it will bring a shame.
A, even before that whether they enrolled or not is unknown.

I look at the stupid noble and the 4 stupid rich like looking at the filth.
The stupid Richy is bakabon. (TLN: Baka na bonbon , while bonbon mean rich it’s kinda weird using it so i’ll take the richy~ and bakabon is the shorting of the baka na bonbon~ it’s author not me~)

「n? Don’t you think so too?」(TLN: he actually use ‘kiden’貴殿 google it :3)

Because they’ve to see me they think I’m the same kind of them, so I’ve pretended to not see.
I tell them so they don’t see me as the same as them.

「This school tradition should be no discrimination against race nor identity. Don’t you all get the wrong school entrance exam? Even now it’s okay to drop off the admittance exam and enjoy your world of superiority complex of yours, you know」

「What did you say!」

My theoretical proposal made the face of the 4 set bakabon deep red and stand up at the same time as the chair fell down, while I had an illusion of suburb surrounding.

The 4 people surround me.
What a nasty thing.
Did they become like this because of their parents’ power?
On the other hand be a teacher! (TLN: kinda off did my TL go off? 反面教師にしなければ!)

「Did you know I am from Brennan marquis house?」

「I’m sorry but, because I’m a villager I don’t have a marquis acquintance」

「so that「That’s why don’t talk to me 」Kissama!(you wretch!)」

I don’t want to think about this bakabon and friends~

In those 4 bakabon ones of them that have a big body and an appearance like a pig lift up my collar.
If my clothes get even a little torn I’ll have you reimburse it you know.
I mean, without even clarify my identity doing something like this is a self-destruct.

「Oi, do you think you’ll get off easily after insulting marquis Brennan-sama?」

What’s this, are you yakuza? Heck, you guys are just small-fry!