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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 13


013 Entrance Examination 2


Edited 20 06 2017


「Oi, do you think you’ll get off easily after insulting marquis Brennan-sama?」

What’s this, are you yakuza? Heck, you guys just thugs!

Now then, what should I do?
Incapacitated these guys is easy, if I do that then I must say goodbye to my admission.

「Could you release it. It’s because the clothes will wrinkle」

「You bastard!」

Freckles Pig swung his hand trying to punch me.
I wonder should I let them punch me 1 time.
With that, I could use self-defense as my excuse to make them see hell.

「Stop it!」

A girl tried to stop him but, Freckles pig’s punch was not stopping and hit my face completely.
To tell you the truth the punch that was not using the hips did not hurt nor itch, at least let’s pretend to feel pain.

「What the he・・・Dorothy-sama?!」

Brennan Marquis Warner used ‘sama’ while calling, it must mean that this girl had a superior position.

「Don’t you think it’s cowardly to surround a person!」

Because of the girl’s threatening Warner of the Brennan Margrave’s family cringing, and tried to leave the place while bowing his head several times.

「You there with a big body, why don’t you apologize for hitting this person and trying to leave?」

Freckles Pig getting threatened by a girl’s glare is a surreal scene huh.
Freckles Pig glare at me while saying「Sorry」that only word and hurriedly left the place. (TLN: Damn you little girl… there’s no hell scene!! I want to see those bitches to see hell!)
(EDN: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻. WHERE IS MY RAGE MOMENT?!)

「Are you alright?」

「yes, I’m alright」

The strong girl that was called Dorothy was calling me.

What is it huh, if it template kind of pattern I should be falling in love right?
I only get a punch・・・

Well, I’m not that interested in flat chested girl though.
tte, why did you stare?!

For the time, let’s set a time bomb on that freckles Pig so he can’t move in the practical exam.
I’ll pay you back from the punch.
When you hit back!
It’s like a drama TV’s line but, I’ll pay you back TWICE!

that day, in the time I took a break someone talks to me.

「You, have the courage huh. But got beaten・・・」

Black hair and black eyes it’s a girl.
But, the chest just a little bit grow, while the face had a little Japanese cuteness.

In this world, black eyes and hair aren’t that rare.
The hero that has been summoned is several times no dozen of times is a Japanese, so that’s why their descendant will have the same black hair and eyes.

「not particularly it’s just what I am I think. And it’s not only getting beaten」

「fu~n, I am Carla Von Adachi. Will attend this Royal magic school I think we will meet again though for once I should introduce myself to Yuusha(temporary)-kun」

Bokukko has come! (bokukko means a girl that use boku~ Carla using boku for information sake)

「what is Yuusha (temporary)-kun ?」

「at least that fools are from big nobles, says and the one who say stupid to those fools are Yuusha (temporary)-kun only you know 」

「High ranking noble is fool, even you can say yourself Yuusha(temporary) doesn’t it?」

「There’s no such thing you know. I’m that stupid to say it face to face. A, practical exam will starting. Could you tell me your name?」

A, i still not say my name huh.

「I am Christoph von bryutzels. Bryutzels Margrave’s second son desu」

When i finished my introduction the practical exam bell ringing, Karla say「see you later」and then run.

Now then, i should also go.
Tentatively, Bryutzels margrave also a high ranking noble so I should be called early.

Then, the one who called first is the freckles pig that punch me and the one who stop it is the flat chest Dorothy.
When I see it with eyes of mentality, ara surprising! Royal family huh. The one who called 3rd princess.

Princess Dorothy called first and go to another room, and come back several minutes later.
Practical test has 4 examiners that being scored by magic that triggered by chant or magic formation.

The next one called is that bakabon Brennan Marquis Warner.
Is he alright without his follower?
could he walk alone?

While thinking about something stupid bakabon came back and my name was called.

「The next one is Christoph von Bryutzels」

Royalty, marquis bakabon and the next is margrave that is me huh.
I wonder why did the hall become noisy?
A, bakabon’s followers face became blue. (TN: phuahahaha! Serve you right!)
It would be so, after all they hit margrave’s household that is me.
There’s no way that bakabon will help you you know.

When i want to walk out of the hall, Princess dorothy were staring at me, while the bakabon glaring at me・・・just ignore ignore them!

When passing the room there are 4 person sitting in teh bossy attitude.

「Excuse me. It’s Christoph von bryutzels」

「Christoph-kun, please stand in the center」

The youngest most likely male examiner instruct me to stand .

「Now please show your magic or sorcery. It’s alright to show just the magic you good at but, if it an attack magic please release it to the doll in that place. Because this place had an advanced level barrier,  please used you fullpower」(TN: wait for it…)

「With all due respect, I think Advanced level barrier could not withstand my attack magic, is it alright?」

「hahaha, did you seriously say it? Our prided school barrier is a barrier that a master release you know? It’s alright」

While the face is smiling, the eyes are not.
I thought when youngling had taken a wrong road the elderly will correct it is good but, the other 3 carefully supervising.

「Ha~, then I’ll let it all out without holding back」

For now, because I think it will be dangerous for the one who stand on the other side of the wall I confirm it with eyes of mentality then.
Even if it destroy the building it’s not my fault alright. It’s because you told me to do it okay.
Because Fire and Water’s clean up will be troublesome, I’ll hit it with light magic attribute『Sun Ray』.


Letting out Mana from the shadow of my palm, converge a light to fire and letting out the laser from my hand.
I’ve read it in a book that the past Yuusha is not having a close quarter magic but a long distance magic it has a power of King class magic.
However, because it is difficult to use it’s hardly ever used.

It’s an of course but, a barrier such as advanced level could not withstand『Sun Ray』, behind the destroyed barrier there’s a hole from the sun ray that melted the wall of the 3 room.

Because of this event, the practical exam is halted and the date will be changed while I got called into the principal’s room.

「Do you have any word to say?」

「Yes I had said that a mere Advanced level barrier wouldn’t withstand my magic but, examiner-dono do not hear what I say and tell me to go all out and it was the result of it, I don’t think to have a fault in there」

「Is that so, the examiner had・・・」

Whatever it is, if you judge a person based on his appearance you’ll get a big injury you know.
But please think about this incident as the fault of the young examiner and the teachers.
I think it’s a good experience for the young examiner.

I think it’s the principal but, black hair with white hair mixed in it and his faces wrinkled had the atmosphere of a person that had a hardship.
That principal had heard my testimony and seeing the face of the attendant next to his.
This woman was there so she probably confirmed my testimony.

「Alright understood this incident the examiner and teachers also had their fault in it, so I will leave it unquestioned. It’s alright to leave」

when I’m leaving the principal’s office the principals that held his head was impressive.
And so with that my entrance examination has finished.