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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 25


025 After admission



Here you go~ below is our legendary editors-sama *wink*

RoRo: (I’m confused to this sentence can i change the sentence construction for easier to understand?? If its ok to you )

TrainXIII: Changed some tense and grammar mistakes, so it’s more understandable

Sam W: I edited a lot of the text so that it made sense. Are you sure Chrisnans shouldn’t be Christina or Christiana – the name Chrisnans is really strange. Also maybe Jimnis should be Yannis? That would make it a European nordic name like the rest.

CZ: Sam W~ dunno, I just translate the name based on the authors naming in japanese , Chrysnans [kurisunansu] Jimnis [Jimunisu] , I’m okay with some changes cause it will be posted as a V2~ 😀


Yesterday was the first time for me, but it became a reunion for my siblings.

Thus I had a meal promised by my 2nd sister Chrisnans (TN: before kuryushunansu) , while the 1st elder sister Elizabeth seems to envy Chrisnans-anesama and won’t let me go.

To that Elizabeth-anesama(elder sister) and Jimnis-aniue (elder brother) say’s ‘mission’ that seems to be a first for her.

Because of that, last night I had a dinner with Chrisnans and continued being taken care of.

I don’t remember my past memories but I kept being treated like a doll, so it’s indeed tiresome.

It’s a good place to be doted by someone.

I want to listen to the class to reinvigorate my mood・・・

However, that guy won’t even get tired.

Imperceptibly(Before I knew) he’s already has henchmen.

Because Marquis Brennan is of a large nobility, for a junior nobility it is possible to enter under his umbrella of power if they suck up to him.

Well, if he doesn’t do sneaky things around me, I won’t do anything to him, and I too  won’t even bother to.

「For now on I will tell you the curriculum for your class. There is a required subject and an elective class but above all, it’s a credit system. There’s only a writing course but, it’s possible to obtain a credit by finishing the written test completion exam early」

By Bloom-sensei explanation it seems that from next week onward, this month’s schedule is full, and we are able to do our written test completion exam.

In the first place, nobility had already been given an advanced education so it’s normal to give such a treatment to those kind of people, for them to receive a higher level of education.

For the 1st year there’s only a writing course but it’s also possible to get the credit for graduating too, in the past there was a person that was able to do it, but it seems it’s pretty rare.

In other words it’s possible to graduate if I have enough credits to do so and I won’t need to attend class anymore so・・・my schedule will be full of taking exams for the credits.

(TLN: well, if it too hard just think it as a college, if you already done with your thesis then the thesis is passed you will graduated. If there’s a change I will inform you guys *smooch* )

By the way, the practical subject is something that will make you improve your abilities and experiences for the world so it’s not like a writing subject, so even if you can do it, it won’t be possible to receive the credits.

However, even an excellent person will receive their credit if the teacher say so after carefully judging them.

「Hey, long time no see. Christoph-kun isn’t it?」

Black hair, black eyes – a feature close to a Japanese person・・・

「・・・・・・・・・・・Who?」(TN: pfft)

「ahahaha, did you forget? I am Carla von Adachi. We’ve met at the entrance examination」

「・・・・・Aaaa~, I remember. It’s bokukko(TLN: a girl that using boku in her dialogue)」

「Bokukko huh・・・that’s right too huh」

Her pout kinda felt cute.

「Ah, I’m Christoph von Bryutzels and here is my friend Peron」

「Peron is a cook desu. Best regards」

「・・・Cook you say, that restaurant cook?」

「Yes, it’s a store that is being managed by my father desu」

Peron seems to be pleased to talk about a store that being managed by his father.

「I’ve been there several times and it’s delicious. I’ll go there again, in that time give me a discount okay」

「hahaha, I’ll tell that to Father then」

「So Adachi-san, do you have some business with me?」

Because she talked to me and I got strayed, let’s bring it back on topic!

「Un, won’t you join  my party or not is what I think. Peron too how about it?」


「Christoph-kun, Bloom-sensei has said it you know. You need to form a party consisting of 3 people.」

「・・・So it’s like that huh・・・」

「You need to hear it properly you know?」

Those 2 look at me in the eyes・・・I had heard it properly you know!

Though it’s in through the right and out through the left・・・ (TLN: pfft)

「then, how about it? Will you make a party with me?」

「I’m alright with it, but how about you Peron?」

「I’m alright too with it. Rather, it should be me who is asking about it」

「Then, is it alright for me to write the applicantion? And please call me  Carla, alright?」

So with that, the party members had been determined immediately and Carla is the one who requested and written the application.

The truth is, this day’s class is just for us to determine our party and the explanation about what a party is while the rest of the day is free.

「Then, did you 2 decide your own clan?」

「I have yet to decide it, how about you Christoph-kun?」

「I’m still undecided!」

「Christoph, I think that this is not a thought to be proud of!」

・・・fumu, without honorific huh・・・

Well, I won’t be angry over such a thing you know.

Rather I’m okay with saying it affectionly(/familiarity/intimacy).

「Has Carla decided hers?」

Perhaps because of my question, Carla is「ehehehe」while taking out a flyer?.

「I along with my childhood friend are thinking about forming a clan together. Then, won’t you 2 join us?」

A clan is something like a club in Japan.

The truth is, I got invited by Chrysnans-anesama to enter her clan but, the clan that is being lead by Chrysnans-anesama is named “Student council” – that’s why I don’t really want to join it.

It’s troublesome!

While there are things like the “public moral committee”, the “magic duel society” and the “pursuit of survival” clan .

I feel like I will get forced to enter Chrysnans-anesama’s 『Student council』 if I don’t decide a clan to enter soon.

「The purpose of the clan is…?」

「It’s  magic item reasearch!」

Ah, it’s my niche.

「Yosh I’m in!」


Peron and Carla are surprised by my immediate answer but, Peron too enter the clan together with me. Though in Peron’s case, his name was written by Carla without his consent but I shall overlook it.

The clan could only be established if there are 5 people or more in it was what I heard.

Me, Peron and Carla plus Carla’s childhood friend isn’t the number not enough? Then, when I ask about it, it seems that there are 2 more of Carla’s childhood friends so it’s acceptable.

Then why didn’t she organized a party with her childhood friends? When I asked about it, her childhood friends are in another class so it seems it’s not possible.

It’s my 1st time hearing that making a party from another class isn’t permittable!

「Yosh, clan and party with this all okay, now is only the unit completion test huh」

「Does Carla also want to receive the unit completion test?」

「Of course!I want to graduate faster so I can immerse myself in  research about magic items!」

Carla is honest to her desires huh. (T/N: カルラは欲求と言うか欲望に正直だな。)