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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 28


028 Unit Completion Test


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「I’m not amazing with arithmetic, ・・・but I want to get the Junior completion unit off of it so I will do my best!」(bokukko)

「I’m relatively okay with arithmetic so I think I’ll take the Intermediate completion unit. However, unlike Carla-san I’m bad with magic history」(Peron)

「If I’m not wrong Christoph-kun applied for 5 courses right?Arithmetic, History, Magic History, National Language, and Balmus Language isn’t it?Are you applying for all of them at the Advance level?」

「Yes, I’m planning to get the Advance level grades. However, since I never learned about Monster Science I intend on taking the class」

「Ha~a, receiving a graduation pass will be easy huh・・・I too will take the Advance level test after a year so I will work hard. Right, Peron」

「Un, I’ll work hard!」

Everyone is on edge because the unit completion test is during the 4th month.

Since the 30 people in class 1 are at the top, it is made up of the unit completion test students.

Especially the ones who have motivation in them.

Since I was planning to take 5 courses of the unit completion test, my 4th month will be full of tests.

There’s a unit test in every subject that has [Junior・Intermediate・Advance] levels. We as the students of the Royal Magic Academy need to complete 10 courses of Advanced level units to graduate.

Moreover there’s a need to first complete the test at the Junior level in order to be able to take an Intermediate test, in case of getting the Advance test, I need to pass the unit test of the Intermediate level, so since I need to complete 5 courses, that’s mean I need to complete 15 tests in order to get the completion units of those courses. (TN: in short he need to take a test 15 times in a month…)(ED: That’s what, 1 test every 2 days? I’d die doing that…)

It’s surprisingly hard.

It is hard for us, the students, but I heard from Chrisnan-anesama that the teachers don’t have a leisurely time either since they need to grade the tests immediately and have to stay up for a few days.

The students have a lot of trouble but the teachers have an all out war with the test papers.

Since the 4th month is like this, there are no lessons during that time.

Even though I say there’s no free time, after the students have completed their tests, even the easiest ones, they would be given free time.

At the same time, 1st years are prohibited from Clan activities.

In order for the 2nd and 3rd years to receive their unit completion tests they can’t take care of their 1st years so, 1st-year students’ clan activities will only be approved in the 5th month.

The unit completion tests were carried out at least once a day.

I am taking 5 courses so there are days when I don’t take any tests and there are days where I have to take 2 tests on the same day.

The 2nd week of the 4th month is the time to take Junior grade tests, while the 3rd week is for the Intermediate tests, and the 4th week is for the Advanced class completion tests. For the others, the 4th week is rest time but for me it’s a full schedule until the 4th week’s end.

Even if I say so unless I pass the Junior and Intermediate tests, I won’t be busy during the 4th week.


2nd week, the Junior unit completion tests were done.

The test result was posted the day after.

I’ve passed the 5 courses and got the qualifications to enter the Intermediate tests.

Carla passed her History, Arithmetic, Magic History, Balmus Ancient Language and Demon Science tests, but the tests that she took for the Intermediate class were only Balmus Ancient Language and Magic History.

While the 6 subjects that Peron took – Arithmetic, History, Magic History, National Language, Balmus Ancient Language, and Geography – were all passed.

And the Intermediate tests he took were Arithmetic, National Language, Balmus Ancient Language, and Geography.

3rd week, all of the Intermediate tests were done and the results were posted.

I’ve passed all 5 courses safely, and Carla has passed her 2 courses too.

However, Peron fails his Balmus Ancient Language course, but he still passed his other 3 tests.

Thus, the 4th week has begun.

Carla and Peron weren’t challenging any Advanced tests.

I’d be taking the Advance tests of Arithmetic, History, Magic History, National Language, and Balmus Ancient Language but as expected, there’s a small amount of 1st years.

I think it’s okay for Carla and Peron to try it, but they said they didn’t have enough energy to do that. (TN: well… for 3 week continuously take an exam… that really will make me drop out… on the 1st day lol)(ED: I’d probably give up education all together…)

By the way, the blonde rolled hair 3rd Princess also took the Advance test.

(TN: this kind of roll hair   heh heh heh sorry for the late description [ sauce: ladyxbutler (google image)] )

I seem to remember seeing Bakabon during the Intermediate tests, but I don’t see him in the Advance ones.

Thus, the result of Advance tests, I’ve passed 5 out of 5 courses.

「I can’t believe you actually took 5 courses!I don’t even dare to take an Advanced test…」

「As expected from Christoph-kun」

「Blow up, you graduate!」

「Nandeya nen(Why)!」

Without thinking I replied to Carla’s comment.

Bloom-sensei says, I got in the top 3 from the results of the 5 courses, and got praises from the ill-mouthed Bloom-sensei.

If Bloom-sensei was a young woman I’d probably feel very happy but, from the old man Bloom-Sensei I got only a normal happy feeling.

Then, after all the results were posted, I received「I won’t lose next time!」words from the Princess.

It seems that the Princess took 7 courses but only passed 3 courses in the Advance tests.

I don’t think I’ve got any responsibilities for those results, but somehow the hate-to-lose Princess looked cute.

Hence this and that has been done, I can fully prepare for the duel.

Until now I’ve been preparing many things, but as expected because of the exams my focus got astray.

It is something that I hear from Chrisnan-anesama but, it seems that the turmoil of the duel has reached many students, so much so that even the Student Council needed to take a stand to divide the spectators.

Thus, Chrysnan-anesama said・・・

「Slaughter that fool!」

Those type of extreme words. (TN: ain’t you gonna do that?)

Father too, it seems that Bakabon has become Bryutzel clan’s sworn enemy.

It seems that father especially hated that guy’s parents.

「Even though just signing a duel with Crystoph, he deserves the capital punishment, if he dares to even put a wound on Christoph I’ll drop him to Hell myself! 」

It is a little overprotective but I’m a little happy.

But, Chrysnan-anesama’s eyes were frightening.