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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 50


050 Student’s trip 3

ED: Bullistic

PFR: Puru-This chapter is fun~


Are you serious!
They seriously took the bait!

So the thieves really did assault us. I spread the news about 1000 gold coins but they didn’t even consider about the escort knights? If it was me, I’d avoid such a risky target.

Anyhow, they are pursuing us so I’m planning to get rid of them completely. The carriage surrounded by the escorts, with Carla and co. inside, will become something like a moving turret. The bandits count approximately 40 people. It seems like it is a group of bandits.

By using mana-sense I already am able to feel the surroundings. Some distance from here there are 3 unknown reactions so I’m using the eyes of truth’s skill ‘Clairvoyance’. It seems that there are 3 people who are following along and watching us. I can check their status while using Clairvoyance, and when I use it, it seems that 1 of the 3 is the bandit leader. The problems are the other 2. These 2 have a connection with the leader of the bandits.

「Christoph-sama, we’ve missed some, but the bandit extermination has been completed.」

「Gale(Geeru), there’s no need to pursue the small fish, in that direction there are 3 people hiding, there’s probably the leader over there. Please capture them.」


Bringing along 10 people, Gale headed towards the direction I pointed to. There are 7 knights left behind along with us, the students’ group and the coachman. I checked on the remaining knights’ injuries, and healed even the mildest ones, and instruct them to gather the bandit corpses. The remaining bandits were disarmed and bound with rope.

「Bandit-san over there. Were there any executives amongst you?」

I ask one of the bandits which were tied by the rope, but the bandit glared and spat at me. I avoid it because it’s dirty. One of my escorts that watched it happen, Wick (ウィック), took a knife out and thrust it to the bandit’s right thigh.


I bet that hurt. (TN: it sure does lol) Still, Wick-kun doesn’t even hesitate to thrust the knife. I’m surprised. (TN: in this dialogue Chris using ‘Oira’, which is the same as ore, boku, but it’s usually used by prostitute… what should I use in this kind of dialogue huh? おいらもビックリだわ。Oira mo bikkurida wa) Carla and the others were also surprised. It might be impossible to become a knight without being able to do this but I’ve yet to order you, right?

「Those who refuse to answer Christoph-sama will receive this. Are there any who will refuse to answer Christoph-sama’s question?」

The fierce laugh with his protruding fangs incites fear. Wick is a tiger beastman and in terms of strength, he’s number 1 in my escort team. Still, he’s just like Levis, he doesn’t look like a knight. The reason Gale didn’t bring him along is because that Wick is too strong and unsuitable for catching a criminal alive.

A few bandits are frightened by Wick’s intimidation and blabber about the executives. They didn’t only tell us about the ones who are already corpses, they also include those that are also caught by us. So, there are 4 executives, 2 which already died, and 2 which are captured. We’ll take these 2 and interrogate them.

「Are you guys the bandit executives?・・・Won’t you guys be sentenced to death when you’re handed to the local lord? ・・・However, I can make you guys be crime slaves and I will sold you to a good owner if you answer my questions.」

「It’s impossible for you brats to do that!」

「It’s not exactly so. I am Christoph von Bryutzels. Because I am Bryutzels margrave’s child, I believe I have the power to do so.」

「Bru, bru , bru, Bryutzels ma, ma, margave’s!」



I am not just a fart. I hope you can think more about it.

「There’s an emblem of the Bryutzels margrave house on the carriage, right?」


Looking at the emblem, the 2 executives are surprised. Carla and the others interrogate the other thieves. Clara seems to make an achievement because Clara has a high aptitude for the dark attribute, she used mental type magic on the bandits! How terrifying.

「Have you understood?・・・Who stands behind you guys? There’s someone right?」


「Please look there. This girl has the darkness attribute aptitude, you know. Even without making you speak, she can make you regret being alive if we leave you to her, you know?」

Clara-kun, I apologize. It’s a setting where you’re a witch that likes to torture people desu. The 2 executives rattled, trembling in fear.

「There’s no other choice, huh. Let’s just leave it to her. 」

I’m stopped by the 2 executives. When I tried to leave the room, the executives started to talk, slurred without a break, about many things. At that time, Gale brought back 3 people along with him.


Good Job!

I left their injuries alone because it won’t kill them.

「Are you the leader?」

I know he won’t answer me, but I still need to ask.


「Is that so, well, I don’t mind. I just need to ask the executives behind me, and you’ll have to compensate for your crimes.」

Then, I’m turning around to see the 2 executives with the leader.

「Although you guys are accomplices, you are not bandits yourselves, right? I’ve heard about you guys from the executives but, to determine if that is correct or not, I’ll identify you, okay. Please tell me your names and identities」


「All of it will be clear when we check your Status Cards, so please cooperate with me and don’t make it harder, okay?」

「Who are you bastard?」

「Before asking who am I, please identify yourself first. Criminal-san.」

「Don‘t screw around! Don’t think you’ll get by easily for doing this to us!」

「Th, that’s right!」

I’ve received a template dialogue! Thanks! Still, to receive this kind of template dialogue, was this world inspired by Japanese culture? I never taught them anything okay?

While I was thinking about that, Wick suddenly stabs the man with a knife.
(TN: I love this Wick guy, so daring!)(Puru: This guy is funn~)


Wick does his work seriously, huh. But, he gave no mercy. He’s an S!(TN:Sadist)
I’m glad I let Carla and the others interrogate in a different room. I’ve spread soundproofing and a recognition block barrier, so the person outside will see this as a normal interrogation. Still, I never said go and torture them, okay. I gaze towards the person whose trembling beside me.

「Will you talk?」

「I, I’ll talk about anything・・・」

I asked about various things. These 2 are servants of Baron Bresse. (ベレス男爵) This Baron Bresse is a nobleman who governs this land, and a person who married Marquis Brennan’s daughter. In other words, they kept close to the border of Bryutzels margrave territory and robbed every carriage which had a destination of Bryutzels’ house territory. I can’t laugh at this harassment that has come this far. I’ll leave the other things to father.

The total number of bandits which appeared are 43, 24 are corpses, 17 captured alive, and 2 who ran away.  It seems the stolen goods have been brought to Baron Bresse’s manor and I heard that there are captive people at their hideout. I decided to order 5 escorts knight to go to the bandit hideout.

I burned the corpses and brought the captives to the next village to take care of. We got the bandits from the territory of Baron Bresse but the village we gave them to is of the Bryutzels Frontier territory. This villages officer was also inconvenienced by the bandits and had asked Baron Bresse repeatedly to exterminate the bandits, but nothing happened as Baron Bresse is their boss after all.

「Christoph-sama, I deeply apologize for the inconvenience. It is all this subordinate’s powerlessness and unreliability. If you want to blame anyone please blame this old one.」

This person is the village representative, elder Zeilis, and head of the village. Their inability to capture the thieves isn’t a praiseworthy thing but, since it’s a problem outside of Bryutzels house’s territory there’s no other choice. Besides, there’s a saying of ‘we should protect our subordinates ourselves’.

「I don’t have the right to discharge Zeilis and the others. Furthermore, there’s no need to blame Zeilis for another house’s fault.」

「Th, Thank you very much!」

The underlings also lowered their heads. At this place, we handed over the bandits. However, as for Baron Bresse’s servants, we’ll bring them to Jacquard. We decided to bring the 2 because of security, and choose to hand them in, Jacquard. In any case, this place is still a village, and although Bresse maybe didn’t care much about his 2 servants, there’s a limit to a village’s security.

The bandits that were stabbed by Wick have been healed, so there won’t be any problems for them physically.



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