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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 52


052 Student’s Trip





One of my aims to go to Jacquard city is the mine.

This Jacquard city’s south side has Rune mountain range which stretches to the northern side of Bryutzels territory but, the origin of Bryutzels house’s territory only the northern range of Rune mountain range.

The 5th head proceeds to crossed the mountain range and settle down on there, and the 7th head make Bryunhild as the capital of the territory and the late capital Jacquard swapped into campaign place ・・・It’s not.


As I mentioned before, this Jacquard city positioned on the southern side of Rune mountain range but, the underground resources below the Rune mountain range is enormous, so even now the population increased little by little.


Thus, because I heard that this city has a record of mining an ore I desire・・・a mysterious ore which is hard to procure on the capital, I decided to visit Jacquard’s mine.

There’s no recent record of the thing being mined anymore but, since in the past it’s mined, I think the possibility isn’t 0.

This mysterious ore seems to make the 5th head receive an enormous sum.


Of course, I’ve received permission to mine it in case I found it from the governor which is father.

From what father said, If I can find the ore then it’ll be hurray hurray situation for Bryutzel Margrave’s house’s frontier territory, as it’ll be a positive for the territory.



What kind of ore I’m targeting?

There’s no choice huh, let me tell you.

The ore I’m sought is called God’s Silver Ore.

I want to smelt this God’s silver ore into a god’s silver, these ores is said to be harder than orichalcum and higher conductivity with mana than Mithril.

There are past records said to produce the ore, but there’s never once an item recorded being wield using a god’s silver ore as the base.


Why do you seek such a mysterious item・・・you ask?

If I never once read a book about this I won’t even sought for it, but since I’ve read it.

Since you’ve read about it, isn’t normal for seeking it?

E, it isn’t?

Are you still daring to call yourself dweller of the different world Hecato huh!

Don’t your adventurous spirits feel anything!?

If you always think so, you won’t be able to enjoy the different world Hecato you know!

That’s an exaggeration but, somewhere around that it is.


But, today I’ll walk around the town.

Since the escorts must be tired, I’ll let them rest tonight, and I’m planning to go to the mine tomorrow in the morning.

The time is finite・・・I’ve planned it for 1 week but, since Carla and co also join, we need to have time to visit Lake Luigi.

So I only have the time about tomorrow and the day after.

I’m not such a witty person that doesn’t care about my friends’ vacation time!

You can praise me!


Well, I don’t think that I’ll find the legendary ore just by searching for a bit so, this time I’ll just do some light search while sightseeing.


As expected from the mining city, the city of Jacquard had many blacksmiths.

The smiths gathered up on the industrial-zone, but the industrial zone itself occupy half of the city, can you imagine the scale?


Eh, you don’t?

Let’s inflate your imagination.


My destination is, of course, the industrial zone.

The surrounding back sound filled with pang ping of the metal clashed against one after another.

In this city of Jacquard, merchants comes along to purchase the item directly from the blacksmiths and distribute it to other cities and kingdoms, so the blacksmiths’ shops facing the street lined up orderly.

When entering the shops, we can see many metal-based items sold in the store, starting from farming tools like sickle and hoe, until protective gears, and others metal product.


There’re many mining tunnels in the city of Jacquards, most of them had iron.

And others metal, although slightly lesser, like Silver and gold, or even Magic metal like; Mithril and Orichalcum.

That’s why most of the smiths deal with iron, while there’s several store specialized for processing the precious metal.


Orichalcum is a magic metal that’s very hard but has a bad conductivity with mana.

Then, why would it get classed as a magic metal, the answer is because the item can only be processed with mana.

It’s a weird metal that can be processed with mana, while having a bad conductivity with mana huh.


None of the specialist shops are big.

That’s why I can’t let the escorts to go inside.

Because it feels like a negotiation space for the smiths, I can’t come in droves.


Ah~ the Mithril bracelet is so cheap.

Oo, it’s an Orichalcum dagger.

・・・As expected I can’t speculate Orichalcum market price huh, it’s hardly going around in the market after all.


「N, Kid, do you interested with the Orichalcum Dagger? However, that thing is expensive you know」


The Dwarfen Gramps cheerfully said.

This Dwarfen gramps have a shocked expression when I entered to the shop, he probably has the ability to detect mana.


「Indeed, Since Orichalcum item is a family heirloom item・・・I’ll gave it up. Still, I’d love to buy all of the Mithril bracelet like that, how many do you have?」


「Kid, even this Mithril bracelet is pretty pricey. The quantity is, if I’m not wrong should be・・・more or less 8. Is it allright?」


Mithril is a rare magic metal.

Because of that, We don’t weight it based on kg, even this 800gr Bracelet has the price of 1.5 million S.

If you put it on the Capital, it will at least have twice or even thrice of the original price.

It’s wholesale price indeed.


「8 then, it’ll be 1.2 million S right?」


「Yeah、・・・1 million S is alright」


「Thank you very much. Then, please」


Pretending to grasp my bag, I pulled 10 gold coin from my dimensional storage, and gave it to Dwarf Gramps.


「Thanks for your patronage. Wait a bit, I’ll bring the stock out」


This blacksmith has a smaller shop than other’s but, I think his skill is better than the others’.

Until I’ve to reach this blacksmith’s place, I’ve been walk around the place and see other’s shops, this blacksmith has the best quality, furthermore, his pricing is more reachable.


Waiting for a while, the Dwarven gramps comes back along with a box filled with the same Mithril bracelets as the one showcased, and lined it up on the counter.


「This is all, do a check up」


「Yes, it’s there’s no doubt about it」


each and every one of them is of good quality.

It seems that the Mithril bracelet which being showcased is not the only best one.


「By the way, are you(anata) is the master of the blacksmith?」


「It’s not as big as the master, but it is so」


「I’m aware of the impoliteness but, if it’s agreeable, would you be willing to train my subordinates?」


「・・・It’s truly impolite huh. I currently have no need of a disciple aside the one I already have. I’d like to smiths more than training a disciple」


It’s a waste of time to train a disciple huh, as expected of Dwarf.

They’re a technician even in their genes.

This reminds me, I’ve yet to name myself.


「Pardon me. I’m a little late but, I am Christoph von Bryutzels. Aside from the disciple things, my best regards from now on」


「Bryutzels・・・Ki・・nah, were you the feudal lords’・・・」


「My father own the lands but, I’m only the second son, so please feel free to talk to me」


「To talk just like before・・・is it alright?」




Dwarven gramps is, thinking for a while and said「Alright」frankly just like before.


「My(Washi) name is Kujan Cajan (グジャン・ガジャン), I’ll be in your care」


Since Jamon says he wanted to blacksmiths, so let’s bring him next time.

While thinking about that, I talked with Kujan-san and when I realized it, it’s already evening, so I go back to the hotel.

It seems that Carla and co have yet to come back huh, I’m thinking about what kind of magic circle will I draw on the Mithril Bracelet in the room.

Since this Mithril bracelet has a hole which can fit a magic crystal in it, in addition, it has a high durability, so it won’t break if I write an advanced spell magic circle in it.

When having a good thing like this I start to want a high ranked magic crystal.

Magic crystal can be procured in Adventurer guilds and merchant guild, since that is so, let’s bought it sometimes.


While thinking about many things Peron & Carla team, and Pritz & Clara team came back.

They seem to go separately at first, but seeing each other on the way back.

The combo of conservative men Peron and Pritz had enormous bags in their arms on their way back・・・a complete baggage carrier huh.

Well, when they go in a pair it’ll be something like this after all・・・I’m glad that I have a storage dimension・・・those girls don’t have though・・・orz. (グスン。Gusun.?)

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