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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 55


055 Deathmatch





not yet, 1 more chap! sorry for the long long lo~~ng journey… it took so much time to end 1 arc? well… escapism is a bad thing… anyway, the new series is a translated chapter, not an Original, it’s a completed series and expect more from the new TL! Choctea~~



My body can’t move.

However, whether it’s because of his daily training or experience in battle, Levis already in his form, holding a sword in his hand and shield in another.

In addition, as if to complementing his form, the thing’s break its neck to look at levis and swing its ax.

Knowing that the impact of the thing’s ax shouldn’t be taken light-heartedly, Levis make a big back step, and the place Levis had been left a big scooped earth because of the impact of the ax.




「Christoph-sama, please go to the rear!」


Primera stood in front of me, and draw the bow before taking the arrow behind her back.

I’m unable to go to the rear because my body went stiff being inflicted with the thing’s bloodlust・・・


Why it’s just me.




Although Primera’s arrow hit the thing’s body, it’s being deflected by the thing’s scale which left no damage.


「It’s bad desu, the arrow won’t penetrate it」


「It’s eyes, aim at its eyes!」


Levis gave Primera a command but, the thing had too many eyes.

Primera shot 2 arrows, then 3, she continuously shot arrows until it reaches its neck without stopping at all.



What the heck did I do!

Standing here and doing nothing won’t help!

Let out your Courage!

If it me, no, only I can defeat it!


At that moment, it let out a frost breath from its mouth, unable to dodge Levis receive it with his shield only to be blown away.




Primera rushed to Levis’s side, the thing held Levis’s Shield and ready with its attack.


「Levis-dono, keep it together!」


Impossible, there’s no way he’ll be alright after receiving such attack.

Even if he isn’t dead, he’d be in a state of unable to move.


Kuh, Move!

Move already!


I’m trying to move my body which is stoned by fear, but it’s unable to move like I expected.

For him, I’m only a pebble, he’s only taken Levis as his enemy, the thing moves its body zushin~, zushin~, closer to Levis.


Are you alright with that?

Won’t you be a fool that can’t move his body if this continue?

With this pace, it’ll be a certain death for us 3.

Moreover, Levis already injured by the breath.

If you don’t move your body, then Levis will die first, after that Primera will die while defends you.

Is that alright for youuu!


Soliloquizing・・・I’ve already got my answer.

Then, I just need to move one step forward.

As a result, I might die.

However, whichever the result is death by resisting and death by doing nothing had a different worth.

You’ve already died once Isn’t it・・・, Dying one more time won’t make any difference!

Would you like another disgraceful death by showing your back like the time you’re in the convenience store again!

Show your face and death!

Die by looking forward!

Even if you die, resist, die by resisting!


「Ugaaaaaaaa!・・・hahaha・・・Space Barrier!」




My hands, legs, and body moved!

There’s fear.

But, I won’t let it do what it’s want!

It’s only a Yamata no Orochi (nine-headed serpent), it’s not my enemy!


Space barrier won’t be able to lock him for a long time.

Still, that’s enough.


「Extra Heal. Levis, Primera stay behind me!」


「Bu, but」


「I’ll do that thing! I’ll definitely defeat it! Primera and Levis will only get in the way so stay back」


I might be said it rudely, but, I can’t think of a softer way in this situation.


While such interaction occurred, the space barrier that I deployed showing cracks here and there, and seemed to almost broke.






At the same time as the barrier-breaking, a massive water breath assault me.




「Earth Wall!Uraaaaa」


His breath and my earth wall hit each other.

The earth wall will only last for 2 seconds until it breaks, and the breath assaults me.




Although I’m swatted by the breath, with Bracelet of barrier my damaged lessened to an acceptable one.

Even so, receiving such an attack leave my Barrier bracelet destroyed.


You’ve done it!

Damn it, my body hurts・・・


「Cluster bomb!」

「Poseidon Arrow!」

「Wind storm!」

「Iron catapult!」

「Diamond Dust!」

「Thunder Sword!」

「Sun Ray!」

「Dark Mistletain!」


I’m assaulting the 8 necks with 8 different attributed magic.

As the name says, yamata no Orochi had 8 necks.

From the top of his head to tip of his tail, it’s 20m long.

Damn monster.


But, clearly thinking about its’ 8 attribute「Crap」words followed.

I’m blown by the roar of it, and the blast I shot threw me.

I blew up grandly, being blasted by the thing twice, thrice, even 4th time, I hit the wall.

Without barrier bracelet, it’s just blandly painful.


It’s very painful.


Because of the massive explosion, the surrounding of it still filled with smoke, but since there’s still its’ mana presence emanated the things’ still alive.

If after being hit by this and it comes out unscathed, I’ll be really mad.


After smashed into the wall, all of my body wrecked painfully even blood flowing here and there, but I still get up on my feet and cast high heal on me.

For now, I’m trying to recover myself and cast a barrier as a defense and wait for its’ counter-attack.

Naturally, I think to shot my magic continuously until all spent up but, knowing nothing about the damage it receives I don’t dare to shot another as it might be not working.

In this kind of case, I’m unexperienced・・・



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