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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 57

057 God’s Realm


I’m back! Or… Am I?

Well, I’m free and, having nothing to do and waiting for graduation. It’s not so bad to continue my translation, since I’ve got writer’s block on my original…


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Fortune B: You’re really back?

Fortune A: Nah, just translating because my original got stuck…

Fortune C: I see…

B: *pointing a knife towards A* you better stay for real or I’ll stab you, in the head

A: Hah! Drop that, If I’m injured, I won’t be able to translate

B: really? Then what if I do this!

A: Noo!! Don’t do that to my stacked precious! Noooo

B: Then go translate more!

A: Meh, just do what you want… I’m, wait C… Please…

C: Stop talking start typing, even if this bullet a rubber one it’s still hurt…

A: Ouch, ouch! Damn it! Let me rest more!

C: For how long?

A: Til…. Stop it!

C: You always procrastinate, no more rest! Go and work your ass off!

B: Go and tell him, C! you’re my idol!

And that’s how patreon’s page being created… orz


We’ll start the second part.

But I think the update will be late. (Author’s note)

My body can’t move.
I don’t even able to open my eyes.
Even though I don’t sense that I’ve opened my eyes, it isn’t dark?
What Am I?

・・・Before・・・I’ve been here・・・Deja vu?
Is this blurry white place is the world after death?
Which reminds me I’d died once・・・
I see, fighting that chap and regenerating Levis・・・
・・・With that I’m dead again huh?

Levis・・・Did he saved?
If he’s saved then it’s good.
If there is a god, the please help Levis.

I’ve able to live for a second time although it’s like a windfall even if it’s only for 2 years, it’s enjoyable.
It’s a pretty hectic 2 years but being able to touch fantasy things like magic it was very satisfying.
However, I need to say goodbye to father and mother, and everyone・・・

from an only salaryman living a static life and an ossan being let to experience an interesting life is already gratifying.
If there are some existences that take a part in reincarnating me, you have my heartfelt gratitude.

『You, What kind of thing you jumbled up』

Even in this state I can hear.
It’s unexpectedly fresh.

『You have guts for ignoring me!』
『Wait a little God of Creation, he’s still organizing his mind, so it’s bad to disturb him』

The sound from the sky(TN: 空耳 sora mimi – it could also be said as mishear/delusion) increasing?
God of Creation?

『He’s not organizing his mind, he’s confused』
『・・・Let’s wait for a while』

a mishear could be this real?
Do I have a habit of having a delusion?・・・I’m not denying.
Furthermore, God of creation is that right・・・The person (God) that gave me the blessing doesn’t it・・・
Which means this place really the world after death?

『This is god’s realm』

aa, God’s realm huh, thank you very much.

『What are you thanking for?』

Ttte, we can exchange word just like normal?!

『Of course, besides you could talk normally with『Revelation』』


Then are you(anata) the God of Creation?

『a, at last you’ve organized your mind. That’s right, I am the God of Creation』

U~mm, if it possible can you show yourself~ is what I think, but is it a no?

『fumu, well that’s fine. Here you go ~tsu!』

The blurry world suddenly changed into a study and when I though could move freely, I’m sitting on a chair.
Furthermore, there’s a luxurious desk that father always used in front of me, and beyond that, there’s a little girl? Sat on the chair while looking haughtily stretching her breast and reclining her legs, behind that slanting rear is a blonde beauty! Nice body! I’m dazed while looking at the big boobs.
This is the important part!
It’ll be out in the exam so, repeat after me, Kyonyuu(big tits) Beauty desu !(TN: Kyonyuu boobs desu!!)

『U~~m・・・(anata) Are you the god of Creation?』

『Indeed、I am the God of Creation. This one here is『I am the highest grade god Merinard』・・tsk』(TN: should I just use Highest grade or Ultimate? 最上級神 – Saijokyushin)

hahaha, did I just mishear that the god of creation just clicking her tounge?

『Ah, I (ore), that’s wrong, I (watashi) am Christoph von Bryutzels. It’s an honor to be able to meet the god of Creation and the highest grade god Merinard-sama 』

I rise up my body while naming myself and gave a little bow so as to not be rude.

『It’s a bit sudden but I’ll tell you right away』


What’d it be?
Is it another reincarnation?
aah, was it because I blew the water god Yamata no orochi・・・and she’s extremely mad at me?
Would I be bashed?
If they’re still alive, wouldn’t Levis and Primera be in danger.

『Don’t be worried, I won’t be angry over a thing like killing a snake』

Is that so?
Thank goodness.
Then I won’t need to worry about karma thingy.
Because it’s a legitimate self-defense.

While I’m thinking as such, the god of creation receive a document from Merinad’s hand and wandering her eyes on it.

『Let’s go to the main subject. Christophe, the lock I bestowed you has been unlocked, and you’ve started your demonization』

Demonization?(TLN: Demon could also be meant as evil god 魔神 – Akujin)
Eh, I’ll become an evil god?
Ah, so that’s it, since this is a divine world, a world of gods, so it isn’t a weird thing for me that’s being demonized to come here?

『The thing you can choose are only 2. 1st choice is to become Evil god, the 2nd choice is to become a virtuous god』

『Christoph-san. In Hecato, there are 2 times a deification from a human to demon occurred in the past. In those 2 times, the human became a demon and destroy Hecato. What shall you(anata) do?』

hahaha, it became another great story huh.
Became a demon and destroy Hecato huh・・・
But, from God of creation story, I can also became good god?

『If you choose to became a demon, you can live your life in freedom, but you’ll become my enemy. While a virtuous god is my subordinate』

Became the Creation god’s(Little girl) enemy・・・isn’t it immediate destruction?
Heck, I don’t even want to destroy Hecato, then it’s only 1 choice right?

『Christoph-san. I’ll tell you about the demerit and merit between evil god and virtuous god okay』

『Yes, please do』

『To became an evil god means you won’t be ordered by anyone. In other words, a freelancer. It’s basically unrestrained, you can do whatever you want and live a life whatever you like. But, you won’t be able to receive Creation god’s blessing, and according to what you do, we can send guardian gods to decimate you. Is it acceptable?』

『Is it alright for me to ask a question?』


『Is there’s many Evil god out there? Also, if there are many of them, what’ll you do?』

After all, if there are many of Evil gods, it doesn’t matter which god you were.

『Indeed, whether it’s many or few there are individual differences between, the number of Evil gods isn’t 10 or 20, but it doesn’t exceed 100. We do know the information about those powerful Evil gods, but none of the small fries. Moreover, what they do are・・・various. There are some that giving divine protection to the criminals, Creating an evil religion and gathering their followers’ faith, and creating trouble for a human to go into war, they’re doing what they like』

Ah, it’s the god that do what I expect them to.
『I’ll continue the explanation, if you’ve became a virtuous god you’ll be Creation god’s subordinate and work for her. The merit will be that you’ll receive her Blessing. While the demerit is, you will be busy?』



『The worlds God of Creation’s made are not only Hecato. The world Christoph-kun live as in before is one, and there several more worlds. We virtuous gods’ main task are being managing those worlds, but we’ve still lack a hand』

I see because there’re many worlds to manage and they have insufficient manpower they’ve became busy.
『What’s the job?』

『Even gods need a nutrition, to be exact energy, so basically it’s a missionary and conservation activity. Virtuous gods received energy from nature and faith, while being an evil god mean faith is a must, while hatred and fear could also become energy. However, since we’re managing the world we have many jobs. Which means, we’d not much time to spread our faith』

To make it simpler, they want energy but had no time to gather them, isn’t it?

『Christoph-san just got demonized so he’d became Demigod (Demigod). Whether this is Good god or Evil god doesn’t’ matter. In addition, in case you became a good god, you’d need to guide the human, protect nature and interfere with the evil god’s plan in the human realm while gathering the energy until you become an intermediate god. Once you became an intermediate god, you’d ascend to the god realm and take care of the reincarnation process and the subordinate gods』(TN: it’s a lower realm and higher realm, but I prefer human realm and gods realm, tell me if you like it otherwise. Also, thanks for reading this in

Working in the human realm eh…
ah, that’s right …Can’t I live as Christoph?

『In case of being a good god you’d need to work in the human realm, so, what’s about the life I’ve done before?』

『It’s alright. You can stay as Christoph von Bryutzels like you always do、and if Christoph-san wish for it, it’s also possible to reborn as a different person and let your old-self die. However, if you want to live as Christoph, you need to age normally and, at some point in time, die as Christoph and choose another identity. Because gods are immortal. Ah, a Demigod is still a god, they can also change their appearance』

How would I look I wonder・・・Also, is God’s of creation appearance is her hobby・・・A hobby cosplaying as a little girl・・・

『In case I choose to live as Christoph von Bryutzels, Living as a human I’d need to do religious activity to conserve protection as a god・・・Which means, to obstruct evil ・・・While the merit being Good god is the protection of the goddess of creation ・・・』


『Just now, Goddess of creation and Melinard-sama explained about the Good and Evil God, but, I want to know how to become a god』(TLN: It seems that this Good and Evil god counted as half-god, while this ‘God’ thing Christoph ask is something else, which in the same position as the goddess of creation)

The atmosphere became rather complex, did I ask the wrong question?

『Bwahahaha, you said some interesting thing. There’s no one ask those things until now. You want to become a God?』(TLN: Let’s say that, The Good god using ‘Zenshin (善神)’ while the Evil God using ‘Akujin (悪神)’ while both of them had ‘GOD 神’ Kanji beside them, they are not counted as a complete ‘God’… which mean, the word Demigod is the core of Good and Evil god)

『Becoming a god, you won’t become Immortal but you’ll get eternal youth isn’t it?Good god has a lot of work, which only a demerit for me. While becoming an Evil god will be free but、will need to stay alert in case of a sudden attack from the Good God, right?・・・Buried by unending works, or live in fear of Good god’s attack. I can’t see any merit in either of the options』(TLN: In the line before, I use Immortal which defines he won’t die of old age, while in this line there seems to be inconsistencies which that Immortal and Immortal is difference… orz… damn, curse you wordplay…)

『I see, There’s also that way of thought』

『What an amusing way of thought.・・・I seems need to learn』

『・・・It’s that, Becoming a god means you’ve transcend humanity-zo?』

『・・・I doesn’t think that as a merit』

『Still, after ascending it’s troublesome to say you don’t want to become a god-zo』

Is that so?
Won’t it be an easy-peasy thing to do as the goddess of creation?

『Can’t you seal the power?』

『For other people, it’s not impossible, but, for you it’s impossible』

Why is it possible for other, but impossible for me?

『Your Divine power was once locked. A Lock is something like a seal. This means, if I lock it once more, it’d be doubled and it’s unknown what’d happen to your body. It’s alright for your body break, but it’s bad if it goes berserk』

Breaking is also bad!
What did she think a person’s body is but, What’s the meaning of the 2nd time?

『I won’t say the complicated things but, your option is either God or dead you know?』

It’s a nice and simple explanation.
Don’t say that-ssu!

However, what a mess. I don’t want to die・・・Even so if you ask me to choose between Good and Evil God the answer is NO! 。
Now then, What to do.

『You might have many things to think but, I shall continue with the explanation. In case you became a Demigod since you’d have a small amount of divine power, the area under your management will be halved. In addition, there’s no change over your subject』

Melinard-sama forcibly resuming the explanation.
Yep, she’s a cool beauty.

However, what’s kind of management you ask?
・・・That’s right, there’s a variety of gods like Fertility gods and fighting gods.

After that, Cool beauty-sama explained about many things.

『That’s all, what do you think? Which would you choose between Good and Evil god』

『can’t I put it on hold?』

『It’s impossible』

Oh, it’s the Goddess of creation(Little Girl)’s appearance after a while.

『Choose it now. Else, you’d be recognized as an evil god』

procrastination is evil huh・・・(TLN: Yep, it’s evil… look at me, I’ve procrastinating translating this for a year?)

『Can I move on the lower realm freely?』

『I don’t manage gods complexly. As long as you do the tasks given, it’s alright』

『How can I raise my divinity?』

『the increase in faith will increase your divine power. At the same time, your divinity will do so too』

In case of Evil god, it’s either Hate or Fear huh・・・

It’s kinda late but… why did this Goddess of creation is a little girl?

『What god will I be if I became a god?』

『For you・・・There’s many options to choose. To know more, you need to become a good god』

Now then, if I became a Good God I’d be Goddess of Creation(Little Girl)’s underling, and becoming an Evil God will make me free at the same time, became Goddess of Creation(Little Girl)’s Enemy huh.
Truthfully I don’t want to be hostile towards Goddess of Creation(Little Girl)・・・

『I’ve Decided! I will――――――――』(TLN: Dun dun dun…