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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 58

058 Return


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『Hahaha, That guy dares to spout nonsense towards me』




『Well, Okay. Don’t let your eyes off that guy』


『Understood. Goddess of Creation-sama』
















・・A little・・More・・・


・・・I beg you, let me sleep a bit more.




「It’s noisy・・・Primera」


Awakening my dim consciousness・・・ I’ve opened my heavy eyelid.


「I want to sleep a bit more」


Primera’s face hideously filled with tears and snot.

That’s right, I’ve fought with him…

Levis’ eaten・・・


「I was worried, your heart suddenly stopped・・・I thought it’s already too late・・・」


I see, so my heart stop beating・・・

Speaking of which, I’ve seen a weird dream.

It isn’t a real dream right?(TLN: 正夢 – Masayume – A dream that came true… I don’t know whether to write it as a precognition dream or something else… but, I’ll just use a real dream)


「Don’t shake me that much.・・・ssu(gasp)!What about Levis?」


「He’s alright. Although he’s still unconscious, he’s still alive」


「I see, That’s good・・・I’ll sleep for a bit」


Thus I left my consciousness.




The next time I’m awake, I’m inside a tent.

Still, to wake up and see an Ikemen(Handsome man) in front of my face isn’t good for my mental health.

Primera laid me down, but there’s she shouldn’t lay me beside Levis.

If it is possible, I want to be laid down beside a beautiful big sister or cute girl-zo.


I’ve been thinking about those dreams faintly for a while.

It seems too real for a dream, that got me curious.


There, from the entrance of the tent Primera and I made eye contact.




「Ya~a, Primera. I’ve troubled you」


If I make noise in here I’d wake Levis up, so I get up and go out of the tent.

Primera seems relieved that I can move normally, but my condition is extremely good.

On the contrary, it feels better than even before I lie down.

My ability seems to be improved after surviving a life-death battle, I’ll check on my status later.


According to Primera I’ve been sleeping half a day since that time, Levis had yet to awake during that time.

For now, after having Levis’ condition stabilized he’d wake up over time.


In addition, I went to collect that guy’s intact corpse and put the remaining head in my storage one of the tail illuminated, I’ve done it again! Thinking so, I jump back and put my guards up.


But, the light disappeared after several seconds, and the yamata-no-Orochi vanished, leaving behind a single sword.


Is it that?

Perhaps, even if it isn’t that・・・is it the so-called god sword?

If I’m not wrong it’s the Japans myth・・・from Kojiki right?Then is it the famous swords created from Yamata no Orochi dead body?(TLN:


「Christoph-sam, what’s the light just now?!」


「It’s alright・・・I think」


Primera ran towards me with panicked expression while keeping an eye towards the sword.


The swords of ame no murakumo(rainy clouded village’s sword)・・・a sacred sword obtained from punishing the Yamata no Orochi. The swords of amenomurakumo are influenced by the ability of those that punished the Yamata no Orochi and improve that ability.


Um, I somehow understand it, after checking it with eyes of Judgement, it’s the real thing.


After soothing the noisy Primera, I put the sword inside my storage.

Thus after some time, Levis opened his eyes.

After making sure there’s no problem with Levis’ condition, I punch him.


「Don’t you dare to be rash anymore!」


Punching an Ikemen gave me satisfaction but this and that is a different story, I won’t forgive someone to die for me! I preached so.

In addition, I firmly exploit Levis and Primera.

From those two’s point, it’s alright for them to die and let me alive. After all, it’s Escort’s duty to do so. While I’m being sermon about putting the cart before the horse by saving him ten times over.



Because something like that happens, Levis proposed to leave immediately.

Well, with this condition it can’t be helped so I honestly oblige to it.


We return as soon as possible.

There’s some delay in the way but we’re quite in rush。

However, my stamina didn’t deplete in other words the fatigue isn’t accumulated-noda.

For Levis and Primera that trained their body daily, they can move unhindered without taking much time but it’s not possible for me up to now.

Somehow I’m scared to check my own status.




As expected this happens. (TLN: -Yappari ko natta- make me remembered of a certain loli military sadist lol)

On the way of the tunnel exit, we met with Gale and the three knights led by Gale.

Gale that seeing us yelled out loud and ran toward us.

We’ve late on our way back, so they start to investigate.


In addition, looking at our appearance they question us but, it’s better, to tell the truth.

After all, looking at Levis and Primera’s appearance they’d soon know there’s a battle.

Primera’s armor just damaged to some extent but, Levis’ appearance with his lower half wearing a blanket because his lower body eaten off.

He looks like a suspicious person.



I have plenty of changing clothes in my storage so I’ve changed.

However Levis’ body bigger than me so, he can’t change so I only gave him a blanket to hide.


While hiding the thing that needed to hid, we’ve reported the story as honest as possible(…).

It’d be troublesome if they know that my heart stopped once, Primera and Levis will get severe punishment also.

I don’t want those two to be punished because of my selfishness on the occasion.

That’s why I’m sorry but, you two will need to do some work.


「For the detail let’s head out so you can listen at ease」


Outside, Carla and the other came rushing.

That’s true since when I see the sky the sun already tilted and starts to darken.


「Christoph, are you alright?!」


Carla and the other rushed to me once they see me.


「There’s some unexpected incident that happened and slowed us down. Sorry for making you worry」


「「It’s good that Christoph is safe」」


Peron and Pritz saying the same exact words.

As expected of the 2-herbivorous men.


「That’s why I’ve said that Christoph would be alright」


Clara might be worried but, she believes in my ability.

・・・Let’s leave it at that.


I’ve explained the summary of the incident while inside the carriage towards Lake Luigi’s villa.

We’ve decided to go to Lake Luigi since it’s nearer to Sejaka Mine and the hotel in the town has been withdrawn.


「Even though there’s that kind of monster, you’ve done well returning safely」


O Clara-kun, even though the result looks safe, it was quite dangerous.

With those kinds of things, we arrived at the village when it’s already dark, so I decided to rest early.


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