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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 59

059 Awakening


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After that, we spent our time in the villa relaxed and heal the fatigue after the fierce battle.

Though its Primera and Levis’ rest.

My body not even feel tired or even in bad condition.

In addition, as I suspect the dream is reality.



【Name】Christoph von Bryutzel

【Race】Living God (現人神(アラヒトガミ))(Evolution)

【Gender】Man?(TLN: Wait… should I use He or she for Christoph? Lol)

【Date of birth】Sacred Calendar Year 500 month 1 day 1

【Identity/Occupation】Second Son of Bryutzel Margrave・Royal magic school’s student(New)・Demigod(New)・Supervisor of the abandoned mine(New)

【Physical Growth】error

【Magical Growth】error

【Attribute aptitude】

All attribute:error

Inherent Skill:God’s Eye(Evolution)

Inherent Skill:Kamui (God’s Authority)(New)

【Title】God of Magic (TN: If the translation is wrong please comment below… 魔技神(マギシン))(Evolution)・Dungeon Master ー(New)

【Rewards and Punishment】None

===Hidden Status===













All attribute aptitude

Those who turn disaster into fortune

Incarnation of Evil


Living God

・Invulnerable to Instant Death

・Invulnerable to Abnormal Condition

・Invulnerable to Curse and Reflect them

・God’s world wisdom

・Ability correction

・God’s Power (Consuming Divine Power)

・Given the right to rule an area and grant others benefit (Consuming Divine Power)

・God’s power greatly enhanced in his area

・Specify status



・The first step of those that reach godhood


Abandoned mine manager

・The person who managed the abandoned dungeon


Divine Eye

・Enable to inspect target’s detailed status

・Enable to differentiate a lie

・Clairvoyance (Enable to look in the surrounding 1000km through obstacle)

・Enable to see the target’s lifespan



・Collecting power by gathering faith (Divine Power UP – Divine Power limit UP)

・Accumulating Divine Power by collecting offering (Divine Power UP – Divine Power limit UP)

・Giving benefit to subject to show god’s benevolence (Consuming Divine Power)

・Summon Divine Beast (Consuming Divine Power)

・Kamui’s activation need to be under cognition, Kamui won’t be activated unconsciously


God of Magic(魔技神(マギシン))

・God of Magic

・Create god’s vessel (Consuming Divine Power – Consuming Mana)

・Create Spell(Consuming Mana)

・Can give blessing towards the subject, but limited by the divine power(Consuming Divine Power – Divine Power Up – Divine Power upper limit up)

・Target a person to be a subject(Consuming Divine Power – Divine Power Up – Divine Power upper limit up)

・Divine Power:1,500GP (TN: the GP should be God’s Power, but I use Divine power to name it, but I won’t change the GP to DP… anyway, fyi…)


Dungeon Master

・The lord of the Dungeon, and the one who hold the highest authority in the Dungeon

・Enable to Create dungeon, traps, monsters, and Item by spending Dungeon point

・Dungeon Point:260,000DP


Incarnation of Magic

・Infinite Mana

・Remove Magic restriction



Well, Having this kind of status makes me realize that’s not a dream.

My attribute’s compiled into one, and God’s of Creation (Little Girl) blessing has disappeared from Gift’s column.


In addition, Yamata no Orochi you seem to be a Dungeon master, after defeating it I seem to become a Dungeon Master of the abandoned mine.

I have to wonder what is this.

For now, it’s bad as the Dungeon master of that mine, to leave it unstationed・・・

A dungeon without a manager is prone to run wildly, as I’m able to choose someone to delegate the administrator, I need to find one ASAP・・・

Ha, how cumbersome.


Additionally, Kamui’s『Giving benefit to subject to show god’s benevolence』power is different from Evil god of Magic’s Blessing and create the subject.

To make it simpler, it’d give a little happiness when the target is a human, but will easily grow trees and flower when targeting nature, depending on Divine’s Power content, even a barren land can be green land.

I feel that the effect on nature is greater but, I’d no choice to agree on that.


Speaking of Which・・・I might be picking a fight with the goddess of Creation(Loli) (TLN: Changing the little girl to loli)

I’m refusing to become a good god after all・・・

Ah, of course, I don’t wish to be an Evil god too.

I’ve suggested becoming a Neutral God to Goddess of Creation(Loli).

A Neutral god which not an Evil or Good.


As expected from the goddess of Creation(Loli), it seems that it’s an interesting suggestion which makes her flabbergasted and not moving for a while.

Melinard-sama laughs because of the flabbergasted Goddess of Creation(Loli).


I’m likely to be used by that Goddess of Creation(Loli) if I choose to be a good god, and becoming an Evil god will make you became hostile towards her.

Thus, I negotiate to become nor Good or evil, but Neutral.

Goddess of Creation(Loli) did laugh at the end, but she accepted it after I promise to not intervene between Good and Evil God’s battle.

I’ve also agreed to help if there’s any problem after seeing the situation.

But, I wonder if its’ really okay.

Well, there’s no use to worry too much about it, I’m still the lowest half-god after all, for now, I need to save my power.

The sky is blue and the sun shone brightly, while the temperature is slightly hot, it’s relaxing to see kids playing around in the lake.

There’s a sandy beach on the shore of Luigi lake, which is a famous resort place for the Nobel and wealthy family to visit.

Which is why there are many villas of Nobles and wealthy family around Lake Luigi, that’s just an hour away from the City of Sijäc.


And within those Villas area, lies our big and luxurious villas which we sleep and reside in.

Of course, the Villa is owned by Brutzel margrave family’s.

Still, the villa is used only in summer so it’s rarely used.

Since it’s a villa, there’s no one live there besides the manager, even though it’s a big manor, what a waste.


Suddenly, I had an Information burst, what if I just need to have an all year long vacation, and not just in summer, that information flowing in my head.

At that time, I suddenly yelled “Uooh!” which startling the escorts and put them on guard.

Now that I’ve awoken from my daydream, I discern the influx of information inside my head, the answer isn’t as confusing as I expected.


It’s one of the Living god’s skill『Wisdom of a God』.

This ability is a cheat that can process the knowledge of humans and search it.

It seems that I’m unconsciously using this ability.

This ability is extraordinarily handy. (TN: Can someone add it to Google? I need this kind of ability… I mean, it can ‘automatically’ search what you want even if you don’t really get what’s you want to search right?)

This ability alone creates a big benefit of becoming a god.

That’s why I’m running this searching ability full time while sunbathing in the sandy beach of Luigi lake.


But, it’s that.

I’ll forgive Clara and Pritz because they’re siblings but, for Carla and Peron to also flirt, Blew up you riajuu!

To dare to flirt in front of this single Evil God of Magic how envious, you damned!

Still, why’d this world’s swimsuit is a school swimsuit?

It is the culture left by the founder Akira right.

When I search for how could a hero summoned 500 years ago know about School swimsuit; A hero summoning is something that can transcend time and space as long as the person had the required knowledge and aptitude for being summoned, is the result.

Which means, in this Hecato, it doesn’t matter what time you summoned a hero, as long as they had the required knowledge and aptitude even those who lived in Heisei can be summoned easily.

Certainly, there’s no knowledge about summoning in Edo and Showa era, so the percentage of summoning will be biased towards the Heisei era which had much knowledge from Light Novel, etc.

Moreover, the Heisei era is the peak era of the Internet, so many people will have the knowledge not just Japanese but also Foreigners, it’s just that the probability of Japanese being summoned is higher since Otaku cultre is a national thing in japan.