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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 63


063 Audience


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Holy calendar, 9th month 15th Day. A ball is held at the castle.

I participate in this ball as the second son of the Bryutzel margrave.

This ball is a national event held at the harvest festival.

The one organized this is his majesty.


The ball started at 5pm, but Father and I need to be there at 2pm.

I along with my father walk to the inside of the castle.


As expected of the Royal Castle, there’s several large garden inside, and it’s at the scale where you’d be tired just by walking.

The nobles and bureaucrat passing by makes way when they see Father.

Some of them greet father, but father only gave them a soft reply without stop walking.

When we moves away the Nobles and bureaucrat started walking, but it may be unavoidable for nobles to get a killing intent behind their back.


Thus after several dozens of minutes walking, we’ve arrived in front of a luxurious door.

There’s a knight on each side of the door, after giving a word or two the knights shouted.


「Lord Ernest von Bryutzels and his son Christoph von Bryutzels-sama has come」


One of the knight speak through the door.

Once the door opened, me and Father comes inside being guided by a knight.

The room size is 10x15m which is reasonably(…) wide.

There’s a gorgeous desk inside the room, in the left of the door there’s a luxurious reception set.


Behind the Gorgeous desk sat a middle-aged man reading a document while writing on a feather pen.

Thus, in that gorgeous desk, a knight standing on each side. 1 stand beside the window, 1 on each side of the door, there are 5 knights in total. On the luxurious sofa set, there’s a buffed elderly sat there.


Father and I bow our torso by 30 degrees, the right hand in the chest, and the left hand behind, which is the way to salute a superior.


「Southern Governor-General Bryutzel, and Christoph, raise your head.」


Southern Governor-General is Father’s official position because Bryutzel frontier is on Sacred kingdom Vandamme’s southern part, and Bryutzel margrave been given the official position hereditary.

Well, 70% of the southern part are governed by the Bryutzel margrave’s house, and the noble families there affiliated by the family so, there’s no way other noble house can become the governor-general of the south.


Father and I lift our head, and face the middle-aged man sat on the gorgeous table.


「I’d like to express my gratitude and congratulate your majesty」


I presume that you’d already know this but, the one in front of me is the owner of the room, at the same time, the 39th king of Sacred Kingdom Vandamme, Akihito von Vandamme Kousaka (アキヒト・フォン・バンダム・コウサカ).


「Um. Lord Christoph and Southern Governor-General, I’m sorry but, can you wait there 」




I salute his majesty and head towards the sofa where the elderly sat.

Father shook the buffed elderly’s hand and introduce me「It’s my son, Christophe」.


「I’ve heard the rumor about you, Christoph-dono. Oops, my name is Avas Kud Tomlovsky (ワシはエイバス・クド・トムロスキー), best regards lord prodigy」


A prodigy huh・・・I’m a god though.



「my name is Christoph von Bryutzels. My naïve ears have heard the rumor about lord tomlovsky. I’m honored to meet the hero that excels in literary and military art」


This lord Tomlovsky might look like a large and muscular type wild warrior warlord. But, he’s actually a good general that think before doing things, he’s a strategist, and the head of the famous Tomlovsky Earldom.


「・・・Is Christoph really Gorres’ grandson? Like Ernest, I don’t think Gorres’ blood is flowing on both of you」


My grandfather Gorres is, gently said heroic, and bluntly said reckless.

As an ex-adventurer, he’s proud of his unrivaled strength in battle, though he lacks in politic and intrigue, he’s a person that hates nobles’ stuffy life and easily gave his position to father.

They know each other well, since both of the same generations.


When his majesty’s battle against the document ended and he left the seat, the conversation stopped.

When he sat on the sofa set, father, General Tomlovsky, and I set our gaze towards him.


「Doth thou Christoph?」


「yes, your majesty. I am Christoph von bryutzels. I’m extremely honored to meet you」


Facing his majesty, I introduce myself.


「umu, be at ease」


With his permission, I sat beside my father when his majesty set his gaze off towards father.

If I’m the heir, my first audience will be held officially at the throne but, since I’m the second son, there won’t be a need for such an exaggeration.


「Southern Governor-General, the matter yesterday is already accepted right?」


Opening his mouth he confirms the matter to my father, while his eyes trailed to my father, his senses seem to focused towards me.


「Yes, it’s affirmed」


There are 4 people sat on the sofa―――
His majesty, Father, Lord Tomlovsky, and me―――aside from that, there are 5 escorts.

There are 9 people inside the room, but, since the room is large it isn’t suffocating.


「Fumu, is the answer from the southern Governor, or is it from Christoph-dono?」


Out of 5 escorts, one of them is Jimnis’ older brother.

In addition, among the rest of the escorts, there’s his majesty’s third son, Lloyd kud Vandamme.

Lloyd is already an adult, no belonging to the knight corps.

I never met with Lloyd but, there’s the function of God’s Divine eye.


By the name my middle name had『von』within it, While Lord tomlovsky and Lloyd had 『Kud』, which is the difference between having a territory and not.


Eh, I don’t have a territory you say?

That’s because I’m underaged, once I reach age of 15 I will start using 『Kud』instead of『Von』in case I had yet to have territory.

Still, in case of the heir of a territory noble, they’d still using『Von』even if they had yet to have one.




Father encourages me to answer.


「Yes・・・about the magic item your majesty had requested, it can be prepared within 6 days」


I brought out a catalog from my pocket and read it.


「10 thousand healing potions, 5 thousand blood potion, 1000 mana potion, 3000 advanced healing potion, 1000 advanced blood potion, and 200 advance mana potion. Up to here is the request on potion category」


As the name suggest healing potion is a potion to heal wounds, it can be used by pouring them on the wound but, drinking them is more effective.

However, healing potion can’t heal lost blood, it can’t heal a serious and fatal injuries.


Blood potion is the drug that created the lost blood, even if one’s injury can be healed, a person will still be dead if they didn’t drink the blood potion and supplementing his body with blood.


While mana potion is a potion that restore mana.


「1000 pieces of power ring, 1000 pieces of protection ring, 500 pieces of agility ring, 500 pieces of fireball ring, and 1000 pieces of Water ring. Pardon me but, I can only give 10 Barrier Bracelet