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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 66


066 Delivery 1


Welp, it’s the main story!

There’s a mob that act haughty with the main character, he really wants to be struck by the thunder from the god MC of ours… lol

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The day after the ball, I along with Fillia went to Bryut firm.

The store still closed, so we used the back door and went right through the warehouse.


It’s necessary to prepare the military supplies as his majesty’s decree, and we need to supply half of it the day after tomorrow.


「Fillia, count the item I create and pack them, please」


「As you wish」


Plenty of supplies are medicines.

10.000 healing potion, 5000 blood potion, 1000 mana potion,3000 advanced healing potion, 1000 advanced blood potion, and 200 advanced mana potion.


In addition, I need to make magic items.

1000 pieces of Power ring, 1000 pieces of protection ring, 500 pieces of Agility ring, 500 fireball ring, 100 water ring and 10 barrier bracelet.


The work started in the morning, having a light lunch and almost without a break, I continued to craft the item, along with Fillia which counting and packaging the item.

I’ve promised Marshal Tomlovsky to sent the items within 2 batches in 3 and 6th days after the meeting, but I need to finish the items and packaging them by the evening.

This is something that only a god, like me and my vassal Fillia can do, unlike a normal human.


The medicine and magic items are created from nothing, by the way.

I originally prepared a bottle first, then creates the content using magic, but this time, I don’t even have the bottle.

Since I became the God of Magic, I had the ability to create something out of from nothing but some mana.


Which is the reason why I said that I don’t need money to his majesty?

I have the ability to create magic items out of mana.

Not to mention that my mana is almost infinite that I can make as many magic items as I want.

The warehouse is also expanded using space-time magic, so there’s plenty of room to stack as many items I wanted to.

I made it all at once but, to convince his majesty and marshal Tomlovsky I’d sent it all in batch.


「I’m sorry but, you need to accompany me when we were paid」


「I’ll go wherever Christoph-sama told me to」


「Thank you. I think of leaving Prietta the store in the future」


「Was there anything wrong with me?」


Fillia had worried look as if the world is over.


「Fillia is my first vassal, and the only one. I want to have her as close as possible to me, but it’s alright if you don’t want to?」


Fillia which look at the ground so much she might dig the ground, sprang up and jump at me.


「Nonsense -gasp! This me being beside Christoph-sama! Please let me do so!」


Um, you don’t need to hug me you know.

Still, even though you’re still 10 years old, it’s already growing huh.

It’s shameful, it truly is shameful!


Fillia smiled at me with a sunflower-like smile, because she’s hanging on my neck I pat her head.

Thus I fluff her animal ears.




It’s been a while since I enjoyed the animal ears!

I want to fluff her forever but, since it’s already dark outside, mother will be worried if I’m not going back soon.

I decided to go back, even though I feel the heartbreak.

Ah~, animal ears are justice!





Yesterday, I study about god’s power and passed without I realized it, leaving me only a day.

Fillia is always beside me, trying to take care of me.


「Fillia, since I’ve Luna here as well, you can be at ease. How about asking Grandfather to teach you swordsmanship? If you do, I can leave you with a peace of mind」


「Gasp! Yess! I’ll learn swordmanshipss!」


Well, I say it to protect me but, I actually want Fillia to have the means to protect herself.

With the Fillia which filled with motivation, I ask grandfather to teach Fillia.


「Fillia is? With that skinny arms she wants to swing swords huh・・・Well, alright. Federio, bring the training purpose swords」


As expected of Grandfather, to order the former knight leader younger uncle with his chin.

When uncle handed the training swords to Fillia, Grandfather asked Fillia to try to swing it.


Swing! Swing! Swing! Swing! Swing! Swing!


Just swinging the swords alone, Fillia blows the dust in the training ground.

The dust flying around as many times as Fillia swings.

Watching the scene, Grandfather raise a side of his mouth and grin evilly. (TN: No, protect my Fillia! Go away, old man!)


「Alright, now, let’s have a bout」


「Ye, yess!」


It seems that Grandfather wants to test Fillia with this spar.

Clash and backing away, clash and backing away, the 2 of them keep swinging their swords.


「Apparently grandfather likes Fillia. Uncle, I apologize but, please take care of Fillia」


「Aa, leave it to us. Still, that girl really have a great talent」


As my vassal, Fillia had the strength that surpasses humanity, but, even so, she had no mastery in swords, and the fact that Grandfather can strike Fillia head-on, is he really a human?








At the 9th month 18th day, 2 wagons with Bryutzels margrave crest on it head towards the castle.

Fillia announces the purpose and made to wait for a while.

I don’t know whether they’re Marshal Tomlovski’s or not, but the soldier came to receive us.


「Follw me」


Since the soldier told us to follow him without greetings, we follow him.

After a while, we arrived at a place that looks like a barrack.

Fillia didn’t like the soldiers’ attitude towards me, she can’t say anything but having a piercing expression on her.


In front of the warehouse, the soldier speaks a few words to the guards and the guards left changed to another one.


「Bring it this the warehouse」


The soldier had arrogance in his attitude so Fillia jumps at him, but I stopped it.

A little later the soldier will be blown away.

This soldier might belittle her because she’s a child.

Well, it’s no wonder since there’s only me and her in this delivery, and the soldier didn’t even inspect the item.

It’s not something for me to say but, will it be alright?


After a while, we finished bringing all the wooden box into the warehouse.

Of course, I’m also carrying it.


「This is the receipt. Please confirm and sign on it」


When Fillia hands it over to the soldier he glances at it and returned it.


「Umm, the sign」


「Nosiy! Just wait for the person in charge!」


I see, so this soldier didn’t know about the deliveries.

Because the one delivered are children, he belittled it. (TN: Bash him up to a pul! Damn it, so mortifying)

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