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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 7

Chapter 7               Slave

When I arrived at an item store that I had my eyes on. While searching for a Zabuton ( ) like a cushion, the store inside became noisy.

“Pardon me… tsu.”

Doka rattle rattle gashan (SFX)

A large sound is being produced inside the store and there is a man that is wearing heavy armor pushing a girl. The girl is buried in the goods that fell from the shelves.

“How dare a dirty slave like you touch my sword! What if you defiled my important sword? Aaa!”

The big man seems to be a knight though, as he seems to wear some practical armor. Probably he is an adventurer or a mercenary. The girl that the person pushed looks about 10 years old dressed in a single piece of cloth, the collar on her neck indicating that she is a slave.

The big man kicking the girl in her abdomen repeatedly, while the girl raised her voice. The girl seems to be unconscious after being repeatedly kicked. More of this and the girl will die. Someone must stop this, but the clerk stays still and there was no sign that someone will intervene. The reason is whether they afraid of the big man or they don’t care about the slave.

“Isn’t that enough already? More than that she’ll die you know?”

Since there’s no one that stops it, I voiced my complaint. It’s not like I care about what happens to other people but, I just don’t like seeing a 10 years old kid dying because of violence from a big man. This Holy Van Damme Kingdom is free of discrimination but slaves are still being treated like a thing. Even if a slave is a person, they don’t give them treatment like a person. I don’t oppose slavery, but I think that the way of thinking of them like a thing must be changed. Well, I need to deal with the problem in front of me.

“Who the heck is this brat?”

He should know from my clothes and escort that I am a noble…

“I am a brat huh? Then you are an idiot!”

“What did you say!”

The big man lifts my collar. What the heck is this idiot’s template? When dealing with a noble, one wrong move is suicidal. Every adult should now that. This big man is an idiot that wants suicide huh?

Indeed being gripped by my collar hurts. Letting out a lightning attribute Magic Stun at the big man makes the gripping hand become loose and natural, I fell down on my arse. Escort what are you doing?

“Ouch, Levis, catch this person and hand him over to the guards.”

By my words, the escorts surround the big man.

“Who the heck are you guys?! I’m a Rank B adventurer.  Wanna fight me huh?”

The big man hand became useless because of the effect of the Magic Stun. Due to his resistance, I’m letting out 1 more Magic Stun into his muscles, because of that there’s not much effort to apprehend him.

“I don’t know who you are but because you attacked a noble, you’ve got to received a punishment.”

“Wha! What did you say!”

“Levis, tell this person his charges.”

“Yes! Using abusive language towards the noble Christoph-sama, based on his sin he needs to receive a capital punishment”

“Ca, capital punishment you say? I didn’t do anything?!”

“You just did what Levis say. Do I have a slave collar on me? Look at my appearance, look at the escort, even with that you attacked me you know?”

“I didn’t notice that kind of thing! Don’t kid with me!”

“Annoying, Shut up! Shopkeeper, this girl is your slave?”

While kicking the big man’s face, I looked at the store shopkeeper.

“Ye, yes. It is degozaru (sayou degozaru)”

“Why didn’t you stop this guy’s violence?”

“I, I’m sorry (moshiwakearimasen).”

The shopkeeper that was being flustered and can’t make a good reply.

“Heal this girl immediately.”

“Tha, that is….”

This world has healing magic but it needs an enormous amount of money so for a slave to be healed is unlikely.

“Shopkeeper, I have a condition, I’ll do the healing so can you give that girl to me?”

“Ye, yes, that is, of course, I will. If she is left like that without being treated she will die so I’ll leave her to you for no charge.”

“Christoph-sama, is it alright to do this without confirmation of your mother?” whispers Levis.

Levis is the knight squad leader, he’s ikemen (handsome cool guy). Because he is an ikemen and because in my previous life I was unpopular, he is my enemy!

“In this condition, she needs emergency treatment. I’ll persuade Mother to forgive you later for not helping me. Shopkeeper, hurry up and call the guards.”

The shopkeeper forsook his shop and dash out of the shop door. All right then, let’s do it for this girl. If she dies then it doesn’t make sense to help her.

“High heal”

I could invoke magic without letting out a voice but, to make it look natural I invoke the magic name. The girl’s body is wrapped by a thin light, while I get the feeling of my mana being sucked out. High heal is an intermediate light magic attribute, thus the spell can heal even internal organs so it should be fine now.

The clerk has come back and has brought the guards with him. Then the insolent behavior that the big man did to me had been reported, the punishment has been chosen based on the testimony, and the big man’s execution is decided. Based on what he did to me it’s too much for an execution because I’ve got no big injuries is what other people must be thinking,  but if this big man is alive he will do something like that again. For the people and for the good he must repent his sin. I have no tolerance for this type of fellow.

“Captain-san, about this slave, for the price of the treatment I took over ownership of her. I would like Captain-san to be the witness for it.”

“Understood, I, Kajil, will accept the duty.”

The Guard Captain’s name seems to be Kajil. When he realized that I am from von Bryutzel Margrave family, he seems to have panicked. Well, it’s simply because von Bryutzel Margrave is from a great nobility. This thing will be a big problem because of the Captain’s clumsiness, of course, he’s panicking.

For changing the ownership of the slave we must go to the Commercial Guild but the girl will stay in an unconscious state. There’s no choice but to go back to the inn and let her sleep but I’ll get chewed out by Mother there. The one that got chewed out by Mother is me because of my actions, however, she didn’t say anything to the slave girl because she is cute and there’s a feeling to take care of her. Is that alright Mother! (Sore daijoubu desuka hahaue!)