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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 72



072 Bryut Island


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The territory inspector asked me to name my island.

This Territory inspector is the one responsible for recording and inspection of the noble’s territory in Holy Kingdom Vandamme, and they also the one responsible to create the maps of the kingdom.

He was visiting me because the need to add an island which wasn’t known in the kingdom before.


For ordering someone with no naming sense like me to name the island, well, it’s not like I can complained to the one in charge.

So, I said to him to give it a random name, which in return he said that it’d bring trouble later on, so he asked me to decide it asap.

It’s a preventive measure so that the owner won’t decide it arbitrarily and blame the inspector later.

I won’t do something like that though.


I thought of it hardly and thought of a safe name which is『Bryut Island』.

It doesn’t have any eye-catching remarks, but, it’s easy to identify it as mine, and the connection it had to Bryutzels margrave’s house.


After that, I visited again to see the result of the golems’ work.

These guys・・・


・・・ain’t they great!


It did more than I expect them!

The exterior of the mansion already completed, and the only things left to do is the interior and furnishing.

The looks is good, and the fence surrounding the mansion had a height of 15 meter.

The mansion had 5 floor structure, with 3 above the ground and 2 floors under.

It’s good that I add wind and earth magic to the Golem’s ability structure.

These 2 attributes can be used for instruction works, the soil, rocks, and stones dug underground used a the material to create fence.


The field also worked smoothly, its already 20 hectare(10.000m2) cleared.

It goes without saying that the material from the land cultivation waste used to materials on the mansion and fences.

Mamono extermination are also well done, and the corpses are stored well inside the magic bag.

Still, out of the 20 golems which participating in the monster extermination, and 5 is nowhere within sight.

There’s 14 that can still moves independently and 6 which is severely damaged or uncapable to walk.

For that reason, there’s a need to upgrade the battle specific golems from stone golems to steel golem.

The reason why I go beyond copper and iron and used steel, is because the material used is easier to obtain and it had stronger hardness than the soft iron.

It goes without saying that Steel Golem is better than iron golem.


In addition to that , I add another 10 golems to excavate the underground resources.

Since mining works is hard, I create them using steel like the battle golem.


「Fillia, what’s the curtain color you think is better?」


「Yes, whwat about making the bedroom pink, the living room beige, and the corridor white?」


「Then I’ll make them, Fillia should put them on」



Since all the windows been fitted with glass, let’s continue to create the curtain.

AS expected, Golems can’t do detailed things so we’d be the one to do it.

After done with the curtain, I want to finish the plumbing on the toilet and bath, I want to finish it all before going to the bedroom.

Since there’s an undefinite time on modifying the golem to increase the production, I take care of the bigger things first and leave it to Fillia later.


The water plumbing around the kitchen is made using a magic circuit which allow the water to be supplied from mana, and the stoves in the desk also imbued magic circuit which release heat.

The content of the rack are within the magic bags which already given to Fillia, so she can do the rest.


The toilets are flushed one, connected to field that already filtered with dark magic which decompose it to water and nutrient to be used as a fertilizer.


The bath has a size which enough for 10 person inside, it’s designated based on the gender. Both of the bath has water coming off from the dragon’s mouth.

There’s also 5 showers in each bathroom that had a different handle which letting out hot and cold water, engineered from magic circuit.

The shower is completed when the soap, shampoo and conditioner are put there.


In my room I set a large king sized bed, that can allow me to sleep comfortably and several other furniture.

I also did the same thing to Fillia’s room with an addition of cute and girlish design.


Since it’s already evening, it’s time for me to go back to the manor.

Sincerely, I want to stay here but, since I’ve had a promise with mother I need to go back.


「Fillia, let’s leave the rest tomorrow, let’s go back today」


「Yes. But can we leave this mansion alone as it is?」


「It’s alright, I’ve erected a barrier in the surrounding mansion, no monsters shall get closer here, nor would there be any humans」


「I see」


For now, I ordered the mansion building golem to neutralize any trespasser, and fence building golem to make fences surrounding the cultivated land.


I want some humans to manage this field and mansion.

Let’s think about that in earnest after we’ve developed the land a little bit more.







Ignatz is only 1 month old, he didn’t have the strength to raise his head.

That’s why, even though I’m only carrying him, it nerve wracking.


「Christoph, with that kind of carrying Ignzatz will say it’s hurt」


「Is, is that so?・・・fuh~、he’s so small it’s hard to carry him」


While carrying Ignatz Hannah wipe my sweat.


「ufufu, Christoph was smaller, so much that he’d break once you touch him」


Every time mother talks about it, she always compare me to Ignatz.


「Ah, that’s right. This is for Ignatz」


A white cloth that shines upon the lamination of light, given to mother.


「My, this is for Ignatz? What a beautiful material, not to mention the fabric feels so good」


「hm, this fabric is ・・・Christoph, is it silk spider’s thread?」


Father is a connoisseur (an expert judge in matters of taste/art).

Even though silk spider’s thread or even those that created from it are hardly seen on the market, he can easily perceive it.


「That’s right. I’ve found several of them and thought that it’s a great present for Ignatz」


「Only Christoph can say that this is a good birth present. This clothes alone can reach a price of 1 million S」


「It’s a present for my cute little brother. It’s not about thee value but the feelings」


Father had a given up face, while mother is all smile.

The expression of the maids, including Hannah, that was waiting in the back was drawn.

It’s no wonder that Hannah and the other maids’ face were drawn, a million S is the same a 10 million yen(approximately 93.401,20 usd).

It is an amount which impossible for normal people to get without stored it for several years.

Well, once you’ve arrived at the island although it’s impossible to mass produce it, I can still get a stable supply of the threads.

I feel like I’ve found another money tree.



(Author note)

Pardon me but

Let me rest for a while.

Please look forwards to the continuation.

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