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078 Birthday Party



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The holy calendar 513 is over, and it’s the start of the 514 calendars.

At the same time, it’s my 14th birthday.

Originally, the 14th birthday won’t be celebrated grandly, but, since it’s decided that I’d make a new household, the adulthood celebration is held a year early.

A 15-year-old is basically an adult, and there’s also a certain case where a 12-year-old already married, so it’s not really weird to have 14 years old to be celebrated as an adult.

However, the 14 years old person doesn’t really know about it?


His majesty messenger came in the morning, and gave his congratulatory speech while informing that the inauguration ceremony will be held at the 15th day on the 2nd month.

By the time celebration party held at noon, Big brother Jimnis rushed along with my 2 other sisters, Elizabeth, and Chrysnan.


「Christoph, congratulation. Although it’s a year early, but you’re an adult too, now」


Big brother Jimnis pound my shoulders while congratulating my adulthood.

Heck, it hurts.


「Christoph is already full-fledged, let’s drink now! You’d accompany me right?」


And big sister Elizabeth hug me while offering me a drink.

You’ve drunk already?

Big sister Elizabeth seems to be overwhelmed.

I mean, the party had yet to start.


「Congratulation in reaching adulthood. Christoph seems to passes me」


Big sister Chrysnans said so while petting my head, until when will you treat me like a child.

Please stop chewing my cheeks from time to time.


「Chris-niisama, congratulation for your adulthood, I’m feeling disappointed that I can’t spend the next year together in the academy. But, I’m happy to know Chris-niisama is really excellent 」


Ann, Antoinette said so while hugs and looking up to me.

Because she’s cute, I pet her and she looks happy.

She’s very cute!


Carla, Peron, Clara, and Pritz have also come.

Along with their parents, even.

Since most of the guest has come, and the time to start the party has come, so my father greetings.


「Everyone, I’m glad that everyone had gathered for my son Christoph, at this occasion, my son will graduate from the royal magic academy after a year―――――――」


Since it’s too long, let’s forgo father’s greetings and start the event.

And the guests’ greetings come.

The greetings started from the highest rank.

Greetings from unknown uncles and aunties, and unknown ladies and gentleman at the same age as me continued.

In fact, there’s more gentleman rather than the girls of the same age.

There’re 2 reasons, one which is because I’ll create a new household.


First, I need to explain how to start a new household. The first thing needed is・・・Retainer, I need retainers.

Which means, for a new noble like me, I need various retainers to fill the workforce needed in a household such as maids, soldiers, and officials.


While the second one is because of my sisters.

Big sister Elizabeth which is already 18 but had yet to have any engagement, and my second sister Chrysnans, which is the same at the age of 15.

The eldest, and second eldest, in addition to that is my third sister, An also at the age of 11 which had yet anyone engaged to, if she had someone at her age, it’d be alright to engage to.

The trio beautiful sister from the Bryutzels margrave family is in the spotlight.

My father’s mother (my grandmother) is a freeman, so as long as the trio wishes for it, they don’t need to be married to someone from the nobles’ household.

Since the eldest son, Jimnis already engaged to someone in a marquisate family, and I’m from someone on the royalty, there’s no need for the three sisters to be wed into the other nobles’ family.

Even so, since sister Elizabeth already in marriable age, if she had yet to found anyone to wed with, she’d be forced to marry by my father.


「I’m Lloyd von Adachi, this time, my daughter Carla will trouble you, although she’s inexperienced please take care of her」


The first impression I had on Carla’s father is, that person sure is humble, unlike her daughter.

Still, why’d he make an impression as if I’d marry her or something.


For now, the guest greeting team were me, the main character in the party, and my parents, which is my father, and mother.

Carla’s house is from a viscount background, his father has the same peerage as me after my inauguration, but since we had a different background, it’s right for him to be polite to me.


「Please to meet you, I’m Landsen von Hecato, my son Pritz and daughter Clara are thankful for given the chance to be hold by you, this Landsen is grateful for it」


This Landsen is unbelievably Pritz father, he’s someone rugged that very much unlike Pritz, moreover, he had moustache and beard.

Since Pritz and Clara are identic twins, I wonder if they’re failed to inherit the genes?

Hecato is a knight, it’s not a secret but, since his territory had a goldmine within, it’s economy is better than most of the knight house, and it seems that the development of his territory is proceeding smoothly and increased every year.

If he’s getting closer to the Bryutzels family, becoming a baron is within reach.

It doesn’t really matter but, I wonder what would Pritz and Clara reacted to had they know that their family name is the same name as this world (Hecato)?

Clara will likely say「Eh~ is that so?」, while Pritz will be overwhelmed.


「Pleased to meet you, I’m Leonard Cook. I’ve met with Christoph-sama before. For inviting my son Peron at this occasion, I don’t know how to thank you」


It was a greeting as if Leonard-san would serve me, but the feeling came through.

Peron’s father is a dandy uncle like always.

The madams will be brought down if he greets them with that smile.

I’ve been in the capital for a year, but since I need to be escorted if I want to go out, I nearly never do so but, I think that the capital’s level on cooking is low.

Which is the reason why is there only a restaurant that can serve a good dish which is『Restaurant Cook』.


After the guest greeting is over, I can at last, grab the food.


「What a great person. As expected from Margrave Bryutzels that can even burn a flying bird」


What kind of metaphor is that!

There should be a better one than that.


「Well, it’s my first time meeting Clara’s father but, I can’t grasp the image of Pritz in the future.」


「hahaha, our father is a genuine warrior, after all, we look more like our mother」


It’s indeed strange to have a magical aptitude with that kind of appearance if I’m not wrong Clara’s mother is a former court magician.

It was good that all of the genetic was from her mother kind of thing.


「By the way, you can’t see her highness Dorothy eh?」


「it’s impossible as expected. For a princess to attend a nobles’ birthday, there won’t be an end to it」


The engagement will be announced after I received my viscount title, so I can’t be treated specially for now.

However, tomorrow we can meet each other since tomorrow I and my family will greet the royals a new year greeting.


「Christoph-sama, are you having a break in this corner, oh, to be accompanied by 2 beautiful ladies, I’m sorry to intrude you」


He had a lean body that height close to 2m, a tanned brown skin.

At a glance, he looks like a dark elf, but he actually was a dwarf.

I thought that it’s impossible to be a dwarf with height more than 2m, but he’s a genuine dwarf.


「・・・Ignacio-dono. Are you enjoying yourself?」


That’s right, his name is Ignacio von desirijem, the third son of Baron Desirijem, which came to this party as someone at the same age as me.


「Everyone might be targetting Christoph-sama, but my dear ladies are a heal on my eyes」


「That’s good」


「I feel a bit sorry for the ladies there but, since Christoph-sama is the main character in this event, why don’t try to greet the other ladies? Everyone is desperate to get on your attention?」


「It would be impossible to get Christoph’s attention now」


「ho, so that rumour is true?」


「That rumour?」


「If I say last month, would Christoph-sama remember it?」


Aaa, the thing with Dorothy-sama・・・

Eh? It became a rumour?

Wait・・・No, I’m pretty embarrassed.


「・・・Since Christoph-sama can’t deal with the ladies, I’ll do something about it. You owe me one now, right? hahahaha」


Ignacio is royal knight academy’s 2nd year, someone at my age.

Moreover, he’s rumoured as someone that had the best talent from the founding of the academy, he’s being poached by the royal knight and the other nobles’ knighthood.

However, Ignacio’s real power isn’t only that.

I even secretly wish to make him one of my vassals.


「How amazing for someone that lean to have the title as the strongest knight」


Clara’s cheek redden a little while looking at Ignacio’s back.

Will I see the maiden side of Clara at this place?

Clara is already at the age, it’s no wonder that she’s fallen in love with someone handsome and have a promised future like Ignacio.


Speaking of which・・・Oh Pritz, since when were you there?

Your presence is too thin!


「Pritz, where’s Carla and Peron?」


「U, U~m, They’re there」


That’s it!

Appeal more of your presence!


Looking at the place pointed by Pritz, Carla and Peron’s parent are having a conversation like a close friend while the 2 near them.

Those 2 look down stepping aside Peron, Carla doesn’t have her usual momentum.