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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 81


081 Rampaging accoon 1


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I won’t deny that this chapter is one of my favourites! I really like this one, no doubt… look at how OP our MC is!…


oops, it’s in the next chapter…




The graduation ceremony is over.

My father and mother sat together in the honoured seat.

His majesty is also sat there and for some reason, ・・・Dorothy-sama is also graduating.


「Was Christoph-sama surprised?」


I thought that Dorothy-sama can do it, but for her to force the graduation.

Although I’m already expecting it, I pretend to be surprised.

Even so, Dorothy-sama’s body becoming more feminine each day, I’m looking forward to her future-gasp!


「Christoph-sama, I’m looking forward to the 15th-day Peerage ceremony」


「I am afraid that I’ll disappoint your majesty’s expectation」


「I don’t need the stiff greetings. Rather than that (visit Dorothy every day, since she looks lonely every day) best regard 」


His majesty whispered to me so that Dorothy-sama won’t hear it.


「Father, what’s talking about?」


「Aa, I told him that Dorothy is looking forwards to his peerage ceremony because she can meet with Christoph 」


「wh, what!」


「hahaha, Christoph, please take good care of yourself」


「Yes, your majesty」


His majesty left with Dorothy.

The escorts Jimnisu-aniue and Elizabeth-anesama will have a tough time, but, please do your best.


「come, we’ll return too」


「Christoph, let’s go」


Father, Mother, it’s alright but Chrysnan-anesama is surrounded by the underclassmen so much she can’t move・・・It mainly female students though・・・I’m not jealous okay!


It seems that Chrysnan-anesama realized us and going away from the underclassmen and joined with us.


「Thanks for your hard work」


「I really have struggled」


Chrysnan-anesama has decided to go to the castle to be an apprentice court magician in the middle of the 3rd month.

Chrysnan-anesama is an excellent magician, I think of giving her a robe to celebrate.

Father and Mother――including the other 2 in the side of the room――gave me a cane, Jimnisu-aniue and Elizabeth-anesama gave me a grimoire, An and my other 2 siblings gave me a robe.


The material of the robe came from strands of plants monster called freesia.

The robe is fire resistant even though it’s created from a plant-based monster.

Then crushing the magic stone within the monster and soak it in a thread thus making cloth from it to make a robe.

While I’m the one who’d make the cloth, Ann and the maids were the ones who makes the robe.

In addition, Elizabeth-anesama which now acts as his majesty’s escort has decided to get engaged at the 1st month and had her wedding in 11th month.

Elizabeth-anesama’s partner is Hebrew cud Zenger, Earl Zenger eldest son.

Hebrew said that he’s falling in love at first sight with big sister and seeking her hand in marriage, but father refused his confession because Earl Zenger is someone on the nobility’s group.

However, father accepts the marriage in the form of accepting the marriage of Hebrew and Elizabeth-anesama because of failed marriage after several years, though I think that mine and Dorothy-sama’s engagement influencing him.

It’d be bad that he need to announce the engagement of his 14 years old kid before the 18 years old Elizabeth-anesama, not to mention that she’d be a knight in spring.

Chrysnans-anesama is 15 years old but she’d be alright,





Thus on the 15th of the 2nd month, I’m crowned as a noble.

Still, I’m sweating bucket because of his majesty’s adlibs.


「Christoph von Bryutzels, thou art gave the name of Bryutois as your family name, and gave thou the title of Viscount」


「I’m honoured 」


I bow my head toward his majesty to thank him.

Bruteis is a name I took from the 『East』words to『is』and add『Brut』to the words. (TN: I took my privilege here to make some adlib and make the to became is, ブリュトイースはブリュト島が東にあることから『イースト』から『ト』を取って『ブリュト』にくっ付けただけなんだよ。The real sentences)

For someone without a naming sense, It’s a good name・・・I think,


「Viscount Bryuteis the supplies thou gave me has helped the front against the Bossam Empire in the east to take the advantage. As the rewards, I shall give you Cerbes territory region to you」



It’s my first time hearing that though?

Your majesty(You), what are you saying?

Moreover, when it comes to Cerbes region it should be land that should be under no development at all, a frontier within a frontier of the Bryutzels frontier, which is considered as a punishment rather than a reward.

The venue’s also a mess・・・Even the prime minister had his eyes swimming as if never heard of it.

Even father had a look as if saying, what the heck is this bastards saying.

I fully understand that this is an unexpected development.


Regarding the territory case this time, I can blatantly see the Plan of his majesty that eyeing my financial power this time.

By selling the product I get from the island through the firm, I’ve made a huge profit which his majesty was well aware of.

Which means, it was a message from his majesty to me that had a huge financial power to develop that remote area.

In case I succeed in developing the area it’d became additional strength towards the kingdom, and even if it fails, there won’t be any setback to the kingdom.

I’ll do it.


「・・・I am delighted to receive it」


I can’t refuse the reward I was given in public.

If I refuse it I shall be a hero・・・Though I’m a god.


「Umu.・・・I announce to everyone here. Viscount Bryuteis, the second son of Margrave Bryutzels, Viscount Christoph von Bruteis is engaged towards my daughter, Dorothy von Vandamme. ・・・Their wedding will be held at the 5th month next year.」


Engagement announcement.

Dorothy-sama also attending the ceremony diagonally behind his majesty, when I take a glance towards her, I can see that she’s looking good even though she’s looking down with red face.

Moreover, it’s still growing.

What’s still growing?

You know what I mean.


Still, although the engagement announcement is planned, the wedding should happen 2 years after Dorothy-sama reaches adulthood, his majesty himself must be the one pushed the wedding forward.

Even though I’m also 14 years old I don’t have the right to say it but, what do you plan to do to a 14 years old Dorothy-sama.

My father also didn’t say anything and eyeing me with part of his racoon persona.

They just do whatever they want.

Though it’s not a bad story for me and the Bryutzels house・・・Still, I’ll do em all.




There’s still another!


「I’ve heard plenty of time that Viscount Bryutois are great at making magic items, but he’s also great at magic. Can I see that power?」


His majesty is sneering while waiting for my answer.

My father and the prime minister which had heard nothing of it showing their exhausted expression.


What’s the purpose of this majesty(person)?


In term of standing as a noble, I’m an independent person from the royalist of the Brytuzels frontier front, so I won’t belong to the noble party.

Still, there should be no opposition towards me becoming a viscount.

If there’s any resistance in me, becoming a viscount, the other nobles children will also be opposed to receiving their peerage.

It’s because I’m the second son of the Bryutzels house which is not an exaggeration to say that it’s the largest. If even I can’t be a Viscount, then the other nobles can kiss the dirt to make their child receive a peerage.

The community of noble is something create based on profit, after all, it basically won’t give you or your children disadvantages.


Then what about my engagement with Dorothy-sama?

Even if I’m the second son, there’s no problem in my pedigree since in addition to the blood from Bryutzels house, my mother is someone from a marquis family.

Not to mention that despite being a princess Dorothy-sama’s percentage to inherit the throne is infinitesimally small, so there are no major obstacles to hinder our marriage.

The only concern is that I’m only a Viscount・・・Currently, the nobles’ party within this ceremony’s power are diminishing, and the ties between the Bryutzels house and the royal family are stronger.

Speaking of which, will a noble that think only the profit will think to let a strong wind enter his den to thoroughly destroy them because of the temptation of money?


For some other reason his majesty is being curious・・・I don’t want to think of his reason, but I can’t say no to him.


In addition to his majesty plan, I wonder what’s his plan is?

As expected, I don’t know.


Now then, how shall I answer him.

I took a look at father, but he gave a slight nod.

That’s a given up face.


「I had a little confidence in my magic. Even so, I’m just a young frog in a well s much that I’m feeling a little bit embarassed」

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