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087 Human Resource 2


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they’re excellent.

One of them is a dwarf that have an elf-like body and bearing a shield an unmatchable playboy, while the other one is a small hyuman that’s the best of the bunch weapon enthusiast.

They somehow feel a little bit unbalanced・・・ which part it is I wonder・・・


Ignacio von desirijem.

2m in height, even though he’s a dwarf he had a high stature, a person that’s best within a bunch that being title as Swords sage (..), he’s also a woman lover.

He already decided to become my vassal・・・that’s right, he also had a gift named 『Strength Sage』.

There’re skills held by the gift which is【Physical strengthening】、【Prudent one】、【 fondness of pleasure (Great men have great fondness for the sensual pleasures) 】((eiyuuirowokonomu) 英雄色を好む) 。

It might be because of his skill physical strengthening that enables a dwarf like him to have a tall height.

While the effect of Prudent one is him being prudent and thoughtful, which he’s able to see things objectively and utilize his intelligence and knowledge.

And what ‘s interesting is his fondness of pleasures.

This ability has the same use as the name implied, which is why he’s a playboy that thoughtfulness might be raised to take care of his numerous wives, and it seems he’d be stronger at night・・・what an enviable skill・・・nope, nothing.

And he seems to don’t know the gift of his.



Dragan von Gajes.

I always seek for a promising person to under the banner of Count Brutois.

He’s a weapon maniac that seek to become a blacksmith.

which isn’t unsurprisingly being denied by his father, which is Baron Gajes, and was thinking of becoming a kingdom’s knights because they’re the one holding a humongous amount of newest and best weapon.

Thus, the one that hold the chord of his interest is the tester of the latest metal Bryut firm had.

A tester is someone that held the confirmation of the items’ performance, a person that being involved by the creation of the item itself.

If a tester said that the item had a problem, they can even make the sales stopped and continue to develop the item from his feedback.


He wished for a job like that, and beg me for that position in the end.

It’s done as I wish.


「My lord sure is Evil」


「don’t say that, you make me shy」


Gale throw such a light straight towards me.

Aside from Dragan, I’ve also interviewed another 7 students.

Originally their skills are eyed by gale so, their skills are certain, but 3 of them deemed as failed since they think too highly of a noble.

They should do some research about me before talking about how noble their pure aristocratic bloodline and such.

If I’m not wrong there’s an idiot that had the same nuance towards me・・・and, what’s his end?

Well, whatever.


「now that you mention it, do you remember that Baron Bells that blockade the road towards Sijaac with bandits the other day?」


Gale suddenly throws a question.


「N~・・・aah, I remember. If I’m not wrong, he should be house arrested?」


I remembered once after that day that I’m being brought to the legal office to answer a question.


「yes, my son was trying his best to asked the people around to understand the situation, but a few days ago it was decided that aside from aborting his title, his property will also be confiscated」


Baron Bells will be punished by having his nobility title severed and his territory along with confiscation of his territory and property.

As long as this decree descends, Baron bells territory and property will be confiscated turning his descendant pale.

Between punishment, this is one of the heaviest of all.


「that’s it?」


I think it’s normal to have such a punishment, aside from using the bandits to harm the innocent commoner and the travelling merchant along with the traveler, they also harassing margrave bryutzels house territory.

I don’t think there’d be any room for sympathy.


「that son of his , Berga, I heard that he’d a grudge against my lord, so I thought that I need to making sure my lord will know」


Resentment huh.

If you have one, you should put it towards your stupid father, but should a stupid father has a stupid son?

There’s no way it is, I think it’d be blamed towards the environment the child born and raised.

Even if the father a bad apple, as long as the mother and those in his surrounding are good, there’d be a high possibility that the child would have a good personality.

Of course, there’d be another unknown reason to add.

「fumu, so that Belga had a grudge towards me, and what do you think he’ll do?」


「I don’t know, but we need to keep attention in what Belga will do」


「no matter what belga do, don’t lose any evidence against him」




Sigh, what a troublesome thing during such a busy schedule.

That’s right, isn’t it the time to proceed with that personal affair?







Yep, we’ve arrived at the Royal magic academy.

I don’t need to say what I’d do here, as you can see it’s securing human resource.

Royal magic Academy is my almamater so I had a good reputation here.


「it’s been a while, Bloom-sensei」


「 Long time no see, Bloom-sensei」


「I’m honored to meet you, Count Brutois. So should say so? Also, long time no see Knight Carla」


Since it’s an interview for the mages, I bring Carla along with Gale.


「please stop. When Bloom -sensei talk like that spear will rain down」


「is that so, then I’ll talk like normal. Still, to think that a problem child will become a fine man after not seeing them for a while sure is surprising」


Is that problem child me?

No way~, I’ve never had a problem (..).

Bloom-sensei doesn’t hesitate to cast a grin at me like he usually do.


「by the way, what about our talk the other day?」


「haven’t I refused it?」


「is that so, but if you had a change of decision, please call me. Bloom-sensei will always be welcomed」


「which is why I refuse them. I don’t think that I can live by being ordered by you」


I’m scouting Bloom-sensei as the count of Brutois.

I think that he’s an important resource to take care of the mages.

He might think that’d be awkward to work under his student, so I’ll do my best to solicit him.

Aside from Bloom-sensei, recruiting the student also had a high priority so I will proceed to that topic.

Today’s interviewees are 6.

The interview today will be done by Carla with Gale as the personality judge.

Speaking of which, I judge the interviewer’s personality and quality.

While their quality didn’t need to be high, their personality shouldn’t lack.

Well, there’s not many that showing off their family’s traits, but because some more competent than the other, they’d sometime showing off their ancestry to appeal to their superior.


6 people came to the venue, which is the interview room.


「please tell us your name and special attributes」


The students from the left answered Carla’s question.


「I’m the third son of Count Endberg, Henry cud Enberg. I’m honored to meet count Brutois and wish to have a good relationship」


「you only need to answer the question Given」


「wha・・・my specialty attributes is Advanced Grade Fire・・・」


Carla answered him with a rude (……) remark.

I don’t like this kind of guy, so it’s great.

Carla originally eyeing 6 person and 1 refused because they are the firstborn, and thinking to succeed the house. So, there’s only 5 to interview in the plan, but this Henry, which already denied wished to disrupt the interview no matter what.

When I look towards Bloom-sensei which sat in the interview room, I can see his ‘I don’t like this family’ on his expression.

If you don’t think on the time and place where you used the name of your house, you’d be thought as an incompetent so you should think before you talk.


「I’m Hermes Cud Crimson. I’ve got Advanced Wind and Fire attributes」


Hermes is a beautiful elf.

Although her breast is the template disappointing one, she had beautiful appearance and a good look that can be branded as a lovely girl.


「mi name is・・・Frier, ma, my attribute is・・・Lig, advanced grade Light・・・」


Hahahaha, the 3rd person, Frier, was nervous and stuttering.

She looks younger than her age・・・heck, she looks like a little girl.

Still, the things that needed to stand out, standing out proudly, which actually was within my strike zone・・・

More importantly his height and ages didn’t match・・・if this is continued, a lolibaba won’t be a dream!


I will continue, well, as expected Henry’s not here.

The other 5 don’t have any problem with me, as expected of those chosen by Bloom-sensei.

After that, Gale’s and Carla’s opinion comes.


「Hermes is good, and Henry is a bad one. While Frier is still ambiguous. Would she be able to exterminate monsters and quell an uprising well?」


「I felt that the girl Frier had a potential・・・however, potential alone can’t be trusted, so I have no concrete reason・・・」


Certainly, Frier doesn’t have the talent to introduce herself.

I mean, she might not even know the ability she had.


「if Gale say so, I can trust her. Let’s hire all of them aside from Henry, which makes us have 5 as planned. 」


The rest of thing were taken care of by Carla and Bloom-sensei, while I was taking a walk in the school.

Since I’m free, I decided to take a walk and have inspection, but there’s no hidden event or whatsoever.

It’s kinda disappointing but I had no more free time, so I go back to the room.

As soon as I walked in, there’s Bloom-sensei along with the 5 interviewed hires, thanking me.


「pleased to work with you for the next year. Also, since we’ve all in the same age, there’s no need to be so formal with me」


『Thank you very much!』「tha, thankcyu・・very much・・・」


Being late a tempo, Frier stuttered again and bite her tongue, she was so embarrassed her eyes filled with tears.

Thanks to that, Bloom-sensei strictly scold her