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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 93


093 Adventurer’s Guild


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to the north of Eastwood, there’s Rune labyrinth where the adventurers go and out of there every day.

This labyrinth is the same dungeon as the one hid in Sijäc’s abandoned mine and was relocated by me.

In other words, it was a place where I was in charge of as the dungeon master, and being managed by Bluel.

Now it was already grown to a 23 layered dungeon where the variety of the monsters ranged between E ranked monsters to EX ranked monsters at the top.


Furthermore, since there are many kinds of rare monsters in the labyrinth, the materials obtained from the monsters are traded at a high price.

Which means It was one of the best ones in the world.


「――――which is why I want to set a guild branch in here and contribute to the development of Eastwood」


A man named Chester(セスター) was dispatched by the adventurer guilds’ from the Royal Capital of the Holy Kingdom Vandamme, he enthusiastically wants to set up a branch of Adventurer Guild in Eastwood.

This nervous Chester with a characteristic of his glasses seems to be a heavyweight in the Adventurer Guild’s royal capital’s branch, but it had nothing to do with me.


「 I believe I’ve already said that I’m uninterested in this matter the other day, am I?」


「our Adventurer guilds is an organization that not only had its links within the Holy kingdom but also all over the central continent. Which means, there won’t be any disadvantage over Count Brutoise」


「it’s not a matter between advantage or disadvantage, but there’s already an explorer guild that had the same purpose as the Adventurer guild within this city, which make the Adventurer guilds unnecessary」


「I beg your pardon but, the Explorer guild is an organization that only works within Brutoise area, and didn’t have the nationwide networks as Adventurer guilds do, so it’s an excellent organization. We promise to give you a supply of superior adventurers within the premise of Eastwood」

「I’m sorry to say this, even though you’ve already come all the way here but, I can’t allow adventurer guilds in my territory」


The reason why I refused the adventurer guilds so decisively because of the reason for this land’s past.

In the first step of Eastwood’s creation, I’ve spoken to many of the smaller guilds as well as the bigger ones.

The blacksmith, merchant, and the adventurer’s guilds are naturally within the list of the one I asked to make a branch in Eastwood.

While others’ agreed to create at least a branch there, only the adventurer’s guild was blatantly rejecting the proposal to even create a branch guild there.

It’s a famous story where the security within this land is destitute and monsters roam around without the guards of the private force of the noble, and largely left for the adventurers’ to take care.

Thus, I asked the adventurer guild several times to asked for their cooperation only to be denied.


Thus, I started to think that it’d be better to create my own guild, the explorer guild.

Ben azkas, who came under me after I became a count, and he that had already become an adventurer and once been a staff of the guild, served under me.

Taking advantage of Ben’s experience, he became the first guild master of the explorer guild.

Thanks to that I need to fund the organization and built the management system of the guild, but no effort aside from that was required.

Still, I was responsible to launch the explorer guild’s cost, which makes me cut the spending on another project.

I’ve spent a large amount of money and incentives of benefits to gathering explorers, and I’ve only just recently started it, there’s no way I’d let adventurer guild enter the stage!

For that reason, I refuse the adventurer guilds and deny any adventurer to work here, and only accept explorer. I’ve no intention to let the adventurer guild make profits here in my territory!

I’ve already received the permit from his majesty (the raccoon) and grandmaster of the adventurer guilds, along with their signature, so I’m afraid that they’ve got no way to overturn me.


「count Brutois, it’s bad to have that stubborn attitude. There are many groups that had a close relationship with ours」


Hoo, you’re trying to threaten me.

If you’re trying to make a fight with me, let me play with you.

I wanted to have a relaxed life, but I don’t want to let those that have power brandishing theirs as they wanted to.

Heck, I’ll make those that try to disrupt my chillin’ life be wrecked.

Ah, I will crush it to smithereens.


I received a document from Fillia and read them.


「I see, then let’s have the adventurer guilds bear the cost of the creation of Explorer guilds of 1.28 billion S, and the promotion to attract the explorer of 330 million S」




「in addition to the cost, I would like them to have to pay all the staff within the explorer guild to be reimbursed with their minimum current treatment, and the time I spent to create the Explorer guild will naturally be added within the cost.」


「I think that’s too expensive・・・」


Chester squints his eyes thinking that we’ve lied.

Please, get more anxious.


「I create the organization from the scratch. Isn’t the amount should be within the lower end?」




In the end, Chester denies my request.

Well, they must be thinking that they won’t get any benefit if they really need to bear the cost, and I did put a request that will make them certainly deny to bear.

Of course, the adventurer guilds can bear the cost if they really put their mind to do it.

But, to tell you the truth, the staff of the Explorer guilds was paid more than the adventurer guilds, which of course, the adventurer guild will refuse to continue the treatment as it is.

Chester glared at me for a bit and left from the door opened by Fillia.

I won’t care less by the glare, but bear it in mind of any retaliation in case you try anything funny with your adventurer guild, Chester-san.


「Fillia, don’t let him pass in front of me anymore, and tell me as soon as possible in case there’s any obstruction from the Adventurer guild」


「I understand」






My father contacted me that Saint Orion Nation has moved.

The order of Saint Orion has moved about 120.000 troops centered around the saint cross with an approximate number of 1500 ships.

The number of the advanced troops has been grasped, so there’d be no surprises.

On the other hand, the southern Vandamme noble’s alliance will send 1100 ships along with 100 thousand troops.

The one that organizes the allied force is my father, the southern Governor.

I will be the one to take commands on his behalf.

More importantly, because I lacked the experience in commanding the army, the ones that really commanding the troops were Federer and General Orashio von Clion (オラーショ・フォン・クリオンス).

It’s like I’m the one steering it all.

Orazio who’s being entrusted with margrave’s army was given a rank of Viscount, as the head branch of Bryutzels.


「how about that’s preparation?」


「it can be deployed at any moment」


With a call from my father, Federer answered the question briefly as the representatives from the count Bruteis.


「how about the supplies situation?」


「we have 10 magic bags that can deal with the supply of 100 thousand people」


Deliman, the bear beastman that was under Ud is the one in charge of supply answered my question.

It’s only been a while since he was left with supply management, but he has already done really well in such a short time.

There’s a large warehouse under the castle of Eastwood, there, a large amount of supply was being stored.

I was collecting troops from various parts of the Holy Kingdom Vandamme, and I want to keep the development of the Brut island as confidential as possible.

If his majesty (the raccoon) knows the development of the island, he’s annoying. So, I’d like to keep it a secret for the time being.

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