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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 95

095 Orion’s Setting Sun 2


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the first battle was an encounter between the recon unit of the Kipron Kingdom’s army and the coalition of the southern nobles’ alliance, which is the advanced unit of the St. Orion nation in the entrance of Zilpen Lake.

The unit escapes upon the first sight of course.

They ran because there’s no way the 3 Kipron army’s unit can win against the more than 100 of the alliance.

Still, there’s a damage because the southern lords’ rushed to battle immediately, it’s only a small damage though.

The same also happened to the Kipron’s though, of course, because neither was serious, both of the ships withdrawing.


「the Nation’s army were currently in the Kirbas river at the tip of the of Lake Zilpen」


The skirmishes suddenly happened thrice already, and there’s a death within the alliance.


「we might have an all-out war tomorrow morning」


The meeting of the military nobles is occurred.

Sat on the central was Christoph, Count Bethes on his left, and his right side there sat the one in charge of the Margrave Bryutzels army Orasho von Klions.

Within the male nobles, there’s Carla that act as Christoph’s vassal.

Since Carla’s a knight, she’s seated in the last row, while Pritz and Peron was in a separate room.

By the way, Clara was left to take care of the mansion in the capital and complained a lot,「why am I the only one left here!?」.


「since it’s kinda dry here, let’s be the one to take a head start!」


At Christoph’s words, the room suddenly became boisterous.


「Count Bruteis, what do you mean by that?」


Count Bethes asked the question on behalf of the others.


「it’s as the words said. For now, let’s make the Nation in chaos」


Christoph claps his hands, and the door within the rooms opened.

The one entered was Fillia and Lilia.

Both of them didn’t come empty handed, but bringing trays that was covered with a cloth catches the eyes of the nobles.

Lilia and Fillia put the trays in front of Christoph and took the cloth before stand behind Christoph.

Although Lilia was a Dwarf she had a title called『The worlds’ sword saint』, even Christoph’s grandfather has always said that 「it surpass even me」often.

Still, although she’s had a small stature because of her race, she had a power level unimaginable towards mankind.


「・・・That is?」


It’s unknown who’s saying that.

When Christoph picked the object on the tray, he raised a corner of his mouth and looked over to all the nobles within.


「This is a『Warp Bracelet (転移の腕輪)』. The person that used the bracelet will be warped to the enemy’s main base, ah. There’s no need to worry for their safety, since the person using it will be warped back when 30 minutes passed, back to Zilpen fort .」




I’ve received a shocked reply.


「in other words, you can rampaging around the enemy’s center. Then, be back after 30 minutes.」




「it’s a surprise attack and immediate withdrawal strategy, or harassment. There’re 10 bracelet, 2 which my subordinate will have. The other 8 will be given to you lords. You can choose anyone that want to volunteer to initiate the surprise attack unit」


There’s a few seconds of silence.


「aaahahahahaha! As expected of young master! Interesting! Let me participate in the surprise attack!」


It was the Knight Azban that answered after having a loud laugh.

In this room, there are 2 more women aside from Lilia and Fillia, along with Carla .

One of them is Knight Azban, a red haired female knight sitting next to Carla.

Knight Anastasia Cud Azban (アナスターシャ・クド・アズバン), she’s a knight hired by the Bryutzels margrave’s family, served the family for more than 30 years. She’s likely in the age of upper 40s, having a good sword skill and clerical ability.

Christoph grandfather, Gores von Bryutzels (ゴーレス・フォン・ブリュトゼルス) see the talents, even though she’s a woman, he knighted her and she show her talent plenty times in the war.

Her mastery in swords is among the top 10 within the house of Bryutzels, and she is a great master.

In addition, Knight Azban is 188cm with a bulky body even though she’s a woman. She’s been trained Christoph several times after he was reincarnated, after he thought to improve his physical strength and been calling Christoph young master ever since.

In other word, she’s the same war idiot like Gores.


「ana is still the same huh. That’s right, let’s give rewards to the other 8 participants aside from my subordinate. This shall be the rewards」


Ana is Anastasia, it’s what she forcibly told him to call her when they trained with swords, and for Christoph it’s a good? Memory.

Thus, Christoph put 3 rings on the desk.


「These are hero-grade magic class rings that I created『Grand Arm Ring』『Gale Ring』『Iron wall Ring』, let’s gave them to the best 3」


After Christoph’s announcement of the rings, all the other lords started to race to participate.

Christoph grin in his mind, when he sees the cash eyes within the lords.

Still, the reason why the lords participate in the war is because of they’re eying the Hero-grade magic item as the rewards.

The value of a Hero-grade magic item like those rings are definitely a heirloom-like thing, that can be calculated in those lords’ eyes.

It’s just that there’s only 10 pieces of warp rings, that makes it first come first serve.

There’s too many that wanted to participate but, since the number of warp rings are limited let’s choose from the first one to raise their hands in order to avoid some confusion.


「once again, there’d be no guarantee on your life since it’s a warp towards the center of the enemy’s camp. Once you back, you’d be a hero, but your death will be a wasteful death」


(Anastasi Cud Azban) アナスターシャ・クド・アズバン:The head knight of Azban

(Freidrich Cud Sevis) フリードリッヒ・クド・セバイス:Head knight of Sevis

(Amreida Cud Blem) アムレイザ・クド・ブレム:Head Knight of Blem

(Ureimonen Restos) ウレイモネン・レストス:Count Bethes’s grandson(a child of Count Bethes’s third daughter who married a branch family)

(Logiburd Axom) ロジブリ・アクスム:Count Fordon’s Vassal

(Razor Highriff) レイザー・ハイリフ: a borrowed knight from Vsicount Vanes.

(Kuzan Attenborough) クザント・アッテンボロー:Baron Volims’ vassal

(Aleksei Jin) アレクセイ・ジン:Dawson Knights Vassal


With 8 of these, along with Filia and Lilia, aare the 10 member of the assault team.


「there’s no need to have any plans. We will reward those that cut into the enemy’s camp and cut as many people as possible. Also, a head of the officer, the higher their rank is the better the rewards will be. The main purpose of the assault is to harass the enemy, think of the rewards as a bonus. Well, it’s a free event, so rampage as much as you want」


Christoph intend to make the 8 people to compete effectively and confuse the enemy within their camp, gaining fame and receiving a Hero-grade magic items. There’s no way they won’t be inspired.


「huh, Federer-san isn’t coming?」


「there are 2 more people that’s stronger than me in the count Bruteis’ territory」


Federer answered Anna, Anastasia Cud Azban with a bitter smile.

They’re comrades once in the same knights’ army, and Federer is under the tutelage of the demon Instructor Anna.


「E~, those girls are stronger than you?」


「yes, those 2 are definitely a genius that will shock anna-dono」


「I’m looking forwards to it」


Federer recalls.

Although it’s only in a spar, Lilia was already able to overpowered Goresu.

And that Lilia had an equal skill with Fillia in sword, but Fillia’s specialty lies in her spear, and using that she can overwhelm Lilia.


Although Anna was a war idiot, she’s by means a muscle brain.

Therefore, when she sees the 2 girls, she already knows that they’re not one to belittle, and hearing Federer’s words, it’s turned to conviction.


「how amusing, as expected following young master is the best choice」


Anna was being graced as she was raised as a knight by Gores, which is why she refrained from leaving the Bryutzels house to Bruteis.

Although Christoph is still the grandson of Goresu, and it should be alright for her to follow him, she refrained from doing so.

And the one that gave a bitter smile towards the fretting Anna is Federer.


The surprise attack will be carried in the evening after the sun goes down, so each camp needed to prepare.

Only 10 will be warped to the enemy camps, and back after 30 minutes.

Within this meager 30 minutes, they need to defeat as many enemies as possible.

Of course, as there’s only 10 people the possibility of death in vain is also there, as they can be lynched by the number of enemies.

And apart from Christoph’s plan, Carla also gave another order planned