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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai General Sevan’s Melancholy 2

065.8 General Sevan’s melancholy 2


This is an interlude I believe since there’s no chapter inside, so I tag it as 65.8… well, it may be changed in the future, but I at least had already given you the notice.


Well, I can say it again that… Brennan senior and Junior is really a pig of a teammate… their entourage makes the pigs even better than them…


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General Sevan is forced to make a decision.

If this continued the silly nobles from the western governor banner which had been robbed of their provision will continue to play in the castle, and emptied a large amount of food within 5 days. ( Thank you for reading this at

Originally there’s a provision for 60 days, but those foolish nobles diminished it.


Those bossam empire troops will leave in about a few weeks.

in the first place, since it’s a defence game, the one with the upper hand is the soldier defending fort verdez, the foes should already be exhausted by the time they reach the fort.


「Gosh, if you want to battle in the field why can’t you bring all the soldiers out・・・」


The soldiers that western nobles had is over 150 thousand.

General Sevan thought, that if there are 100 thousand soldiers at least, he won’t oppose the field battle.

However, the nobles held their hand and bring only about 60 thousand.

General Sevan stopped laughing when he thinks about those people which advocating a field combat battle.


Bossam empire’s main force is their cavalry, which named as the number 1 on the continent.

It’s a foolish idea to battle against bossam empire with the same number of troops.

Of course, if there’s no other option General Sevan would choose to battle in the field. HOWEVER, this is a defensive battle which had a fortress called verdez which is hard to attack and easy to protect. There’s no option which better than leaving the soldier to meet their demise.


「What’s about the reinforcement?」


A commander who waits for a reinforcement who may not come must make a tightrope decision.

In case a reinforcement didn’t come and the provision is empty, the soldiers’ strength will lessen.

Before that happen, the commander needs to make a decision whether it’s withdrawing, attacking, or surrendering.


「It’s about time the reinforcement came」


There’s no change in the situation since there’s no way to receive information because the Empire’s troop surrounded the fort.


Meanwhile, Western noble which irritated by General Sevan’s response was preparing for another field battle.

It became a situation which General Sevan can’t handle anymore.


「In any case if you want to suicide do it as soon as possible so that the provision can last longer」


The one who said this is Vice-captain of the Black army, General Bitas.

The one brings trouble in the first place is those under the banner of the Western Governor, along with the person himself, Marquis Brennan whose bringing most of the provision within the chaos. And the irony, which the provision is lost during their defeat.

General Sevan knows General Bitas feeling but, he can’t swear like the latter.


「Those people fear more of their loss than the fact that Fort Verdez has a lack of provision. Especially that western Governor」


「In addition, I don’t really want to think about supporting those from the empire」


「It’s not something that rare」


As expected General Sevan can’t rebuke this.


The next day, the nobles left the fort once again and challenge the empire’s troops in a field battle.

The empire has a lower number of troops against the western alliance’s which suddenly appeared from the southern gate because of the siege.

The empire’s troop which surround the gate is 10 thousand whereas the number of troops the western alliance had is 35 thousand, with triple the amount enemy had, the break out battle commenced.






With an overwhelming number, the alliance made the empire troops retreated.





「Don’t break the formation! Retreat in order!」


As the general of Bossam Imperial army, General Culm calmly ordered the soldiers to retreat after being attacked by the Kingdom’s army.

However, this retreat was planned from the beginning in order to separate the kingdom’s army as far as possible from the fort.

Thus, after holding up for a while another unit will outflank the kingdom’s army.

「The enemies’ soldier had low morale, Don’t rush! Just do it as we trained!」


General Culm is an experienced warrior, he’s someone that raised from a commoner class into what he had now, because of his merit.

Which is why, this kind of battle he’d experienced plenty of them.

As a lowborn, commoner, General Culm often time meet with the noble-born soldier. He therefore sent to many deadly places in order to survive the war. For him, a large number but low morale troops from the kingdom is a piece of cake.


「Lower the left-wing a little」


The messenger has been sent for several times, as the kingdom reacted exactly the same as General culm’s scenario.


「It’s easier than I thought. Have they realized that they’ve been led by us all along?」


「You overthink it. The unsophisticated movement from the army is probably not because of the military’s fault, but out of the command of the western Governor Marquis Brennan」


This time, Bossam Empire had already prepared 7 armies to take control of the eastern region.

And the 5th Army General is General Culm.

This 5th army General is assisted by General Iidzuka.

General Iidzuka is also from the commoner class and already assisted General Culm for 4 years.


「If general says so, it must be so」


General Iidzuka is resourceful, he’s been able to overcome many troubles that block their way, and General Culm trusts his ability. (Thanks for reading this at

Seeing the situation, there’s no one more adept than General Iidzuka.


General Culm cleverly lures the Sacred Kingdom Vandamme’s army to attack the 5th troops, which in turn bait the Western Governor’s noble’s union army which is led by marquis Brennan. And pincer them, to make a devastating damage.

However, General Sevan thought of using this chance as an opportunity to devastate the Empire’s army further.

In addition, because of the Black army’s interference, the union’s enabled to witdrawn barely, but there’s plenty of nobles being killed.