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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter Peron’s Side

Peron side1


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My dad runs a restaurant called『Restaurant Cook』in the sacred Kindgom Vandamme.

Dad’s store is famous in the capital as the store that kept the customer.

I’m proud of my father.


Thanks to my father’s hardwork, I don’t need to trouble myself with money and able to get myself to the prestigious Royal magic Academy.

In order to meet my father’s expectation, I hope to graduate from the academy and get hired by a noble, thus became a magician, however, since life would always had turns, whenever there’s break, I’d always help my father in the restaurant and cook.


On the day of the entrance ceremony, I had a fateful encounter.

The one sat next to me, a beautiful faced person which seemingly of a wealthy free citizen family―――That person had such a beautiful face so much that not any girl can passed it, but that person wore a man’s clothing―――The student was a boy.


I greet him thinking that he was the same free citizen as me.


「I’m Peron Cook. Nice to meet you」


「I am Christoph von Bryutzels. Nice to meet you」


From his introduction, I realize he’s a noble.


「Eh, lord noble?」


There’s a big gap between commoner class and free citizen towards a noble class.

There’s plenty of cases where someone my age from the commoner class disgracing someone on the noble class, then had various difficulties and crush their own house.

Thereofore, when I called out to him and realize he’s someone from noble class I end up thinking「oh dear」.


「For the time being though, I’m a noble」


「I’m sorry, to talk to you」


Apologizing before being troubled.

The only thing I can do is this.


「I don’t mind. It’s not like I can look down on you just because you’re someone from the lower caste. Don’t hesitate to treat me well. I can call you Peron right? I wish for you to call me chris if you want to」


As expected that I can’t call him chris・・・


「I don’t mind being called Peron. But I can’t call a noble with that nickname・・・」


「Then, Christoph is fine too. Best regards Peron」


He speaks frankly towards me.

And I said something impossible to him.


「Yes, best regards. Christoph-kun」


Oh gawd!

How could I call him Christoph-kun, how shameless of me.

I look towards Christoph-sama’s face with sweat ridden face.

But, he treats me with a smile.


After that, we met with Carla.

Carla is also a nobles, but she treat me normally like Christoph-kun.

Carla is a bright and cheerful beautiful girl unlike me.

I also being invited to form a party by that Carla and Christoph kun. She also created a clan called『MImaker』with us.

In that clan too, that I meet with nobles twin, Clara and Pritz, which although it’s rude, unlike nobles. But they definitely are noble siblings.


When I realize it, I’ve been surrounded by nobles, and all four of them treated me normally, so I think that I’ve made a good friend.


Later did I know that Christoph-kun is the second son of the southern governor Margrave Bryutzels which is said to be second only in power towards the royal family, and I understand that his ability, sorcery, and talent in magic is even better than the court magician.

He’s over spec, but I wonder why the person himself didn’t realize that.

For whatever the reason is, I feel like Christoph-kun is someone you can’t abandon.


Clara and Pritz are twins but the had the opposite personality to each other, Clara is someone bright and careless while Pritz is someone that cautious and thoughtful.

Clara might look like the one to pull Pritz along wherever, but he actually control her well.


I think that Carla and Clara had a similar personalities, but unlike Clara, Carla feels had more leadership and taking care of everyone more, while she’s bright she shows weakness to no one.

She’s a kind girl that take care of everyone, she’s a girl that hides while helping everyone.

Then I am attracted to her, and she’s accepting me.







Christoph-kun seems to defeat a water god called Yamata no Orochi at the Sijac mine on our summer vacation, and open up to us and said that he became a god because of that.

The person himself oversimplified the thing happened, but it’s so amazing that I once again thought that he’s an over spec.


The already god Christoph-kun gave me his divine protection.

I’m not the only one received the Divine protection, Pritz, Carla, and Clara also get them.

Christoph is god called God of Magic (God Magi), and he’s a god specialized in creating magic item.

It might be because of the blessing of the so called god, I can make different kinds of magic item just by thinking of it, and the way to make them is coming out from my mind.


In the academy, thanks to Christoph-kun tutoring, I am able to get an advanced credits from many subjects, and able to pass through the advanced dungeon.

Then, on some day, my homeroom teacher Bloom-sensei told me to graduate.

The one told to graduate isn’t only me, but also Christoph, Carla, Pritz and Clara.

Still there’s a problem.

I didn’t expect to graduate within a year in the academy, so I still yet to have a job.

Originally the employment is decided at the 11th month and 3 month before it to finalize them, but we’re told at the 12th month・・・There’s no good employment left anymore.


「What should we do? It’s troubling to be told that so suddenly, I’ve yet to have any preparation」


Carla had the problem, the same as me, Pritz, and Clara.


「Carla, We’ve all got the same problem. Ah, Christoph-kun got Bryut Firm and receive a territory recently right?」


「Peron, What I’ve got is a land not the territory」


「It’s the same. That’s right, why don’t Christoph just hire us?」


Clara’s words decided our course.


「I also thought the same, as long as it’s not troubling Christoph」


Although Pritz deny Clara’s words, he showered Christoph with a hopeful gaze.

As the result, Christoph hired the 4 of us.


Thus I learnt that・・・

We knew that Christoph is not normal all this time but, we all saw that on Bryut Island・・・

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