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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter politic side 2


Politic Dispute side 2


ED: Bullistic

TN: Tried translation for the first time. (Puru) I do some make-up in the translation~ and change some of it (ChronaZero)

CZN: it should be before the fireworks chapter, but, well, you know~ anyway, please enjoy!


Those who were dressed up in ostentatious garments looked glamorous and created an elegant air around themselves.

Among them, a silent man who had a mantis-like face with his elevated eyes sat at the head seat in the seating order of the table.

「This situation is a grave matter for the Sacred Kingdom Van Damme. I have to report that our strength has dropped significantly and we cannot afford the responsibility for the mismanagement of our inception.」

More than 20 people were sitting on both sides of the long table, but the man who made this remark was the giant sitting in the middle seat on the left side, as seen from the head seat.

「I believe that the statement from the military is the best!」

The one backing the Military’s Ministry of Affair’s secretary remark was another man with a big stature, Viscount Severn, one of the prominent General of this Sacred Kingdom Van Damme.

The giant man called as the Military’s Ministry of Affair’s secretary is Earl Airbus (Eabasu) Cud Tomrosski.

Earl Tomrosski is a muscle-daruma in charge of the military affairs of the Sacred Kingdom Van Damme. His Title corresponds to The Minister of Defense in Modern Japanese terms. (TNCZ: Daruma is a doll, which consists of all wood… while muscle daruma is a person that looks like a person that full of muscle, Imagine a bodybuilder in this case)

Although he looks like a muscle-daruma, he is proficient in military arts not just martial arts and is an excellent superior.

General Severn is a Senior General of the Kingdom’s Army, the Armed Forces of the Sacred Kingdom Van Damme. Though, he is unlikely to lead the army personally on the front line.

Both are from the King faction and allies of the frontier’s Margrave Bryutzels.

「Well, wait for a bit. You should discuss how to prepare for the advancement of the Bossham Empire rather than pursuing responsibility. Mr.Jijan could you tell us Bossam Empire’s strength?」

「Yes, Bossam Empire brought their army to their imperial capital. Their troops are between 50.000 to 70.000 in number. However, it’s unknown whether they will direct their army to our country or not. I think that we will know about that sooner or later.」

As soon as the number be spoken, the room becomes noisy.

The Bossam Empire is 1 of the 4 major powers on the continent located on the

west side of the Sacred Kingdom Van Damme.

Although it possesses the most strength among the four major powers, it is bordering with the St. Orion Principality of the same four major countries and the Sacred Kingdom Van Damme which is constantly in disputes with these two countries.

The armies are known for their strength and in particular, their cavalry is said to be the strongest.

「As per His Majesty’s decree, we have the Kingdom’s Army from the vicinity stationed

emperor-class to our border with the Bossam Empire. But the strength of the Kingdom’s Army only amounts to 15,000. We need 50,000 more to cope with this.」

「Let’s give this opportunity to Marquis Brennan to rebuild his honor」

「Fumu, in order to rebuilt Marquis Brennan honor who made a rare Emperor-class magic item into a child’s toy and got broken, he needs not only to fight for His Majesty by offering all his troops and supplies. He should be able to take some land from Bossam Empire and give it to His Majesty. Otherwise, he shouldn’t think of recovering from the blunder of that day」(CZTN: remember the battle between Bakabon and Christoph? It seems the item is an Emperor-class item… how extravagantly useless against our MC that is huahahah)

「That’s it. Surely, His Majesty will give his forgiveness with that」

「For Marquis Brennan which treats an Emperor-class magic item as children’s toys surely can deal with Bossam Empire without any complications.」(CZTN: damn, these nobles pressure bakabon’s father easily like that… I don’t give any pity to him though)

Marquis Brennan being pressed on mercilessly harsh words after another.

Marquis Brennan tried to kill Christoph during Warner’s duel.

As the lastEmperor-classMagic Item was entrusted to Warner. Not only had Warner failed but also the rare Emperor-class Magic Item had been destroyed.

Marquis Brennan himself has never imagined that the Magic Item would ever be destroyed at such a stage. This was an unprecedented event for Marquis Brennan himself.

Levels of Magic are derived from the following classes: – Junior class, Intermediate class, Advanced class, Hero class, King class, Emperor class, Overlord class, Spirit class and God class.

There are about 3 out of 10 people who are born with the aptitude for magic. And among them, most have an attribute aptitude of only Lower or Junior class and Intermediate class magic.

It is said that only 1 in 10 within the people with the aptitude for magic would be born with the aptitude for the Advanced-grade/class. And it has been said that those with the aptitude of the Hero or the Royal class can are born only once in a few decades, and those who had the aptitude of the Emperor and Overlord classes are the talks of legends of a bygone era and myths. (TNCZ: Well, know we know that MC is amazingly disgusting time ticking bomb…)

The possession of a magic item over the Hero level or even the Emperor level is managed by the Royal Family. The only exception to who owned such items outside the Royal Family was the household of Marquis Brennan and the household of Marquis Fendel, whom each had one.

One Emperor Class-Item can destroy a country; hence such strict management is in place. So even households like the Margrave Bryutzels who are of the 1st or 2nd most prominent aristocracies of the Sacred Kingdom Van Damme living on the frontiers are prohibited from possession of such items. (CZTN: but… but… there’s a magician which has god level aptitude in there lol… the Christoph can destroy a planet with his aptitude rotfl)

The responsibility of Marquis Brennan who had been allowed of possessing such a rare and precious magic item to manage is serious, and should not be given so lightly to a child to play with.

However, Marquis Brennan gave the rare Emperor-class Magic Item to a child to counter offense Margrave Bryutzels of the frontier territory, and with his mismanagement had gotten it destroyed.

Originally such actions are not permissible. In other words, that Marquis Brennan was in dire straits and no one present would defend him.

No matter how important his position in Noble’s faction, for using an Emperor-class Magic item as a child’s toy, moreover, breaking it, it’s enough for him to lose face.

As a result, Marquis Brennan had to put all his military and financial strength to defend and conquer a land from the Bossam Empire. If he failed this, then without a doubt Marquis Brennan’s home will fall down, and this is a fact that everyone understands.

This too is a fact that the related person, Marquis Brennan also understands.

(TN: woah… the sea is so deep, that my eyes were opened so wide… seriously… Author need to give us more of this perspective to understand it more… but, translating this is too much of a hassle, since there’s too many kanji here… orz)