1st day of the 1st month in Sacred Calendar, a boy was born in the territory of Bryunhil of Bryutzels’ Margrave house.

Although  Bryutzels’ territory is known as a frontier territory,  they have flourished population.
Those were the result from Lords which had led the area for many generations, Promoting Cultivation, Reclamation, and development, due to that, it’s also known as the Granary of SacredKingdom Vandamme.

Not only that, there’s also rare ore mines and industries, Which create Bryutzels margrave’s territory prosperous.

That Bryutzels frontier territory was now being led by the young Ernest von Bryutzels, born as the second son of the household.
Social Class in Sacred Kingdom Vandamme is as is; King or Queen and their spouses, the Crown Prince and Royalty, the King or Queens spouses has the right to inherited the throne IF they’re still within 6 lineages of the King or Queen’s blood from the current/ present ruler, however, basically only the royalty and Crown Prince has the right to succeed the throne

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For example, Even if he is the king’s child if the child has no degree of peerage or even lineages from the king he has no right to succeed the throne.
Furthermore, Nobility social class also exist as is;  Margrave and Marquis as the same rank then it’s descending to, Earl, Viscount, Baron, Chevalier, and Retainer.
Furthermore, the citizens under nobility are Freemen, Commoner, Common Slave, and ones that were known as Crime Slave.

In such social class, the 2nd son of the Bryutzel house’s Margrave was born. However, as the heir of Bryutzels Margrave’s house, he was raised to not think of such thing…

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