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Dunia Game -Universe- Chapter 1

World game Universe

Chapter 1

TL: Choctea

ED: FortuneEternal


I’m just a lazy kid who was forced to go to college to fulfill my parent’s ambitions. They hope I will be a bachelor and make it easier to find some job.

I was born as a child from a simple family who aspire to change our family life by playing video games. since junior high school, I play a video game that causes me addicted to another world called the virtual world.

Some people assuming that playing a game is just for running away from the real world. My parents worked as one of the law enforcers in this city. Because my parents refuse corruption. In this day and age at this time, he was forcibly removed from his strategic positions. In fact, my father’s career in this field has a dozen years old. At the same time, my mother is a woman who works at home by opening a boutique to support our family’s economy.

My work after school is playing the game in the home or in the game center in the middle of the city.  Countless how many games I’ve finished Online or Offline.

I don’t have many friends at that time, just some people, you can call them Awan, Putra, and Riki. They are my friends of joy and sorrow when this game. We make a little team for hunting or entering some place called Dungeon in MMORPG world or we can also call it Multi-Player Role Playing Game which can be played together with friends. Someday we already Online in the MMORPG game we used to play called Dooms Day.

This game describes conditions after the apocalypse where the world controlled by 3 Groups: Sky controlled by Angels, Earth controlled by Human, and Afterlife controlled by Demons. We make some association or called Guild and choose a different race from most people.

Yup, we choose Demon race.

Also, Riki invites us to gather in that game on a place in the middle of quite a city Called “Dessert Land”. After we’ve entered the game, we immediately headed to the agreed place. It doesn’t take a long time to get there by entering the Portal that could move the character where they had been before. Just arrived at the place I was greeted with a Laugh from my best friend.

“ Hahaha… A nasty Guild Leader. You’re Late” a figure with a shiny black armor and with a sword with dragon Carving standing in front of me. He is Riki with Nickname named Rainhard. He is a Vice-Leader in this Guild.

“Yeah. That’s It. What’s your Reason make us gather here ?” I asked that Question to a busy Riki holding a sword with dragon carving that is always he used when fighting. This sword he acquired after Level 150  is a Reward from Quest that he completed after changing his Job.

“Wait for the other Dy. Awan and Putra haven’t logged on the game yet.”

That’s True the Riki says. I haven’t seen my other two friends before. Soon the white light coming from the Portal that moved me Shine brightly. That indicates there are people who will move to this place.

“I’m Sorry Leader and Vice-Leader… I just go back from college”

“That’s Okay, Now we need to wait for Putra.”

“Yeah, That’s Right,” Riki Says.

Doesn’t take a long time, person who we waiting is coming. His arrival was same as Awan and appear a tall, slender figure appeared. Equipped with a black scythe and a black cloak covering his head. this figure has a skull face and over his head, red color clearly visible marked on his name, Cleo. Yeah, that’s Putra, My Friend since Junior Highschool.

“Sorry, I’m Late, What’s Wrong Rik? really rarely do you ask us to gather in this place.”

“I just want to discuss something with you all” Riki start take the Conversation.

“Are you all not bored with this game ?”

“not really, but sometimes. I playing another game too.” Awan said.

“Yeah, like you see. My level can’t level up anymore. Besides I already have what I want from this game, maybe with selling it with several million Rupiah makes me calm.” Putra Said.

Indeed we have almost reached the last Level in this game. Since Senior Highschool we played this game. we have not counted how many guilds we defeated or Duel Competition that we’ve won. We named this guild “Black Cloud”. You can call us is the strongest in Demon Races and it is uniqueness from our Guild. We just recruit our close friends in this guild and the core members is just 4 people. Riki as an Assassin same with Putra. And Awan as an Expert Weapons and myself as a Leader in this Guild as a Magic Caster.

“Yeah… I just little bored with this game Rik. But what must we do ? is it not possible we play another game again ?”

“Hahaha… Not like that Bro. Lately, I just found a New Game which is Quite famous in Indonesia. Even in Southeast Asia. This game Named Universe, the concept same as Dooms Day that we Played Right now. Consisted of various kinds of Race and there is something that interests me.”

“What is it, Rik?” Said Awan Curious.

“ The level System is so fantastic, the early update is the level that we must reach is 200. Last time I checked overseas Server, there is information that the maximum level of this game can reach Level 1000. And there many rewards and money we get from selling items or fighting PvP in this game. The reward is real world’s money.  What do you think? are you not interested in this ?”

“Hmm. Sounds Good but how about the other ?”

“If you Join, Dy. Definitely will do, I’ll Join too.”Awan Said.

“Well if it’s a joint decision. Anyway playing a game like this without you all won’t taste good, ” Putra said.

Finally, we agreed to play the new game named The Universe. But, we need a week to learn the game from the official website and must wait for Open Beta game is Launched. We already download this game and waiting for the next update from the developer. We’re ready to play this game on our Laptop and try to be the strongest in the game. Don’t know this will be easy or hard, I hope I can produce enough money from this game.

A week has passed and the latest update already come out. We agreed to update together. We already adjusted the time to download. In this age, the internet already free for all countries so we do not have to wait or spend more to buy a quota. The size of this game is 25 GB and just wait 20 minutes for download and do extract files to my laptop. Up to an icon figured U with red motive appears on the desktop screen. For a moment this finger clicking twice on the icon and I start playing the game.

On the Screen a text Welcome to the Universe World appeared. Then followed by the display login id and password. Previously I and the others already register on its official website. By writing my Nickname Mayhard, I was logged into the game. The next screen is text to create a new account or already have another game account. I was quite shocked, with the second option I think it’s very strange where previously there has never been a game like this. Out of curiosity I also choose the second option is to have an account in another game.

A picture appears on some of the accounts that I have been playing. There are various games that I have played from RPG to FPS. The choice is one, that converts the old game into the current game. Since this is RPG, of course, I choose an account with the same Portal in the Dooms Day game. I think this account is the strongest of all accounts I have. After clicking the convert, this game immediately accumulates the game I’ve ever played and this game shows the display of transferring data that happened at that time. Tired also wait from 1% -100% maybe about 5 minutes it happened until finally the process is finished.

I showed up at a place like a graveyard and automatically I saw my character’s look at that moment was a skull bone running. Then I checked Status(A numerical level in the game that contains Level or level information on the game). From my character that has been incorporated into the game.

Character Status

Name: Mayhard

Gender: Male

Level: 99

Number of HP: 42,000

Number of MP: 25,000

Job: Mage

Reputation: 0

Title: 0

Money: 0


“hmm…. It seems this game not bad at all. At least my level high enough past 100  which is an early update on this game. But, I don’t have any reputation, title or money in this game.”

I’m still a little confused then I immediately moved to check my bag or inventory in this game. Just to see what this game provides? For beginners like me now. By clicking on a bag-shaped picture I looked into the Inventory, there was only a worn hat, a wooden magic wand, a magic book and also some red and blue bottles used to fill the HP or MP  (MP  is an internal power used to release magic). I checked the worn hat, the wand and the book one by one.

Combat Equipment

Worn Hat

Endurance: 15

Ability: Adds 1.5% addition MP every second.

Requirements Level: 10

Magic wand

Attack: 50-60

Durability: 30

Ability: Adds a magic attack of 5%.

Level requirements: 10

Book of Magic

Attack: 20-30

Durability: 30

Ability: Provides various types of magic if studied.

Level requirements: 10


I just sigh, it seems the only status can be incorporated into this game. All armor, money or reputation I have in the previous game cannot be moved into this game. Only the Role of Demon can be combined and my level who reached number 99 in this game. I decided to use these items and pretend to be a beginner to learn more about this game. While inviting my other friends to come together and make an association with our previous appointment. Be the strongest, the best and the richest in this game. Hopefully, our trip will be easy later. Our adventure in the game Universe is now starting.