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E Chapter 143: This isn’t a spar

Rudeus’s spell was harsh, as seen by the destroyed arena and damaged barrier.

Nonetheless, all of the attacks are Area spells that do not target individual.

People may be startled by the severity of the strike on a vast area, but for Claude, this type of attack isn’t even as frightening as Trolly’s punch.

Because there are gaps he can exploit to dodge the spell, he doesn’t feel frightened by it.

That may be true for Claude, but it is not true for everyone else.

The type of spell one creates reflects their experiences.

Unlike Claude, who focused on a single high-strength target, Rudeus’s adventures were against creatures who lived in groups or a large enough monster to devastate an area.

To assault a large enemy, there is no need for precision and accuracy. However, a large enough attack size is required to deal with flocking creatures.

Not every huge monster is as tough as Trolly.

Some simply require the correct quantity of personnel to defeat.

As a result, their spell usage and battle experience are far off. Claude held an advantage over Rudeus in this type of spar because their specializations were polar opposites.

Even if their specializations were swapped, Rudeus would still lose to Claude.

“What do you believe differentiates us?”

Claude said abruptly as he waited for Rudeus to take a break.

Rudeus can only stare at the carefree Claude and shake his head, breathing heavily.

“The teacher…”

“Not like you, lone wolf. I have the opportunity to learn from a variety of instructors. As one of my teachers, you should understand how fortunate I am to have a different teacher at each step. Like your privilege to be taught by Ruijerd, I had the opportunity to be taught by a variety of people over the years…”

“My earliest teachers may have been you and Paul, but new people have joined my life along the road, and I joyfully welcome them. Some may refuse to educate me, but I pester them and force them to teach me in some way.”

“Hah… lucky you… gasp”

Rudeus attempted to utilize sarcasm on Claude.

“To tell you the truth, I’d rather die from the metastasis…”

Claude replied forlornly, looking at the venue.

“Do you know how exhausting life can be when all you see is catastrophe after tragedy?  I’m tired of fighting for my own life… I just want to laze around and do nothing all day…”

Seeing the expression Claude make, Rudeus realized the fact that the teen in front of him is younger than him.

It’s not just a year or two, but a lot.

His accomplishment, however, is not something that even someone his age can easily do.


He was both saddened and humiliated by the reality.

“Though I’m still grateful that I’m not becoming impotent like you,” Claude added abruptly, a huge smile on his lips.

“Why you…”

Rudeus clenches his teeth and stands up with the support of his cane, his face flushed.

As he does so, the mana within him begins to boil and manifests itself outside like an apparition. Swallowing the arena and even breaking through the barrier.

“What the hell are you trying to do, taking advantage of the rest period and enveloping the region with your mana?”


Rudeus muttered as he smacked the ground with the head of his cane.

Rudeus worked hard to take control of the barrier that was being controlled by six Saint-ranked magicians and use it to imprison Claude.

From the barrier, chains and spikes appeared, striking Claude from all sides.

He did, after all, try.

Even the surprise attack failed in the end.

“What, where has he gone?”


Rudeus is rendered unconscious by a whack to the back of his head.

“Tap into the power of time, and I believe the strength of your magical eyes will become greater,” said Claude, who came unexpectedly behind him.

This statement alone demonstrates that Claude understood the power of time and used it to free himself from his entrapment.

“Good night, old boy,”


Rudeus collapsed.

With that, the curtain of the lesson of the month ended.


“Ugh… where am I…”

Rudeus, who had been battered, awoke in the infirmary, and Zanoba stayed beside him, waving his arm and calling him.

“Oooh! Master, you’re awake!”

“Oh, Zanoba. What happened?”

“I’m not sure, but you can ask Miss Clara over there.”

Rudeus couldn’t help but hide when he saw Clara approaching. Knowing he had done something wrong.

“Now you know what you did was wrong, brat…”

Clara stated as she approached the patient.

“Well, I don’t think that taking over someone else’s spell is all that horrible.”

“If it weren’t for Master Claude, your mana circuit would be shattered! Are you crazy?”

“But he’s making fun of me!”

“Damn you, dude! How can you attempt to harm yourself and the other person in response to a personal attack?”

“That’s exactly how I do it!”

“Damn sick bastard”

“Anyway, why are you here again?”

“Oh, right. Master Claude left this for you”

“What’s this?”

Rudeus asked as he received the envelope, slowly tearing it. He read the paper inside the envelope…

“I’m busy so I leave this letter for you…”

“how long am I sleeping again?” Rudeus ask as.

“about half a day…”


He then continued to read the letter.

“Your mother has been found in the Great Labyrinth and she trapped inside a humongous magic crystal. They are still thinking of a way to deal with the Hydra guarding the place, since Paul and his company are there, it should take some time for them to break away the Labyrinth. I think of heading there after winter passed, if you wanted to do the same prepare yourself…”

Despite the fact that he already heard about it from the elf, receiving the information from Claude did nothing more than confirm what he already knew.

It’s still advantageous that he can travel to the location with Elinalize and Claude.

They can get there faster if they fly.

“Alright, although I’ve heard about it from Elinalize, thank you for the information…”


“What’s his business that make him so busy in the first place?”

“Oh right, master Claude headed to Asura Capital first to meet up with master Reida”

“The Water God?”


“For what purpose?”

“They will head to Sword Sanctuary, for marriage…”


“Master Claude and Master Reida’s Granddaughter’s”

“Wait… what?”


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