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Legendary Youngest Son of the Marquis House complete (589)

Episode 589

Chapter 4

Hoecheon Bridge is a secret organization.

However, it has been a long time since the secret organization, and there are a lot of people who recognize the existence.

I just shy and turned away.

Therefore, various methods of tangential are already spreading all over the world.Some of them are closed, but some are still open.

The world knows what is the way to get a tangent tangent.

There is a huge base called Hwawol -ru in the West of the Seomseongseongseongseongseong.

This is a place where many people stop by, not only Moorim’s greetings, as well as wandering people.

Hwawol -ru only sees money.

If you have money, you don’t care about whether you are a wandering nang or a historic killer who killed thousands of people.

If you have money, you are all customers.That is the operation of Hwawolru.

A man was walking in front of the main entrance of Hwawolru.

He was wearing a black jangpo and was wearing a black mask that surrounds the entire head.

The part of the flesh that was revealed was only both hands and wrists, and that was all.

It was clear that anyone wanted to hide the status itself.

But in the island, especially in Mawol, where Hwolwol -ru is located.

It is a law that is downstream of the place where you play in the place where you play.

The man with a mask entered Hwawolru.

Then he immediately approached the guard who kept the entrance.

“I want to ask one thing.”

The voice was very thick.It was clear that at least 50 men might have eaten.

It wasn’t just thick.The voice had a sense of pressure.The drone who is standing at Hwolwol -ru knows that the voice and atmosphere of this voice are never an ordinary man.

You have to have that experience to pay the expenses of Hwolwolru.The expenses were polite.

“Please ask anything.Adult. ”

A man called an adult said in the same voice.

“Where should I go to see the blue sky?”

blue sky.

It was very hot.Now is the time to move from the time to the hash.In the western continent, it is about 20:40.

The sun was all over and the sky was dark.But will you look at the blue sky?If it was an ordinary unmanned, this crazy guy would have told you to just turn it off.But not as much as Hwolu.

The eyes of the guard are flashing.His tone became more careful than before.

“Adults, there must be a far distance.You have to go to the Heilong River, but do you know the direction? ”

At the end of the guard, the man answered with a question.

“Can I go northwest?”


“Then you can go south and south.”


“Then it must be west.”

Only then is a smile on the mouth of the guard.

“There is a wagon going there.Come here. ”

The guard began to take the lead, and the masked man followed the expense.


All of this previous conversation was a female.

First of all, the first thing to see in the blue sky was not a bad bullshit.

If time is now night, you have to talk about the blue sky, and if the time is in midday, you should talk about the dark sky.

There is a meaning.

As an individual’s standards, I couldn’t do it alone in the current situation, but I faced the situation where I had to do it, and I was looking for it to help it.

Secondly, Heilongjiang is located in east, based on the current island.

But the man of masked initially talked to the northwest, then southwest, and then west.

This was good to be a problem of probability.

East and south are based on four directions.

And it is divided into 8, 16, and 32 directions.

When he asks the direction to the Heilong River, he is out of the east.

The order is important.

Talk about three defense.

One is 16 defense, the second is 8 defense, and then four defense.

Northwest, southwest, west.

These three are answers.

Talking about these three means that it is allowed in Hoecheon Bridge and is deserved to put a request.

For reference, it is a top secret.

The guards passed through the door and moved to the basement and moved to another basement in the basement.Compared to the main building, which was very noisy, it was very quiet.

“Adult, this place.You can see Yongmu here and get out of the back door.I hope you have a good time. ”

The guard went back to the road where I smiled gently.

The masked man slowly lifted his head.You can see a small room across the street.

When I opened the door there, there was a woman.

She closed her eyes and said in a small voice without her eyes.

“Sit.Adult. ”

A man with a mask closed the door and sat across the woman.The woman asked.

“Long time no see.Anyone who comes to put a request in Hoecheon Bridge. ”

“……. ”

“Can I ask you what you want to put in?”

“I want to kill one person.”

The woman nodded small.

“You want to kill.I don’t know how far you know, but I will tell you to emphasize.In the case of killing, our Hoecheon Bridge receives a payment from the contractor in advance.The amount of money is discretion, but the level of unmanned in our Hoecheon Bridge, which is dispatched according to the price, is different.Do you know how much your opponent is trying to kill? ”

The man with a mask answer silently.

“At least the best redmaster.”

“……. ”

“Maybe it’s a life and death.”

Slowly the woman’s eyes opened.

“……Such a person is very rare. ”

“I came to Hoecheon Bridge because it was Dammu.”

“……. ”

“To find the blue sky in the dark sky, we need the power of Hoecheon Bridge, which ruled Moorim.There are many money. ”

The woman seemed to think about something for a while.Then I told the man of masks.

“I want this to be sure.”

“What is that?”

“Our Hoecheon Bridge is doing anything.Is it assassinating the transcendental?do.But there is an exception. ”


“First of all, I have no request for emperor Jack Milos.Even if there is a destruction of our Hoecheon Bridge, this is absolutely observed. ”

Jack Milos is a scary being.

It should be called a monster in the monster.It is absolutely impossible to kill such monsters.I will not even try and I will not think itself.

“What is the second?”

“The same is true of the coaters of the coast, the forest ruler of the beast, and the dragon road.You just need to know that. ”

A man with a mask nodded and said slowly.

“The request is a man who is a representative of the Commissioner of the East Continent Special Inspector.The name is Melon, a commoner who graduated from the Academy as a senior. ”

When the name came out, the woman’s crumpled brow slowly opened.

“All right.I want to get paid first. ”

Hoecheon -kyo seemed to think about the man named Melon more easily than he thought.

The masked man slowly pulled out a small box in his arms and handed it to the woman.

The woman who received the box opened the box right away.There was a key in it.

“What is this?”

“It’s a key.”

“……Key? ”

“Yes, the price is five million.It will be about billions of gold based on the western continent.Do you know about the cancer driver? ”

“yes.I can’t know. ”

The arm driver is a kind of storage warehouse.

“Go to the cancer driver and find the box left by Pado.There is five million nyan in it. ”

A man with a mask stood up slowly.

“It doesn’t matter if you check and start money first.Just kill him. ”

It was time for a man with masked to leave the room.The woman said.

“If only the payment is confirmed, we will put the best of our Hoecheon Bridge.The maximum time requirements will be good news in a month or a week. ”

A man with a mask nodded.The woman added to him.

“I am Yeongwol.From now on, if you look for Yeongwol in the main building, you will be able to face me comfortably. ”

It was there.

The masked man came out through the door that the guard first informed him.

Then he cast teleport magic on the spot.

In a moment, the man moved to where he was originally.Slowly took off my mask.

There was a man who talked to such a man.

He was the patrol of the king.

“Inspector.how……Did you go well? ”

Masked man, Melon nodded.

“yes.Hoecheon Bridge will soon come to kill me.At that time, I would capture it and flutter Hoecheon Bridge. ”

Yong Sung -un nodded.Then I asked Melon if he was curious.

“By the way, should I put a contract?It is certain that Hwolwol -ru is the base of Hoecheon Bridge, so it’s better to just hit it right now? ”

I didn’t talk about it, but I thought I had to do it at least once.

“To kill me, what level should you come to?”

“……writing……Is it? ”

“The red master, or the unmanned, is not enough.Unmanned beyond life and death should come.However, Hoecheon did not refuse to request even though I heard that the target of the target “Melon” was minimal or life and death.It also means that they have more than life and death. ”

Melon’s eyes glanced around.

“How comfortable is it to start by killing it in advance?This doesn’t mean that I run away from Hwawol -ru. ”

Of course.

All kinds of eyes are already watching Hwawol -ru.If Hwawol -ru is in the night, it will come into your ears in some way.

I don’t know, Merron has placed some of the swordsman near Hwawol -ru.I sent a mouse to the communication district.

Melon smiles.

“Let’s wait.If you wait, it will come out. ”

So, the trap, Melon, began to wait.

And that time.

Even Melon did not think.

There was a man who came to Yeongwol of Hoecheon Bridge.

This man is also a melonI hid the rum.

The unidentified man was even more than before.

It was basic to cover the face with a mask and covered the body itself with clothes.

Someone was wearing a “robe” that would seem like a “character of the western continent,” and he told Yeongwol.

“The temporary commissioner of the Eastern Continent Special Inspectorate, how much money should I do to kill this man?”

It was a duplicate request in a short time.

Yeongwol reminded me of the guests who had been there and talked about the amount he was going to hand.

“……It’s five million. ”

Five -billion nyan is never a small amount of money.It’s definitely a big money.Those who can easily pay this amount are not enough to guarantee.

But it was surprising.Really, it was surprising.

The man said easily.

“Oh, I pay right away.”

“thank you.We will hear good news within a month, short, short. ”

The man disappeared like that, and a smile was drawn on the mouth of Yeongwol.But it was not inside.

‘……Look at this? ‘

It’s not bad.There is something.

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