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Legendary Youngest Son of the Marquis House complete (591)

Episode 591

It was not in the original plan.

Hoecheon Bridge was the object to destroy.

But the situation is always changing.Above all, I reviewed the data on Hoecheon Bridge.

Hoecheon Bridge is never a small organization.

It is much larger than the unknown in the early days that the father was under the head, but smaller than the early condensation.

It is just an organization located in the middle.

I don’t know how much the power of the principal is, but it doesn’t matter.

If it is such an organization, it can be used as a right arm.

I have already decided to walk on the defeat, not the royal road.

Yeongwol asked me like that.

“Do you need to meet with you to hold hands with us?So, for trust? ”

I laughed.

Something is mistaken.

“I never talked with my mouth to hold hands.”


Raymond Beck joined hands with some forces of the world.And I dealed with and traded again.

What was the price?

After all, it was betrayal.

If Beck was a great man, had a lot of things, and if the power had been a monster level, it would have happened?

Even if I was attacked in the first place, it was the world that I finally moved the central inspector and hit the back of the Beck.

Namgung Cheol -young is certain, but that’s more problematic.

It is only Namgung Cheolyeong.


Yes, I was hit by the head of the party.

I learned many things from the Eastern Continental Inspectorator called Raymond Beck.

It was almost true that it was truth.

It should never look funny.When you do a deal, you do it when you are relatively perfect.


If that’s a situation, you don’t have to deal with a deal.

I told Yeongwol in front of my eyes.

“There is no premise to hold hands.There are two options for Hoecheon Bridge.Will you come in or not come in? ”

Yeongwol’s eyes were beautiful.Perhaps it was clear that it was called a great beauty in the East continent.

Her eyes grow slowly and their mouths open slowly.

Don’t sound like words.

Okaya, do you think you’re really something.

I couldn’t do so.

I have raised my energy.

Kwahaha Ahh!

A huge breeze around you.It was almost like a storm.The trees are pulled out and the grounds vibrate as if they are broken right away.

It is not the energy of the red master.

It is the energy of the transcendental.


The power of my soul spreads everywhere.Yeongwol was astonished.I lightly pointed to the shoulders of Yeongwol.

“It would be better to decide in advance.”


“I don’t catch hands with those who are above me.One is one. ”

“that is……What is it? ”

“Lean my head to me.There are no other options. ”

“……. ”


Yeongwol, who swallowed his saliva, slowly nodded.

Only then did I calm down the energy that I brought up.

“Now, will you guide you to the place where there is a lord of Hoecheon Bridge?”

Again, Yeongwol nodded.

* * *

The man who was eating in the world of the world that Melon raised his energy stopped as it was.

“Ohh……Hoo……. ”

Should I say it’s great?

It was enormous.

I don’t guess how much I have felt like this.

Ryujin, the world, stood up.

Blood trembles.

As of the time, the level of energy I felt at this time was approximately level of life and death.

It’s also a minimum.

And as you know, each transcendental has a personality.

It doesn’t make sense if you don’t have personality in the confusion that such a transcendental is spoken.

Ryujin feels this energy for the first time.

I am the first transcendental.

I couldn’t sit because I was trembling.


It was a place.

Ryujin was at the top of Cheonmoksan.

In an instant, he moved here from the main building of the world.I did not use other magic, tribute or regression.

It’s just left.

His costumes, wearing only the pants and revealing their upper body, were strangely well matched with the mountains.

Ryujin looked around.

Obviously here.

This is obvious.

The ground is divided and the trees are pulled out.

By the way, there is no one.

Did you move in that short?

It was when the question was rising.


Someone went down behind Ryujin with a roar.

Ryujin, who turned slowly, smiled brightly.

“Who is this, who’s seeing it after a long time.”

“……Why are you here? ”

“Huh, no one who doesn’t know that this is the world, is there a reason why the owner of the world should not come here?”

Ryujin asked with a smiley face.

“But what is the queen of our snow mountain here?”

There is only one person who can call Ryujin as the queen of Snow Mountain.

The owner of the Ice Palace.

Only her.And if she is, you can just feel the energy before.

So she came here.

Did Daniel spread this energy to deal with?

Ryujin was like that, so it didn’t seem to be a big deal.

Did you practice?

I don’t know.I didn’t think deeply.

Yoo Sulha answered Ryu Jin’s words.

“That’s the same reason as you.”

Ryujin shrugged.There was no guessing person.

“The news will be dark because it’s only in snowy mountains, did you hear it?”


“The fact that a new monster appeared in our East continent.”

Good management of expressions.Well, but now in a little……It was different.

Ryujin has penetrated the expression of the leak.

“Ohh.You know.If you know, the story is comfortable.This energy, I think the man spread.This is not the face of this ice. ”


“It’s not special, and the concentration of this energy I felt was at least superior to our Lord.This will change the name of the Moorim Seolok soon. ”

I turned around as if I had nothing to say.Ryujin is not so friendly.I didn’t want to talk for a long time.

It was the time when the two tried to go on each other’s paths.


The space splits.

And there, a woman appeared.

Ryujin and Yoo Sul -ha were astonished at the woman.

The woman’s height was about 170cm based on the western continent.

The forehead had two spiral horns and the head was dark like black.

A cluttered nose and a small lips.

And the red gi -giy eyes.

It was not a normal transcendental to be a human being, and the presence was not like human beings.


The bell itself was different.

And at least two transcendentals here know who the woman is.

It is not humans who are currently ranked No. 1 in the East Continent.She is a dragon road.

The name is cell.

The woman in front of the two transcendents is the first place in Moorim.

The moment he saw the cell, Ryujin frowned one eye.

“This, what’s the day today?Frequent faces are often seen.Dragon Road, are you doing well? ”

The cell was quiet.I nodded a little bit silently, and this time I looked at Yusulha.

I didn’t say anything.

Although it has been tied up with cells, it is a past.

And strictly speaking, it’s not that friendly.

The road was so different and the location itself was so different.


Most of the people who knew themselves were isolated and cut off with everyone.

“long time no see.Ice Gongju. ”

“Iknow, right.Long time no see.Dragon Road. ”

“You haven’t done much?”

“……There is no.Will there be something?Unlike the West Continent, the East Continent is very quiet. ”

Originally, the existence of a cell was thought to be a child.But as I mentioned earlier, the cell has grown too much.

It is right to raise the horse.

Because it is the zone of the continent.

Cell looked around the water.I felt the cell too.Daniel’s energy.

“……. ”

Cell didn’t say anything.

I was just quiet.

Cell thought.

It is certain that Daniel came to the East Content.

By the way, I did not come to myself.

Why didn’t you come?

Suddenly, the cell shook his head slowly.

If you wait, you will come.

At least once I wanted to see my face.

I was the first disciple I accepted.

And because of the disciple yet, I haven’t been ‘의’.

The cell looked at Ryujin and Yoo Sul -ha for a while and disappeared through the space.

The same was true of Yoo Seol -ha and Ryujin.

He returned to Snow Mountain with a televot magic and Ryujin.

I stayed there for a while and looked at where the cell disappeared.

The previous fight was a draw.

“……Someday……. ”

Yes, someday.

One day, you will see that place.

Laughter bursts out.


Ryujin, the owner of the world, returned to the world and returned to the world.

* * *

In the East Content, there are four transcendentals except Melon.

Cell, Ryujin, Yoo Sulha.

And a man who says himself as Hoecheon Gyoju.

All of them felt the energy of the transcendental spread by Melon.

Of course.

I feel right.

The transcendental is not common on the streets, and the power of those who use souls as weapons cannot be the same as the power of the common people.The transcendental feels the transcendental.

That’s the truth.

Anyway, Yeongwol, along with Melon, teleported in Mt.

The coordinates are already informed.

It was a temple where the two arrived.

Temple of the West Continent style inside the eastern continent.

There, the two walked there.

Yeongwol follows the ahead of the ahead of Melon.

Yeongwol, who followed behind, swallowed the saliva while watching Melon’s back.

In the energy of this man, Yeongwol said, “The energy of the kingI felt.

This is a word that really comes from the book.

There are only two men who have historically showed the energy of the king.

Ragnarok, Emperor Jack Milos.

If you look at these books on these two people, you describe the energy of the Lord in this way.

‘The moment you feel is a confidence that you will realize that the owner of the energy is the owner of the sky, and no matter what you do, you will not affect this man.’

‘When you feel this energy from hell and feels this energy, you feel joy and grieving, and you will feel that the light of your soul can fall asleep in the brilliance.’

It’s a very abstract explanation, but Yeongwol felt the things in that description.

It is unknown.

It’s a energy that I’ve never felt to the head of Hoecheon Bridge.

If you don’t know, you would not be mistaken, but Yeongwol is not a fool.

I was convinced.

It was so close and it was so clear that I felt so clear.

The energy of the king is correct.

Then, I came to mind.

‘Emperor Jack Milos and Necromancer Valentine Milos have one son.’

If the son was born normally, he was 19 years old.

It’s like Melon.

However, Pharaoh said he was taking a prince class in perforation.Above all, there were quite a few people confirmed that.

Only the face shines on the official statue and disappears as it is.

A ghost -like prince.

But what if the prince was working in the world with hiding his identity?

I was creepy all over my body.

It will not.

It won’t really.

If I hadn’t felt the energy of the king, I would never have imagined this.



Yeongwol was trying to ask something.

“I felt energy earlier.”

In the temple surrounded by darkness, such an ominous voice rang.

Melon turned his head.A man walks slowly in the dark.His appearance was ugly.

“It’s a transcendence.It also reaches the minimum life and death. ”

The man was surrounding the entire face with a bandage.But the bandage is red.It is clear that blood is leaking inside.

And I also vibrated in the dark red jongpo he was wearing.

Melon asked.

“Hoecheon Gyoju, is it right?”

“That’s right, isn’t it a little bit to put a horse on the beginning?”

“It’s worth leaving it.”

“……. ”

“I only ask once.Will you come under me? ”

Hoecheon said.


“Yes, then.”

A huge wave broke out around Melon.

As it was, Melon was left.

Kwahiah Ahh!

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