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Legendary Youngest Son of the Marquis House complete (592)

Episode 592

Hoecheon Gyoju silently turned to the side.


Melon’s fist passes as it is.

Melon’s body was then rotated.Melon’s left elbow flew towards Hoecheon -gyo’s name.

Hoecheon -gyo -gyo stepped back to the back.


Again, Merron’s attacks were divided into the air.

The two eyes of Melon encounter the two eyes of Hoecheon Bridge.The face of Hoecheon -gyo was wrapped in bandages.So it didn’t look clear.

But the pupils.

It is enough to see the pupils.Melon was convinced that Hoecheon Province was smiling.

At the moment, the craze is swollen in the body of Melon.Hoecheon Gyoju was very surprised at the craze.His two eyes are writhing.

Hoecheon Province hurriedly turned to the side.It was different from the previous way.

like that.


The bandage that was wrapped around the face of Hoecheon -gyo was divided in half.

Only then, the face of Hoecheon -gyo was revealed.

It was then.

Melon leaned back as it was.

There was an arm of Hoecheon Province in the part of Melon’s heart.

Melon was puzzled by the phage jik and even lightning.


Melon was left behind without thinking more.

In an instant, he opened the distance with Hoecheon Gyoju.

Melon, who landed on the ground, quietly looked at Hoecheon Province.He was standing in the place and sweeping the “ugly face” with a bandage.

To be honest, Melon first saw that man.

But make sure this is one.

Melon knows what his father has fighted before he set up the Milos Empire.

I glanced at the record and was interested in Hoecheon Bridge because it was such a melon.

Hoecheon Bridge was more likely to be a subordinate organization of Cheonma Protestant to Cheonma Protestant to Fighting Jack in the past.

And Melon knows who was the person who had fought with Jack in the past.

The name of the martial arts is a brain major.

But it’s strange.The one who used the martial arts would have died.

Melon asked.


“……. ”

“I asked.What is your name? ”

Hoecheon Province put his head with one hand.He seemed to not like this situation.

“The world has changed a lot.The world has disappeared, how bit it is. ”

Melon looked at the water of the water.His face was just described as ugly, but if you talk about it a little bit, it wasn’t just ugly.

First of all, there were blisters like blisters.It is a terrible level of blood and oscillation.

I didn’t understand.


It is also clear that the monster that is almost over the life and death.Why is that transcendence that much hurt?

“The more you think about this, the more you don’t take measures.Yeongwol. ”

“……Yes, the principal. ”

“Did you say that man and our Hoecheon bridge should cooperate with me?”

Yeongwol had nothing to say.

And even if there was something to say, the words could not reach Hoecheon Province.Melon broke the horse in the middle.

“Is this a conclusion?”


“There is a enchantment here.I don’t think I can’t go out of this space even if I pull up the confusion here? ”

“I noticed fast.I heard that I was 20 years old this year.

It can’t be.And Melon had no intention of answering here.I was just thinking about asking questions.The answer to the question is not Melon, but the Hoecheon Province.Melon asked.

“Is it the remnant of Protestantism?”

“……. ”


Hoecheon Provincial Province crumpled the brow.


“It was a remnant of Protestant.So what is your name? ”

Hoecheon Gyoju thought that Melon’s cheeky was already through the sky.This should be tamed in the supernat.It was certain that the situation was not at all.

Lightning is formed on both legs of Hoecheon Province.


Lightning burns.He shouted with a seat.

“Let me find out!”

Everything around me vibrated.Hoecheon Province quickly approached Melon’s nose.

Tuk Together.

Hoecheon Bridge’s legs touch the two lands and lightly sweep the ground.

The type of law was clear.

Melon was backward rather than responding immediately.Such melon, instinctively, fell down the left elbow.

Kwahiah- !!

With the roar, Melon flew away.And in the place where Melon flew, Hoecheon Province stood in a fist.

Yeongwol saw.Hoecheon -gyo’s fist is a little tilted.

The roar just before was not just a hit of melon.It was the sound of Melon with the sound of the fist that had been stretched out of Hoecheon Province.

The overlapping sound means that all of that happened at the same time.

‘oh my god……. ‘

I couldn’t believe it even if I was looking at it with both eyes.

The age of Hoecheon Province is nearly seventy this year.

Hoecheon -gyoju lived in the past penis, hearing the genius of genius.

What should Melon be called if that man, who is almost in the same class, is called a genius?

This is just a level that I don’t understand.

It is a world outside common sense.

does not make sense.

That’s it.

And more ridiculous things happened later.

In a place covered with dust, a small voice leaked out.

[Fast is like a flurry.]

As soon as I heard the sound, the eyes of Hoecheon -gyo -do opened greatly.

“……Yes……? ”

The tranquil cry in the dust continued quietly.

[The wind blows.]

Hoecheon Province raised all the energy.

Kwahiah- !!!

His energy came out destroyed everything around.It was that energy.

[Tear all the ranges.]

It was almost simultaneous that Hoecheon’s reaching his hand and the end of Melon’s “Spirit” was at the end.

In the hands of Hoecheon Provincial Lord, a huge lightning stretched out at a glance, and thousands of thousands of lightning stretched out at a glance, and in the dust pile of Melon.

Only one stem was stretched out.

Lightning and chaos are conflicted.

Kwahiah Ahhh!

Yeongwol covered his face with his arms.Nevertheless, my whole body was short.Hoecheon Bridge’s installation system is the enchantment that absorbs “Honi”.

Should I say that it is circulating to confusion?

The stronger the people fight, the stronger the power of the enchantment.

Because of that, Yeongwol could see the fight between the two at close range.

But this seems a bit severe.

Yeongwol stepped farther.

In the ear of Yeongwol that retreats, the voice of Hoecheon Province is heard.

“……What is the relationship with the emperor on the west? ”

Melon answered the question of Hoecheon -kyo.

“I ask the question and the answer you do.your name is?”

“……That tone, it’s obvious even if you don’t see it.You are the princess. ”

“……. ”

“Are you curious about my name?Yes, please answer.My name is heaven. ”

Melon’s eyes are crumpled.


Melon knows that name.

I can’t know.

“The associates of the Cheonma Protestantism?”


“According to the literature I read, the heart would have died?”

“I’m dead.once.”

“……. ”

“I was lucky.”

“Can that simply be explained by luck?”

“If you can’t explain, what will you do?I’m already alive. ”

Melon was wondering because he was simply dead.

“The heavenly moon of Cheonma Protestant was a transcendental man.But you……. ”

Melon’s eyes glanced from top to bottom.No matter how much.

“It doesn’t look like a natural police.”

“……I wanted to be a young student who taught family education.

Melon shrugged.

“That’s a compliment for me.”

“……. ”

Hoecheon Province was convinced.No, I can’t be more certain than this.The spirit that he used in the first place.

It is the exclusive property of ‘Nom’.

Hoecheon -gyo knows that he has a son.

If you are just right and the skill you use, you don’t have to talk about it anymore.

“Are you good?”

“You’re good.”

“I was comfortable, I was like this because of your father.I have children and I once again block my way with that talent. ”

In this part, Melon was honestly not bad.

Well, if a person lives, you can swear, and what should I do?

Whether you’re swearing or not, it’s all for personal freedom.

If you feel distracted by each one, it means that it’s almost like an amateur.

Melon doesn’t want to live in an amateur.This is one by one, and at the end, you can solve it when the victory is definitely hardened.

“……This is unusual again. ”

Rather, he was puzzled by the appearance of such melon.

“It’s different from your father.”

“Is that unusual?”

“Yes, it’s unusual.”

“Well, that’s not something you should think of.”

“……What does it mean? ”

“It doesn’t mean much.You’ve died once and you will die now, so you have to think that this is really unusual, you only care about something else. ”

Tendons are drawn to the brows of Hoecheon Province.

And Cheonwol was angry enough to hear a broken teeth in the bandage that covered his mouth.

But Cheonwol was not a fool.

The fight should be taken as safe as possible.

The power he currently has is not the power of the past genitals.

In addition, in the current situation where we did not fully grasp the power of Da Melon, we must forced to distract Melon.

Cheonwol said.

“I think it’s said to be kneeling with Hoecheon Bridge.


“He’s a child.I know what kind of group is Hoecheon Bridge.Hahahaha, this is a spectacle.Stupid guy, you will roll up the countryam.”

In the end, Merron eventually couldn’t stand and burst into silence and silence.


I had no choice but to laugh.


Weapons have a different personality depending on how to deal with them.

Magic or new sword.

What are the standards for dividing these two?

There is only one.

The will of the user.

In the end, it depends on the user’s will.

If you write it well, it will be a good sword, and if you write badly, it becomes a bad sword.

This was the case for Jack.

When Jack Milos was Jack Valanti, no one did not know that he accepted the organization of an unknown and a tube.

Was those two organizations really clean?

It can’t be.

Rather, it was added to more than Hoecheon Bridge, but it cannot be clean.

The forces that were widespread in the world were used in the other direction after Jack absorbed.

That’s just that.

So the sword became a new sword.

If you don’t do what your father did, you can’t follow your father.

The result proves time.

If you can’t go the right way, the price will be a big threat to Melon, but it doesn’t matter.

I’m going to take everything.

That is Melon’s walk.

“I have a lot of words.”


“The loser is a lot of talk.”

The eyes of the thousand months were flashing.And he could see.

Melon puts the ground with his left palm while kneeling on one side.

Slowly the mouth of Melon opens.

In that mouth, a dark smoke came out slowly.

[This is my own land where I stand.]

Cheonwol swallowed saliva.This crazy guy.You use that here now?

I didn’t think that I had to attack and quit.

Already in the head of Cheonwol, Melon in front of his eyes seemed to be Jack Valanti, which had been fought a long time ago.

Honestly, I was afraid.

[I will not invade anything in my land, and I will not be able to meet.]

At the end of the words, Cheonwol was scary.

At the same time.

Kwahiah Ahhhhhhh !!!

The temple collapsed.

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