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Legendary Youngest Son of the Marquis House complete (593)

Episode 593

I didn’t want to deny the blood.I didn’t want to be humble or trembling.

I am a genius.

After unifying the East and the West, the father, who made an overwhelming, overwhelming -sized empire after unifying the East Continent and the West, and the mother who was the worst necklace in the past.

After two blood, I have a talent for mana and is so great that I can never compare it with others.

It was great, so in the mid -teens, I took a red master and transcended the species before I was in my 20s.

When I say to others, ‘I don’t have much talent, and there’s not much.’ It’s like spitting on my face.

I should not walk on the way the general public walks.

It is a matter of responsibility.If you inherit this talent and do nothing, it’s not worth living.

I must prove the eligibility to inherit this country.

To my father, to my mother, to Master, and and.To myself.

I have to find a reason to be alive.

My father doesn’t know my talent.

I have learned a lot from my father since I was young.

How to deal with mana, how to combine magic, how to use the body, and how to use a sword.


But unlike my father, I was more talented on my fist than a sword.

Nevertheless, my father told me I knew most of myself.

I also learned the skills made by mixing confusion and speech.

Poonglim volcano.

I stood up slowly.The surroundings were completely ruined.

However, the “enchantment” that covered all of this was still there.

It was when I was looking at the enchantment with mysterious eyes.

I immediately turned my head sideways.

Paiaang- !!

Cheonwol’s fist runs my side.I rotated my body as it was.My knees touch the abdomen of the thousand months.


With the roar, the body of the heaven and the body floating in the sky and my body fly in different directions.

I hit my body on the wall and lifted my head as it was.I can see that the whole body is surrounded by lightning.I focused my eyes.

His legs were drawing strange movements.In a moment, the body of the thousand months splits from side to side.So the body of the thousand months increases to dozens.

I laughed.

There is a law that makes afterimage in that way.The Father said:

‘Technology that is uselessly feet.’

It may be useful for others, but at least the father’s feet who will continue to step on the ground seemed to be pitiful.

The reason why I have so many hesitation is because I learned the clearest way to break up.


My father gave me only a second, and it was from Master that I learned clearly.

I didn’t think more.Among the many afterimages, one afterimage and eyes met.

The afterimage of the thousand months flies.Immediately, I left my seat.


The flash bursts out.


Kwahiah Ahhh!

The roar rang out everywhere.

A large amount of blood is scattered in front of me.All after the afterimage of the surrounding surroundings have long been gone.

It was simple.

I blown my fist in the body of heaven.That’s all.

“Turn off……. ”

Cheonwol, which was flows down the walls there, did not seem to understand this phenomenon.

I opened my mouth with a flesh and blood on my hand.

“It’s simple.”


“I don’t know what the name of the law is.But I know it’s afterimage. ”


“I’ve stepped on the ground several times to make afterimage, and it’s all stuck.You’ll bring a mana into the key part of making afterimage, but then you step on that part. ”

I talked as if it was not a big deal, but the expression of Cheonwol I was listening was astonished.The same was true of Yeongwol that was far away as well as Cheonwol.

“that is……I see it? ”

I nodded.

“……The crazy, the crazy guy gave birth to a more monster. ”


“I’m not my father, but I came out of my mother’s boat.Can’t you distinguish between men and women? ”

Cheonwol smiles.

“Stop like a provocation that doesn’t work.”

It was clear that it was clearly poured out blood, but his appearance was much better than I thought.

Should I say that I first saw it?

Obviously, the record of Cheonma Protestant, Cheonwol, was clearly entered.Perhaps in the process of dying and surviving, he became that body and could not recover full force.

“There are a few water, and if you answer the right answer, I will play here.”

Me and Cheonwol have been a kind of search before.To know each other’s power and to win.

It’s meaningless now.

I don’t know how much each other’s power is, but it is a waste of time to continue to explore each other.

It is immediately attached to power.

That is enough.Before that, I’ll have to solve the solo.

There are a few questions.

What do you do with Hoecheon Bridge?

Where do you want to spend so much money?

I immediately asked what the purpose of Hoecheon Bridge was.The question was surprisingly answered.

“To rebuild Cheonma Protestantism.”

Cheonma Protestant?

“The purpose is to rebuild?Don’t sound strange, what are you trying to do by rebuilding? ”

“Before that, this time I ask questions.Did you say that you would put Hoecheon Bridge under the direction?What are you for? ”

I laughed.

Question and answer.It’s not bad.

I answered the questions of Cheonwol.100% true purpose without false.

“For independence.”

“……Independence…….X -foot cubs, prince education is doing that? ”

“It’s my car.What are you trying to do by rebuilding Cheonma Protestantism? ”

In my question, the pupils of Cheonwol were stained in an instant.

He said.

“It’s revenge.”


“The emperor of the west, I will kill him.”

It was a bullshit that was not enough, but I just heard it.

“kill?Do you think that’s possible? ”

“……It’s my turn. ”

I quit the words of heaven and moon to ask something.

“I think I got 800 million, but where did you all write?”

“……It was my turn. ”

“You said you are killing your Majesty, but is there a way?”

“This baby is my turn……. ”

“I feel the energy of the transcendental from the basement.

As soon as the words came out, the face of Cheonwol hardened like a plaster.

“Why is the expression so?Shouldn’t you know? ”

“……The young guy’s baby, one sensation is outstanding. ”

Laughter comes out.

After graduating from the Academy, I don’t know how people see me and what they think.

But when I was in the academy, my nickname was a bad nickname.

I at least follow the rules in the “legitimate stage.”The bees were silent to remove the poop, and even when they were in Dalian, they just kept the rules.

But if it’s not a legitimate stage.

If it’s an over -the -counter game, I do not choose means and methods to win.

This is important.It does not cover the means and methods.

Exactly five sphere came to me around me.

The moment he saw the embodiment, Cheonwol was left but late.

I reached out and shouted.


Light stretches out of the sphere.The light stretched in a straight line and erased everything in the range.

Lord magic.

Among them, it is one of the top magic.

Cheonwol spurred and crossed his arms.To there.

I once more speech magic.


Five lights that stretch out collide with the arms of heaven.

like that.

Kwahia Ah- !!!

The roar burst and his body flew away.I did not look back and left immediately.

It’s true that I’m going to do my best.But if there’s a more comfortable way, I’m aiming for it.

I headed to the collapsed ruins.There was a huge pit.

I used rims in Punglim Volcano, but it’s a pit that is maintained after using it.

And the energy of the transcendental feels under it.

I can’t stand it because I’m curious.

I immediately jumped into the pit.The body falls vertically.

About 3 km.

It was about that.

I can see the land.


Lightly landed.

And I could see it.

A man surrounded by chains.

Something, your face is familiar.

“……What else are you? ”

“Who is that?”

“That?The skinny guy is not cheap in the head, say an elderly man.

I looked at him silently.Then he smiles with a bloody face.

“Each blood.Do you have heard of blood? ”

The brow is crumpled.I definitely heard.

“……Why are you here?I heard that I was dead. ”

“Nigigal, why are I die?I was just caught. ”

“How much you were.”

“It’s been about five years.”

“……. ”

“But how did you come here?Is it related to that from above?I almost got stuck.Don’t you do it? ”

I looked at Yangbulhui.I heard that blood horse Yangbul -hui uses a technique that attacks with a hair with confusion.

“……Why do you see that?Did you look so amazing? ”

“It’s not that, but where are you all going?”

Yangbul -hui was bald.

“All the cubs are cut off there.There are very no dog x. ”


“All right.Wait first. ”

I turned my head as it was.As Yangbul -hui said, the heaven and moon were falling out of the sky.

“I will come up with that.”

It was instant.The whole body of the body covers my body.The confusion flocks to the fist.The whirlwind stretched his fist.

My fists and my fists touched me from the sky.

Kwahahah Ah- !!!

The space is distorted by the huge sound sound and the conflict between the confusion.

At the same time, the body of CheonwolIt disappeared.I didn’t think.I followed the instinct.I swung my left elbow strongly.


My elbow passes the side of the celestial moon that appeared from the back, and the fist of Cheonwol stretches toward my abdomen under it.


It flew as it was.In the wall, I was right on the spot without any reorganization.The snow meets the front of the front.I immediately stretched my fist.

Kwahiah- !!

This time, the thousand months flew.

Each one was exchanged.

In the aftermath, the basement began to vibrate.

I looked at the front.

There was no thousand months.In the meantime, I avoided seats.

I looked around the cave just before the collapse Ilbo and looked at Yangbulhui behind.

“……Will you take it? ”

I laughed.

I took Yangbulhui and used the teleport straight.

As soon as I came out, I could see it.


Cheonwol, which emits lightning from the body.

Yangbul -hui was next to me.

“You’re saying that you are a fight with him, but when that’s the state, I use the power of the natural nursery.”

The brow is crumpled.

“Natural police?”

“Uh, the time is not very long.5 minutes?By that, I couldn’t stand that.So if you can’t hold it, let’s splash. ”

“It doesn’t matter.”

I threw Yangbulhui next to it.

Oh, I didn’t care about Yang Bul -hui.

Using the natural power for 5 minutes?

[I asked your father how to take revenge.]

It was definitely buried like that.

Subsequently, the body of Cheonwol disappeared with the sound.

It was so different from the situation so far.

I have completely missed the signs of heaven.

I hear a voice from behind.

[I will kill all guys with a relationship.You will tear the limbs and pull out both your eyes and tongue.]

“Taste is very unique……. ”

I couldn’t speak.

Kwahia Ah- !!

Because I was stuck in the ground.

[The son of the emperor…….Good.It’s so good.What will the emperor look like if he picks up his neck?]

This is what you do.

I stood up slowly.

[I’ll walk in my feet.Stupid baby, you will regret even if you die.]

Laughter bursts out.

[This baby……Smile?]

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