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Legendary Youngest Son of the Marquis House complete (596)

Episode 596

Cheonma Protestant.

Their history is very old.The reason was simple.

It was strong and because of their symbolism.

Cheonma Protestant was the summit of Gonunsan and was heaven.

In the past, there were five bridges in Gonun Mountain, such as blood horse, white horse, Cheonhwa, Baehwa Bridge, and Cheonma Protestantism.

This is like this.

If the blood hemp is the strongest of the five bridges, the hemp is the normal of the gonun acid, and the other four bridges are the forces of the hematology.

Cheonma Protestant has never handed it to another bridge during hundreds of years.

Naturally, the Cheonma Protestant bridge became a position that no one could overcome in Moorim, and Cheonma, the head of the Protestant, naturally became the zone of Moorim.

Not only the name was, but the power of Cheonma was beyond imagination.

It was not that the outdoor cheon did not touch the Cheonma Protestant Bridge.

There is a non -benefit that comes down to Cheonma from generation to generation in Cheonma Protestant.

That Cheonma New Gong is now in my hand.

A natural smile is drawn to the mouth.

For me, Yang Bul -hui came.

“……It’s a real cheonpa new.Hey, are you going to learn that? ”

I answered without hesitation.

“yes.I’ll learn. ”

“……Are you crazy? ”

“why?Shouldn’t you learn? ”

Yang Bul -hui seemed to be embarrassed.

“No, it’s a new horse?You don’t know because you are her son.The kid who fought with him is Cheonma.Cheonma Yeongjung, I learned that? ”

It was simple.

“That’s only my father’s enemy.How do you not use the sword just because you wrote a sword? ”

“……No.Isn’t that a leap? ”

“It’s not a leap.It’s the same.How can you ask the tool to sin? ”

“……. ”

“It depends on the will of the person, and the tool is just a tool in itself.”

I was firm.

Cheonma New, I am going to learn.

Yang Bul -Hwi looked at me with a strange look.

“You’re a bit like your dad, but it’s different.”

“I am?”

“Uh, yes.”

“well.It wouldn’t be much different. ”

“That’s your thoughts, and I have to be sure.Learning a new horse means that you will be the next generation of horses.

The silence bursts out.

“Why do I have to worry about it?”


“Whether it’s accepted or not, what does that matter?”

Yang Bul -hui hardened as he was laughing.

“I don’t see others.I’m not interested in accepting it as a thousand horses.Even if you don’t accept it. ”

“Even if you don’t?”

“It doesn’t matter.You can press it with force. ”

Yang Bul -hui, who seemed to think about something for a while, told me.

“……Go to Gonun Mountain. ”

“Is it Kunryunsan?”

Yang Bul -hui said that the world really burst into sighs that seemed to be turned off.

“Honestly, it was unexpected that the celestial cubs, who once crossed the Jordan River, were stronger than I thought.But the fight has been almost a decade, but I don’t really understand that your dad didn’t have a nose in the longitudinal continent.No matter how much you try to keep your words, it’s not that baby.and……No, this is. ”

I could know.

What was the story of Yang Bul -hui who stopped talking?

Honestly, I don’t know that in detail about a man named Yang Bul -hui.It’s the first time I’ve heard that I was a stroller when I was born.

But I know what he had done in the past and what he was with his father.


Yes, my friend seems to be the most suitable.

No matter how much he drew the work of the East continent, it was related to the remnants of Cheonma Shin Bridge.


It was good to say that I felt betrayed beyond the sad thing.

In other words, Yang Bul -hui’s last word is ‘I felt betrayed by your father.’

I wanted to turn the topic.I asked Yangbulhui.

“What is it when you go to Gonun Mountain?”

Yang Bul -hui with a strange expression told me.

“There must be something that is very helpful for what you are trying to do.”

The brow is frowned.

Something is strange.

“What is that?”

“Well, anyway, go later.And thank you. ”

Yangbulhui turned around.I asked him to disappear.

“Where are you going?”

“I don’t know, Inma.I’ll go anywhere. ”

Yang Bul -hui disappeared while walking.

I turned my head.

Yeongwol, I looked at her.

“why……Do you look like that? ”

There was something to do for sure.

When I saw it before, Yeongwol clearly told me.

“Did you say that the sequence is the third in Hoecheon Bridge?”


“I want to know the exact position system of Hoecheon Bridge.”

Yeongwol talked as if he had waited.

The content was simple.

First of all, there is a bridge at the top.There is an associate owner under it, and there are three elders underneath, and Yeongwol was one of these elders.

I immediately went to the main point.

“Is there a faction?”

“……Yes i have.”

“Can you write a list if you write a list?”

Yeongwol’s expression has changed strangely.She answered with a question.

“……Do you believe me? ”

“Do you think you believe?”

Yeongwol did not answer.I just looked at me.

I burst into silence.I lifted the non -horses in the hand.

“I gave it to me, giving it that award.”

“……Is it a prize? ”

“You must have made quite a lot of efforts to make Hoecheon Bridge.Is my words wrong? ”

Yeongwol shook his head.

“As far as I know, the power of Hoecheon Bridge will not be compared with the world, but it will be the power of ice.Is this right? ”

Yeongwol nodded and asked.

“The forces of Hoecheon Bridge are confidential.Perhaps there was no such information inside the world.I say with my mouth, but I can’t even know the condensation.But why don’t you ask why you grasp the ice palace? ”

It was simple.

“If you are the forces of ice, it will be possible.”

“……It’s a picture. ”

“I want you to match.”

“……. ”

To Yeongwol, who seemed to have lost his words, I asked.

“I ask.Why did you put your body in Hoecheon Bridge? ”


“You didn’t say this.”

I looked at Yeongwol and talked.

“Do you know what I hate the third time in the world?”

“……I do not know.”

“I say the same words twice.”

“……. ”

“It’s the first time, so I’ll go over.Ask again.Why did you come to Hoecheon Bridge? ”

I did not doubt the ability of Yeongwol.It means that the elder of the forces of Hoecheon Bridge, and the overall work of all things, have enough power.

The problem is why.

Why did Yeongwol come to Hoecheon Bridge?What is her purpose?I asked it.

In my question, Yeongwol closed his eyes and was deeply troubled.

And it didn’t take long.

Yeongwol, whose thoughts were organized, answered my questions.

“Do you know why Bloodma told the inspector to go to Gonun Mountain?”

“I do not know.”

“There are members who have been in the Protestantism in the past.”

I quietly heard the story of Yeongwol.

“If you are a protestant in the East Content, people are trembling.If you see it, it’s natural to kill it.In the past, it was the sin that was committed in the past, because it was the sin that was committed in the past.


“I wanted to change the world.I wanted to protect them. ”


“I am from Gonunsan.”

It’s not wrong.

In the past, Cheonma Protestant and Cheon Outcheon were the enemies of the father.I have seen the record that they have been crowded for quite some time.

That’s still lasting.

Yeongwol continues.

“I can’t change all that perception.It’s impossible in reality.So I came to Hoecheon Bridge. ”

“Did you support them with money you earned here?”

“……I applied it to my own expense exactly. ”

“Is that guy who’s not interested in that?”


“What did he do with the money he’s earned?”

“I bought the elective.”


“Blood hemp Yangbulhui is strong.How did the man of Hoecheon Bridge deal with such a man?It’s not normal, but the head of Hoecheon Bridge has long bought it for a long time.I bought it even if I had a less interior of Hoecheon Bridge.I ate all kinds of elements and grew up to that much.And I have ordered all the money I have recently earned to buy it to buy it. ”

To put it simply, it was good to be an elective addiction.Such a pharmacist.

I understood it roughly.First of all, Yeongwol was not lying.Everything is true.It was interesting.

It is enough to accept as a subordinate.

I told her.

“I think it’s a sudden idea, but don’t you think the name Hoecheon is not good?”


“I don’t know, but I don’t.So I change the name. ”

“Have you ever thought?”

Of course there.

He said with a strange smile.

“Cheonma Protestant 天魔 神 敎.”

Yeongwol’s expression is amazing.As if he doubted his ears, she asked her.

“Cheonma……Protestant? ”

“Yes, Cheonma Protestant.You will maintain the elderly and become an inner aide.Help my work from behind.Can you do it? ”

Yeongwol knelt down.

“yes.I’ll do it.”


“I will tell you what to do from now on.”

“I will listen.”

“Write the list of guys who will follow me and the opposite guys who will follow me.”

“……Are you going to do it?yo. this?”

“Isn’t it natural?Why should I hold the bad guys and those who will stop me? ”


“Hoecheon bridge collapsed today.It should be that way.Do you know what you mean? ”

Yeongwol was quick to notice.

“As an inspector, you are going to catch all those on the list of purge.”

I’m going to make it my own organization.

In the east continent, it will make it without knowing it.

This is the beginning.


“Do not stop supporting the hubs of Kunryun Mountain.Tell me if you need money.I will support you more. ”

Yeongwol’s expression is bright.

“persimmon……thank you.”

I resemble my father and I have a wider my heart than the Black Sea.

I notified Yeongwol.

“It’s a day.Write all their name and their current location. ”

Yeongwol, kneeling, bowed as it was.

Her two arms reach the ground.Her head also touched.

She shouted in the attitude of Oche Tugi.

“John Myung-!”

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