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Legendary Youngest Son of the Marquis House complete (598)

Episode 598

“Say it again.what?”

“……The Meron Inspectorate Commissioner of the Meron Inspectorate…. ”

“Not that, then I talked about it.”

“……I asked the patrols to make a choice.Whether to travel around the entire continent and conquer the remnants of Hoecheon Bridge or are embedded in the world. ”

Namgung Cheol -young felt very bad.

I can’t hide the crumpled expressions.

One word, I spit out.

“Crazy baby.”

“……. ”

“I felt it when I first saw it, but this was a really hitting a bone.”

Should I say it’s ridiculous?

Dangju was not a fool, so I could see why Namgung Cheol -young is doing this.

“……This baby, I don’t think I have conquered Hoecheon Bridge, but I think I ate Hoecheon Bridge? ”

“you’re right.According to a report from the patrols, the temporary chief brought a woman named Yeongwol. ”

“Yeongwol…….Is that Yeongwol that I know? ”

“……Yes, it’s probably right. ”

The situation was simple.

At least among the main characters of the world, there is no one who does not know the existence of Hoecheon Bridge.

In the first place, it would be possible only by force or network, but not from it.

The most necessary thing to climb up is the difference between the ability to maintain the secret and information.

Hoecheon Bridge is the highest in the sprinkling industry.

In other words, it means that it could be used as a secret knife that killed those who opposed the will of the world.

The reason why Hoecheon Bridge was able to do so was because it was intertwined with the main characters of the world, and the information that the characters of Hoecheon Bridge had been caught in the past was only the result of ‘transaction’.

To explain a little bit of the incident, the contractor of the Hoecheon Bridge was killed by the “person who should not be killed.”Hoecheon Bridge and Cheon Ha -sung traded.

At that time, I made a mistake.

One of them was arranged by holding it, so that information remains in the materials of the world.

Daedangju Namgung Cheol -young and Sacheon’s Dangju Wakjeong -gun, who are talking about Yeongwol, know the existence of Hoecheon Bridge and also know the existence of Yeongwol.

Yeongwol is the name of the person who was commissioned and arranged at the secretary of Hoecheon Bridge and arranged a contractor.

She looks like, but she has a good head.

It’s not a genius level, but should I say that some of my heads go well?

Inside the world, it is defined that the ability as a booklet is at the top 0.1%of Yeongwol’s ability.

Is that one of the people now entered the Eastern Continental Inspector?Did you bring the temporary commissioner?

“……That’s right.What are you really doing? ”

Namgung Cheol -young was just ridiculous.

A person who was an inspector and absorbed a spraying tissue?

The combination did not.

“……Daedangju.Why don’t you think about it like this? ”


“The temporary commissioner has made the East Continus a wormwood field.Isn’t it the result of being called a temporary commissioner? ”

Namgung Cheol -young nodded.

“In the end, he was rejected in the West World.Reduce the crime rate to a decimal point?This can never happen without the cooperation of the world.In the end, he will be dismissed in some way.in other words.”

“in other words?”

“……Wouldn’t it be right to see that you found your way to live? ”

“Is that way to live by sitting on the East Content?Is it a new garden of Hoecheon Bridge? ”

“……Honestly, from his point of view, there would have been no most obvious way.The reason is……. ”

“I have already touched the world.”

“you’re right.If he hadn’t touched the world, he wouldn’t have been in conflict with Raymond Beck, and he wouldn’t have been a temporary commissioner, and now I wouldn’t have been a party.

All are true.

The two men were silent for a while.

Melon was saying now.

I’m just going out like this, there’s no back and there’s no back, and I don’t hesitate to swallow the organization, but I don’t hesitate to do it.

“……Really, it’s not easy. ”

I don’t know how far Melon has thought, but the Cheon Ha -sung had a good relationship with Melon and tried to deal with Melon’s work of the world.

Many things here are, of course, talk about illegal things.

It is not such a thing to kill someone.In the beginning, those things are handled without traces.

But things like things and money and money are a bit of a problem.

I need an inspector to do it.

“Melon, nothing happens since this baby came to the East Content.”

The murmur said to the murmur of Namgung Cheol -young.

“It may be a good opportunity.”

“Is it a good opportunity?”

“yes.It is true that the temporary commissioner has swallowed Hoecheon Bridge, but he did not swallow it perfectly. ”

Of course, the characters of the world do not know one after another.But unless you’re a fool, you can’t guess the internal situation because it’s going back now.

As I mentioned earlier, from the shareholder, it is not just a difference in power, but because it is divided into the level of knowing the difference between the information and the head.

I didn’t swallow it perfectly, the meaning of this was so simple.

“Are you fighting factions?Are we attracting our world in the faction fight? ”

“yes.If the temporary commissioner completely accepts Hoecheon Bridge, it will be a “weakness” for him and it can be a weapon for us. ”

It is a bit interesting now.

“It is clear that he will fulfill an order that doesn’t seem to say that he wants to lower the crime rate to a decimal point.If so, it would be a good judgment to help you to take control of Hoecheon Bridge perfectly. ”

“If you get a more useful knife than Raymond Beck, you can throw it to the Central Inspector if you are useless at the same time.”

“you’re right.but.”


“In this case, the issue is so serious that we can’t start work arbitrarily, and it would be better to report to the Holy Lord and convince the Holy Lord.”

That’s right in the current situation.

However, Namgung Cheol -young decided to think a little different.

If you can use a man named Melon perfectly, you can climb up to it, not Daedangju.

It is the temporary commander who can completely erase the scratches of Namgung Cheol -young.

Yes, that’s what.

So Namgung Cheol -young chose.

“Don’t tell the Lord.”


“I support my responsibility.I will give you one.Bring all the lords and patrols who follow me. ”


Namgung Cheol -young, who was left alone and left alone, smoked and lit.

……Suddenly I thought.

Was it like this in the first place?

In the current situation, Melon will be able to organize Hoecheon Bridge with the power of the Hoecheon Bridge.

in other words.

It means that those who follow Melon in Hoecheon Bridge have not been revealed to the world.Although the world is grasping the Hoecheon Bridge, it does not understand everything in Hoecheon Bridge.

There is no list of unmanned Hoecheon Bridge, which hides the identity and collects information from the world.

Namgung Cheol -young squeezed her eyes before she had acting.

In a line that does not fully reveal the forces of Hoecheon Bridge to the world, they swallow the rest of the Hoecheon Bridge with the power of the world, and all those who follow themselves in Hoecheon Bridge are hidden, they can be a knife aiming at the world, and a knife aimed at the western continentIt may be.

This is almost perfect plan that solves the nose without touching it.Nevertheless, it was like a kind of rat medicine that could not be eaten from the standpoint of Namgung Cheol -young.


“Is it a woman who put Hoecheon Bridge to that place.”

It would be Yeongwol to squeeze all of these measures.

Like Melon, the cubs are ignorant and powerful.


It is a great woman.

“……You need to pay attention. ”

* * *

Yeongwol, who did nothing and raised his own value, was now seeing the inspector’s work.

Honestly, Melon didn’t have much time to see the inspector’s work.

I thought about what kind of processing was doing this, but there was no reason to handle it.

Work is not so difficult.

Above all, the most important of Melon’s position is the head of the head of the Planning and Coordination Ministry.

In fact, it is the core department of the inspector and the direction of the inspector’s office.

Of course, you need to write documents, plan your plans, and get a payment from Meron, a temporary commissioner.It wasn’t really difficult as mentioned earlier.

Then Yeongwol stopped for a while in a part of the documents he had in his hand.

Soon, laughter bursts out.

I laughed because it was ridiculous.

It was a budget part, but the amount of support from the western continent was as much as 500 million.

But this 500 million.

Something familiar.

“……All the budget was spent on the amount.….oh my god……. ”

How should I explain this?

Should I say reckless?Yes, it can be said to be reckless.

In other words, if you have failed, what did you do if you failed?

It’s not a small amount of money, but this is…….

It was ridiculous for a while, but it was okay.

This can be filled again.

The budget must be organized and organized.

Yeongwol thought for a while.

The 500 million Nyan in the West Continent, to be honest, was no different money.

However, it was only ‘present’, but Yeongwol was sure to guarantee.

Exactly, the investigators will be dispatched to the East Continent Inspectorative Office within a year.

The nominal is to catch the pod of how this 500 million was used.

Yeongwol is quietI closed my eyes.

This is much different from that of Hoecheon Bridge.

It is not elsewhere, but must be convinced of the “Central Inspector” of the West.

Yeongwol sighed in that state.

“……Why are you so many enemies? ”

No, it doesn’t support what employees are, and it’s almost like you’re going to do it with your locals to just give you a lot of money.

And if you catch it and legally grind it, Melon will not say anything.

It was a natural speculation because it was Melon, who was intended to keep his term as an inspector.

Then, this should be written with a pods that will never be caught.

Two things came to mind in the head of Yeongwol.

There is no building first.You must build a building.And they must pay the salary to those who will build the building.

Labor and construction costs.

The picture is drawn roughly.Yeongwol could be sure.The Central Inspector’s Office will be able to deceive any character.

Yeongwol immediately turned on the communication ball.This is a special communication district that cannot be eavesdrop.

A man wearing a mask appeared in the telecommunications district.

He was a special galvan who guarded Hwallu’s Ruju, and the martial arts state was a landscape.

Yeongwol told him, a intermediate master.

“long time no see.Captain. ”

There was acquaintance with each other and faced.A man called the ledger to Yeongwol asked.

“Are you okay?”

“I mean?”

“yes.I heard that the headquarters of Hoecheon Bridge was destroyed.and.”


“Rumor has it that rumors of conquering the remnants of Hoecheon Bridge in the Cheon Ha Castle are spreading to the rock.”

A soft smile is drawn on the mouth of Yeongwol.

First of all, things are going on without any problems.

It was a smile of relief.The man called the captain laughed at the laughter.Although it was not seen because of masks, Yeongwol knows that he laughed.

Yeongwol said.

“It’s all planned.You have to hit them on the side of the ‘associates’.Would you please tell me to Hwol -ru’s Ruju? ”

“yes.Say anything. ”

“Please tell me like this.Collect about 100 people who have ‘high -quality personnel’ and send them to the building of the Dongdong Continental Inspectorate. ”

“If you are a high -quality personnel, is it that high -quality personnel?”

“yes.That high -quality personnel are right.You have to start from all over the country, and you have to be disguised as a building company. ”

The high -quality manpower here did not mean the window or the people.

It meant the experts of institutional meals.

“yes.I will tell you. ”

“thank you.And sooner or later the blood will burn, so let’s buy it.Meeting with the new gyoza requires a little time, so please tell Hwawol -ru. ”

“yes.Yeongwol.Don’t worry. ”

Communication was so cut off.


I had to make a fortress.

The building where people who are the lord of Cheonma Protestant and the person who will be served by Yeongwol should not be such a space where the middle people come and go easily.

Food accounting is no problem, and the material is no problem.

Yeongwol came out after quickly arranging the documents.

There were more than hundreds of people.

All were patrols and poetry.

“Did you decide your heart?”

Yongseong -un nods.

“Then, I’ll set the position, so only the patrols gather.”

Merron, who was looking at the appearance of the top floor of the temporary building, stared at Yeongwol, who worked hard on his forehead.

Yeongwol, who skillfully set each district to patrols, lifted his head.

Melon meets.

She told Melon.

‘I’ll guide you to the places where the associates are.’

Melon nodded.

Maybe it seemed to have a decent Suha.

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