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Legendary Youngest Son of the Marquis House complete (600)

Episode 600

Yong Sung -woon sighed.

Honestly, the reason for entering the inspector’s general employee was because of the order of the party.

Although he or she has compete with intelligence and political power, the patrol company’s position is determined by political power and network rather than simple force.

The patrol company Yong Sung -un has no choice but to hear the order of the party, and he also knows that the party is the closest aide of Namgung Cheol -young, the owner of the party.

In other words, his actions were like the will of Namgung Cheol -young, but they have a sense of skepticism.

It’s a slave market.

It’s also a slave market with so many.

There was a rumor that the incident smelled to the West Continent, and that the inspectors of the Central Inspectorate and the Daeguksa Temple could be dispatched.

Yong Sung -woon looked at the man in front of him.

“What is this?”

That man, who looked at nothing, was a man named Jungwolsan, the top of the top of Cheongseong.

The top of the Cheongseong is the top of the Cheongseongsan Mountain, where Cheongseong was present, and it was an unknown top of the world, including the world.

The resolution was not excellent, it was not a lot of money, and the size of the top itself was very small.

It was good to be said to be the top of the small scale.

It was the top, so no one knew.


This should be certain.

Yongseong Woon knows.

No matter how small the top of the Cheongseong was, even if it was a small top of the slave market, it was a very huge organization in the shade that was operating the slave market.

It was covered.

This was not a guess.I was convinced.

I did it.

The wicked army, who was a party, gave this order to the patrols.

If you have a book in the slave market, don’t give it to Melon.

Obviously, there will be customers among the major people in the world.

The greetings may be Moorim Sega’s character or senior executives of the world.

If you get a book, you will know.Yongseong -un went forward.There were about 80 reasons for this place, and the patrols were two people, including Yong Sung -un and the listed parts.

The number of horns is not necessary to say.He blindly follows the world.

Yong Sung -woon, who looked at him for a while, told him to the top of the top of Cheongseong.

“I have been aware of the slave market.I also grasped all locations, so I would say last.I will go finely, or I will go with a half -hearted god here. ”

“……There is a misunderstanding.It’s a slave market.Whatever ridiculous…….We can’t do that.What is the slave market at the top of this small. ”

“When I speak fine, it’s better to listen.”

“I misunderstand.So just go back.If you do this, I will formally challenge the world. ”

This was enough.

Yong Sung Woon said in his voice.

“All beings that are interfering with the events of the Cheon Ha -sung Inspector can be killed.To seize everything at the top of the blue. ”

The answer was by action.

More than 80 people were in place.This is the smallest slavery market according to Melon’s information.This level was enough.

Yongsung Woon, a beginner master, also left.

that day.

Everyone at the top of Cheongseong was arrested.

Should I say a miracle?Or should I say lucky?

Yong Sung -woon found a book that was deeply hidden inside the top of the Cheongseong.

And the moment I confirmed the contents of the book, my facial expressions quickly solidified.

‘……I’m crazy. ‘

Expected was correct.That’s just that.

Once the ledger was in his arms, Yong Sung -woon was looking for the book.

“Let’s see.”

Yongseong -un turned his head.

“But why?”

“Book, did you find it?”

Yong Sung -woon shook his head without any concerns.

“……Um, I see.I say something, but I need that book.If you are looking for a book, please give me. ”

“Shouldn’t we bring it to the party anyway?”

“I want to do that.I want to go up to Dangju. ”

“……. ”

“Are you not good at the background?I know that I have already been promised to the party, but I would like to ask me. ”

Clearly, Yongseong -un is the strongest man among all patrols in the world, not only Sichuan.

The reason he has not been a patrol company is just not interested.

In recent years, I became a patrol and became a patrol company.

‘I want you to be a patrol of Sichuan.In the future, I promise to choose you first.

He looked up and looked at the horns, and Yong Sung -un said.

“Okay.If you find it, let you give it to you. ”

“Thank you.If so, I will never forget my grace. ”

Hangjang -soo went back to find the book, and Yong Sung -woon quietly took a breath.

If you didn’t just miss it, there was a name of Namgung Cheol -young in the book.

Everything in the world cannot be fair and right.

However, if the person who pretends to be fair and pretends to be right is beyond imagination, it should be removed.

Yong Sung Woon judged.

This book will not be given to the world.

This book will give to Melon, a temporary commander.

It was up to him how to use it.

So Yong Sung -woon returned to the world.

* * *

In Cheonhwagyo, there is a martial arts called Cheonhwagong, which is handed down from the Cheonhwa Province.

This mugong was characterized by creating a lot of variables, and from the past to the present, those who have learned the cheonhoma in the Kunryun Mountain are overwhelming.

Jincheonhui, who is currently leading the Cheonhwa Bridge and at the same time as the associate owner of Hoecheon Bridge, is a transcendental.

Although it was a beginner’s beginner, even Cheonwol, the head of Hoecheon Bridge, did not ignore Jincheonhui.

That kind of existence, Jincheonhui.

Jincheonhui was very embarrassed now.

It was.

Now, Jincheonhui stretched his fist.

In an instant, the fists are stretched to hundreds.Hundreds of fists stretched in a limited space.

And Melon stretched his fists without a moment of hesitation for hundreds of hands.

Kwahahah Ah- !!!

The roar bursts and Jincheonhui’s fist bounces up.One of the hundreds of moods is a perfect hit of a true fist.

As mentioned earlier, I was embarrassed.

Is this broken like this?It’s ridiculous.

Jincheon Hwi bowed quickly.Melon’s feet pass over his head.

It was hard at the moment.

If the reaction was too late, he might have been hit by that foot and lost.Jincheonhui, who lost its balance, was immediately left in that state.His body stretches forward.

Pu -Mom, I received melon with shoulders.Melon’s body is rushing back.Melon immediately gave strength to the knee.

And, I uploaded it as it was.Should it be a matter of concentration?

Not surprisingly, there is a slight difference in concentration.

The difference has a great influence on the fight between the transcendentals.

like now.

I’m pretty!

Jincheonhui’s head bounced up.

Obviously, he pushed Melon first, and then tried to attack, but Melon was faster.

Beyond embarrassment now, I’m afraid.

Jincheonhui’s eyes are then bigger.Because of his eyes, I saw the heel.

And because it smashed his face as it was.


Blood bouncing in the air.

Jincheonhui flew away as it was.

Transcendent.It is ridiculous that the transcendental of mythology is so different from each other.

But it is not that it is.

It is similar to the case of Cheonwol.Melon has a almost absolute advantage for those who use mood.

It’s natural to have been doing that.

And with this clash before, Jincheonhui clearly realized that he could not beat Melon.


Jincheon Hwi chose.

I should have done this in the first place.

The moment I met him, I should have done it like this.

Teleport magic on the West Continent is classified as a circle magic, but it was also available for unmanned in the Eastern continent.

The principle was similar, and it was the same as it was to blow up and use it anyway.Above all, he is a transcendental.

This situation was simple now.

Jincheonhui used teleport immediately on the spot without worrying about it.

Jincheonhui’s body disappears quickly.

Melon arrived at the place where Jincheonhui was late.

“This is a real sheep.”

There should be a baby called unmanned.It’s a bit disadvantageous while fighting, so run away right away?

This was hard to be in Melon’s common sense.

Even if you are not an opponent, there is a fight that should never be retreated as an unmanned.

Jincheonhui is in danger of losing all the foundations.

But do you retreat?Throw away everything that the unmanned baby had and run away to save a life?



“It’s tired.”

It is a question.Where did Jincheonhui go?

To be honest, I don’t know.I don’t know so in detail about a man named Jincheonhui.

But it doesn’t matter.

Teleport magic is eventually a magic that opens a portal.More deep, the teleport magic connects the space and the space.

If the space opens in any way, there is a trace there.

This is so natural.There is no “trace” in everything in the world.

There is only a difference between the one who can catch it.

And Melon was the case of the former.

Melon clearly read the traces of cracked space.

And if you can read this space like Melon.

Melon reached out.

The space in front of you is torn with the sound and eerie sound.

Melon’s hand digs into a torn space.

Subsequently, ‘something’ is caught.

As soon as he entered his hand, Melon gave his hands.Oh.

I was able to confirm what was caught.

Melon pulled his hand.

Melon’s hand reappears in a torn space.Then there was a man who came with his hair.

It was Jincheon Hwi that had just disappeared.

As mentioned earlier, this is possible in the case of Melon.

Melon was not hesitant for a moment.

Melon took Jincheonhui’s head with his opposite fist.


Jincheonhui, an embarrassing expression, is on the floor.


I immediately gave my feet and went down.

Kwahiah Ahhh!

Melon’s feet touched Jincheonhui’s abdomen.The land splits into dozens of branches.Huge dust blooms everywhere.

A huge level of confusion spread.

Now, Jincheonhui’s danjeon was smashed.

Jincheonhui became the general public.

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