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Legendary Youngest Son of the Marquis House complete (602)

Chapter 602

I asked me as if I didn’t know what it was.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Namgung Cheol -young sighs.

“Let’s see, Melon Inspector.”

I looked up and looked at Namgung Cheolyeong.He speaks.

“Even though we had a problem at first, wasn’t we decided to put down your past feelings?But this is very difficult. ”

I emphasize once again.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Are you trying to weave me with that book?”

The brow is crumpled.That book is really unknown.However, Namgung Cheol -young seemed to be convinced.

And I didn’t read the scriptures on the ear, and Namgung Cheol -young was not so tight.

“I say in advance.If you try to weave me with it, you will turn the whole world as an enemy.Then your inspector’s life will end.And do you think I really don’t know anything? ”

More negative seemed meaningless.I looked at Namgung Cheol -young.

“I think I swallowed Hoecheon Bridge.You should also take medicine that can afford it.Is it not? ”

“So what do you want to say?”

“I think you have a book.Of course, even if you don’t have it, the book will be in your hands.That, bring me to me.You can think of it as a deal.I need a book and you want to hide the fact that you have swallowed Hoecheon as an inspector’s status.You can cover the eyes and ears of Seongju.Only me is possible.This is the main point of my story. ”

“……. ”

“I don’t think you are stupid.It’s smarter than anyone else.So don’t make the situation worse anymore.We can go together for a long time. ”

Namgung Cheol -young said he didn’t want to talk more than that.

“Well, I look forward to good news.”

Namgung Cheol -young turns around and moves.I saw it.As Namgung Cheol -young walks on the way, looking at the patrols with bloody eyes.

I seemed to know how things flowed roughly.

In the process of opening the slave market, there must be five books.

To be honest, I was not interested in that book.

Whether or not, even if you get a book anyway, you will start after a while to catch them.

In the end, the idea that it was not something to start right now was full of head, but one of those patrons seemed to have taken out one book.

I was a little curious about who was, but I went over.

I moved my eyes again and looked at the back of Namgung Cheol -young, which disappears from the view.

It was just because of the convenience and the situation.

More precisely, it may be more appropriate to say that there is no intention of touching the “executives” of the world.

Patrols and people, who are also patrols, can be called an executive, but in my standards, the cadres of the world are more than a party.

Those who are favored by the Holy Lord.

They are executives of the world in my standards.

I stayed like that for a while and turned my head.

I can see Jincheon Hwi, who was staring at me silently.

In addition to Jincheonhui, they also fell like a dog and groaned.

I broke out of food and silence.

There is a word called escort.

If you get on the tiger back, you have to go to the end.

He said he sent all the documents to the Central Inspector’s Office, which is not about receiving permission from them.It’s just a procedural problem.

You know this happened in the east continent.Such a procedure that notifies it.

There are a lot of people in the West Continent who are very curious about what I do in the East Contents, so many people will like it.

“I can’t answer, but just listen.Tomorrow.Your execution date. ”

“……. ”

“I will kill you all, but don’t sound like that.It’s only as much as you can.If the bullshit gets longer, there will be more people to be associated.The same is true of your family, and only a lot of hard ones.So shut up and die.Okay? ”

It was not only to Jincheonhui.It was a sound to everyone here.

And all of them were convinced.

Honestly, no matter how much I went out, I didn’t want to touch the innocent family.

Some people have received some indirect benefits, but they are very busy to catch them.

I didn’t want it, and the people here didn’t want it.If it is annoying, everything is tied up.

This was enough.

“The last dinner is a boiled potato.I’ll bring it soon, so don’t take away the people next to you.

One of the prisoners raised his hand.

“I have that question.”


“……How do you urinate and feces? ”

“What should I do?Just cheap in pants.Or go to the forest and it’s quiet. ”

The prisoner looked around with a ridiculous look.

“……The expenses are so strict, how are you going to go there? ”

“That’s what you should take care of.Should I care about that? ”

“……. ”

“It’s funny, a beast to be treated as a beast.”

I touched the patrol company Yongseong Woon.

Notice, he approached the prisoner silently, picked up a dagger from the waist dance, and drew the prisoner’s neck.

Bloods burst out everywhere with the sound.

I grabbed my neck and looked down at the painful prisoners.

“Do you have more words to say?”

“……. ”

“It’s not as funny as the beast doesn’t know the theme, but I’m glad.I think I understand my situation. ”

The plains are silent.

Everyone had snowed down and eventually understood his situation.And accepted.

This is the case.

I walked around.Yongseong -woon comes to me.


I only turned to the side.

“I have something to say, are you okay?”

I looked at Yongseong Woon for a while.

What do you weigh that way to say?

Roughly, there was something to guess.

Nodding, I took Yongsung Woon to the cabin.

As soon as I opened the door, I stopped there.

There was a guest inside.

Obviously I came out of the cabin.It’s about 10 minutes long.

By the way, a guest who came into the hut in that 10 minutes.

Surprisingly, it was a little short.

And you can see Yeongwol sitting polite in front of him.

Yeongwol, who felt my eyes, stood up.She was very complex.

Sitting on the table, he looked at a fairly huge man and spoke slowly.

“Yongseong -un patrols.”

“Yes, the chief.”

“I wait outside for a while.Yeongwol, you too. ”

Two men and women nodded and went out.I pulled the chair on the other side of the big man and sat down.


“Why are you doing this?”

“I heard the name of the bleeding from the west continent these days, and I was curious.”

A very big man.

He was a man who came with me when he came here.And I know I went back in the middle, but I will meet you again.

Of course, I thought I would see it someday, but I didn’t know that I would see it as soon as possible.

The chief of the current conduits and the head of the Hwangsil Knights of the Milos Empire.

And a man who was the best sword in the West continent and the prince of the kingdom of cradle in the past.

His real name is Antos cradle.

The name known to the world is Tanos.

“I was so thinking.”

To Tanos, I had no choice but to ask once more.


“Why did you come?”

* * *

Tanos is the head of the caterpillar.

What kind of organization is the conduit?

It is an organization that protects the Milos Empire.

It is their job to collect intelligence activities and information across the entire continent and collect intelligence activities and information across the entire continent, and to remove or remove things that may be “threats” in the country.

Because of such an organization, only those who have a large number of and good capabilities have to collect.

Tanos, the head of all those, goes around the world without staying in one place.

But all the information comes to Tanos.

Tanos has been reportedly reported by Melon’s commit from the East Land.

At first, I did it.

As an inspector, he was a bit radical, but he investigated crimes and executed those who committed crimes.

It didn’t matter if there was a friction with the Central Inspector of the West Continent.

It is Jack to control everything anyway, and Jack did not reject the “order” to Melon by the Central Inspector.

It is because he wants Melon to grow Melon strongly, and he hopes that Melon will not go out as an inspector.

Tanos recently recalled the moment he had a conversation with Jack.


“Yes, the main.”

“How do you see Daniel these days?”

In the question, Tanos could not answer immediately.

Jack smiles.

“Do you see it, do you see it?”

“……yes.I think it was a bit radical to turn the east continent upside down, but I think it was a good thing to do as an inspector and as a prince.But then……Not a little. ”

I thought so.

“The roots of Hoecheon Bridge are eventually Cheonma Protestant.Daniel is now under the Cheonma Protestant Bridge.I think this will be the biggest problem in the future. ”

Jack laughed silently.Tanos accepted it to talk more.

“The reason why the Lord declared that it would not interfere with the East continued was for Daniel’s growth.But I don’t see the Lord predicted everything in it. ”

Only then did Jack opened his mouth.

“that’s right.I didn’t think that I would accept the forces of Cheonma Protestantism.But you don’t know. ”

I was serious.

“Depending on how black is used, the use changes and the name is different.The same is true for groups.If he’s firm, I think I’ll watch it at least once.But I think you are not. ”

“……yes.No matter how much I think about it, I don’t think it is Cheonma Protestant.As you may know, there are quite a few remnants of the outdoor cheon in the East.Cheonma Protestant also accepted it under the underwear, but there is no law that they will not accept it either.If you accept them, you may be the second Hyukjin River or the second cheonma.I am very concerned about that. ”

Jack, who just laughed as if the situation was fun, told Tanos.

“Then you go and meet.”

“Can I do it?”

“You’re not a child, and I don’t control your thoughts and directions.You act as you believe, as you believe.Just make sure this is. ”

After stopping for a while, Jack told Tanos in a decisive tone.

“I don’t know that your opinion and my opinion are not perfectly the same, and I don’t know what you will go to Daniel, but it’s not my opinion, but your opinion.Do you know what you mean? ”


I can’t know.

Jack do this, do it like that, and if you give orders in this way, Daniel will follow that way.

Because my father.

And the emperor.

That’s Daniel’s thoughts, opinions, and meaning, ignoring all of them.Jack drew a line.

I will respect individual opinions.

The fact that Tanos moved is also an individual’s will and Daniel’s act in the East Content is also an individual’s will.

Tanos opened his eyes.

There was Daniel in front of you.

The son of Jack, the main army who risks his life, and the prince of the current Milos Empire.

Currently, he is sitting in the position of the prosecutor’s office under the name Melon, hiding the status of the prince.

Tanos was also a childhood sword teacher in Daniel.

Strictly speaking, Daniel’s “Master” is a cell.

But after the cell left, Tanos watched Daniel’s swordsmanship.Even if you call it a sword master, there is no strange.

Tanos looked around for a while.

There is no one in the sense.There was no long distance.No one is overheard.Tanos, who became clear, sighed deeply.

“Why are you really doing this?”

“What do you mean?”

“It is not Hoecheon Bridge.”

“What is it not?”

“Are you really asking?”

“yes.I don’t know. ”

“……. ”

“Is the past so important?”

Tanos’s expression is slightly hardened.

“I think this is because of the fact that Hoecheon Bridge was a subordinate organization of Cheonma Protestantism, but it is not a problem at all in my standards.”

“But it’s a problem for me.”

“Does that have to do with me?”

“……young master!”

It was a shout, but Daniel ignored it.

“From the point of view of the tube and from the perspective of the province, I understand that the word Cheonma Sindyo is annoying, but it is my choice.”

“That choice may lead to ruin that I didn’t even think of.”

“I acted because I was convinced that it would not.Like ‘then’. ”

When it was said here, Tanos could soon notice.

Daniel was punished as a school service when he was attending the Academy.For a few years, not a day or two.

It was a punishment in the history of the Academy.If you do a few weeks of service, you will be able to drop out.That’s how much.

What was the reason?

Due to the field learning, Daniel was killed by the bandits of Seodin and Kowloon Mountain.

At that time, Tanos strongly suggested Daniel’s punishment and Daniel took it.

Daniel said, ‘Then’ meant that situation.

“……The situation of the bleeding, the situation of the bleeding is more serious than that. ”

Daniel smiled.

“I will not.At least according to my judgment. ”

In the tone of a decisive Daniel, Tanos realized that Daniel could not bend.The sigh bursts out.


“Why are you trying to go back?”

“I think I will be too shy myself if I walk the path of Jeongseok -daero.”

“……. ”

“It must be comfortable.I just went and I was a prince, I was deceiving my status and traveling to the world, the next emperor will be me.It’s no different from being a kid who’s only a baby who’s showing anything, and if he reveals himself in the world in that way, it’s not different from all those who are enshrined and your hands.At least I think so. ”

“……. ”

“And, this is the confirmation of confirmation, but Tanos’s will here is Tanos’ will.Or is it your willingness? ”

“My will.”


“……. ”

“Do you have to say more?”

Tanos, a hardened look, slowly brought his hand with a sword of the waist dance.

In such a situation, Daniel laughed.

“Are you thinking of stopping me?By force? ”

The string of tension is pulled.

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