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Legendary Youngest Son of the Marquis House complete (603)

Episode 603

Yeongwol didn’t know what was happening inside.

But one thing is certain, the atmosphere was not so good.

‘I heard that the prince and the cuisine were not bad.…. ‘

Should I say it’s a public fact?

As everyone knows, there are many “teachers” of Daniel Milos, the current prince.

For Abeiru, who is a two -person in the Milos Empire and sitting in the position of a relief, he learned about administration, and learned swordsmanship from Antos cradle, the guideline of the conduisan and the guardian of the Milos Empire, and the head of all dragons and the best masters of the East continent.In cell, I learned ‘spirit’.

There were a few more than that, but this is known in the world.

It’s a false truth, but if you don’t know it, it would have been strange if it wasn’t good with Antos cradle.

The current emperor, Jack Milos, has been with him since childhood, the disciple of Jack Milos, and even the current Milos Empire.

If there is a friction with such a person who is a close aide, the friction would have been solved in the past.

The location of each other is such a position.Antos does not want to use the prince as an enemy, and the prince does not want to use Antos, the aide of Jack, the emperor.

‘So I strongly insisted on the prince’s expulsion during the Academy.’

This is also true.

Antos strongly insisted on expulsion at the beginning of the incident that Daniel, no, and Melon, who slaughtered the bandits of Kowloon Mountain, when he attended the Academy.

However, the residents who were damaged by the bandits of Guryongsan at that time wrote a petition that they didn’t want to punish Melon and sent them to the Academy.

It is not one or two, but more than hundreds.

Among them, why do you punish the hero, who handled what you have turned away, and what you are silent for a silent hour, Kowloon was every day.

There was a petition that was mixed with such tears, and the petition moved the heart of Abeiru, chairman of the disciplinary committee and dean.

It’s simple.

No matter how criminals, there were thousands of students, and there were even children.It was a bomb during the bombing, and it was the theory that the honor of the Academy would be lost if I kept them.

But it is true that it has been silent.You can make excuses that you didn’t care because you were busy, but that’s just an excuse.

It was Melon that solved it, and it was clear that punishment for such melon would be the result of further loss of the academy’s honor.


Aveiru was not going to punish Melon at first.

It was Antos that stopped it.

Antos strongly demanded that there should be punishment in some way, Melon should be on campus.

There was a friend who was a colleague and family member who had been with the Milos Empire, and had to distinguish between the public and the public, but Abeiru could not ignore the words of Antos, who had the status of the coast.

Eventually, the incident went up to the emperor, and the emperor raised Antos’s hand to serve in -house.

The ashes 裁 裁.

So Melon had been on campus for years.That background is this.

‘It may have been bad because of that.….It’s not like a narrow person.at last.’

at last.

‘It is the difference in direction.’

What Melon wants is now and the future.What Tanos wants is now and the future.But the subject was different.

Instanding as a guarantee of the conduit.

The prince’s position to be recognized throughout the world.

There is an indispensable problem between the two positions.

The prince tried to have the problem, and the lord of the conduit was not intended to be.

‘……In the end, the tag of this Cheonma Sindyo is a problem. ‘

But I can’t do it.

Because it is reality.

The image of Cheonma Protestant is the worst.

The image of the outdoor cheon is also the worst.

Before the emperor of the west became the emperor of the world, he was hostile to him and tried to kill the emperor in the west.

It failed and the price of Oman was terrible.

Cheonma Protestant and Cheon -cheon are still the enemy of the Milos Empire.

In such a situation, the prince was tied up with the remnants of Cheonma Protestant, so it would have been no longer.

It was then.

The communication district in Yeongwol’s waist dance began to ring.When I picked up the telecommunications district, the face of plum appeared there.

“What happens?”

“It’s nothing different, but all of those who belong to Hoecheon Bridge have expressed their intention to attend.”

“Oh, is that?There was no one who refused? ”

“……There were a lot.But he said that he would attend all the words that Hoe said.Unless there is this, the main characters of Hoecheon Bridge, and exactly 149 people will attend. ”

“thank god.The place is called Hwawolru. ”

“yes.I will prepare properly. ”

The communication district was cut off.

I didn’t speak, but this evening, institutional experts and architects were supposed to come.The plan has already been established and starts starting from this evening.

Work was flowing smoothly.

Yeongwol put the telecommunications in his pocket.

Anyway, even if you talk, Melon, which Yeongwol grasped at the moment, was never a fight.

In summary of everything that Melon had done as an inspector, Yeongwol was able to predict what will happen in the future.

She quietly stepped back.

It was when I stepped out exactly fifteen steps in the cabin.

Kwahia Ah- !!

The sound burst and the hut fell as it was.Everywhere, wood fragments and paper debris rose.

As soon as they saw the paper fragments, Yeongwol crumpled Warrak and the brow.

That’s all documents.

Starting with the detailed documents on the budget to send to the Central Inspector’s Office.

I made it for almost all night, and it was being disassembled now.Not any extreme job.

Yeongwol could see.

In the dust buried, the “huge man of a man,” and the sword, and the inspector’s chief Melon, who rushes to the sword without hesitation.


Kwahiah- !!

The two men bounced in different directions with the roar that bursts once more.

The blood sprinkled in the air was obviously of both.

The lord of the conduit is a monster.

It is also a monster of effort.

Talent is a talent, but he is a former person who has risen to that place in the situation where the whole body became a half -hearted man.

Such a person was now in the same man with a man who was only twenty years old.

I can’t believe it.

‘……How strong is it? ‘

It was a serious question.

* * *

Tanos, who was talking to Daniel, sighed deep.

“Do you remember what I had to teach me swordsmanship before?”

“I don’t know exactly what you are talking about because you teach me a lot.”

Tanos said slowly.

“The prince, a prince, will face an unexpected problem in some way when he lives in the world, and to solve it.”

Daniel received that.

“There must be power.”

“you’re right.It doesn’t matter if you have power, whether you create a new outdoor cloth with all the remnants of Cheonma Protestant, or just to create a new Cheonma Protestantism, or even Cheonma Protestant Bridge.To make your opponent bend, you can prove yourself.By force. ”

“……. ”

“I have no understanding of the bleeding now and I am doubtful about the method of the bleeding itself.so.”

“Show me by force?”

“yes.As you may know, I am a very simple guy.To be honest, I had a lot of doubts about your backpack.But I have never expressed it.Do you know why? ”

I can’t know.

“Did you show it by force?”

“yes.The abandoned always showed me by force.I think myself is a sword of my Majesty.I can be a sword of the bleeding or a broken rust in the middle, but I am the sword until this moment.I might not know that the bleeding will be king in the future and use me as a sword.In fact, it should not be important. ”

Tanos slowly stood up.

Serung, his sword is picked up.

“Prove.I’m not looking at the bleeding as a “guarantee of the tube,” so that you can look at it as a sword. ”

A smile is drawn on Daniel’s mouth.And Tanos did not say more.

He wielded the sword.

One day it was the sword at that time, who had somedo the Roman’s neck, who declared that he would take revenge on Heinkes Becker’s body.

Daniel reaches out.

Kwahia Ah- !!

As Tanos’s sword and Daniel’s hand reached, a huge storm of storms began to drove.The cabin completely decomposes and bursts everywhere.

In the situation where the binge bursts, the two men raised each other’s confusion.

Tanos with a red line and Daniel with dark lines.

The two men rushed towards each other in a place surrounded by dust.

Tanos stretches the sword.Daniel swung his fist.

Kwahiah- !!

Tanos’ sword bounced off and Daniel’s fist bounced off.Daniel rotates his body as it is.His legs were swung.Tanos leans his head.I passed the head perfectly.

The sound of the wind was too creepy.And the mountain, which was far from that foot, was divided into half as if he was hit by a hit.

Thanos’ eyes are writhing with their eyes turning around and confirming it.

……When did you grow like this?

The question was a while.Tanos grabbed the sword he was holding as it was, and then fled to his right side.square-!

Long scars are created on the side of Melon approaching from the back.

Tanos squeezed the brow.The texture felt in my hand was not thought.

Originally, it should have been broken through the side.But only scars?This means that Daniel predicted this situation.

It was there.

Tanos lifted his head as it was.

Only then could I see it.

Daniel’s heel is running down on his head.

It’s crumbled!

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