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Legendary Youngest Son of the Marquis House complete (604)

Episode 604

Tanos was on the ground without Mac.

There is a huge crater there.It was enormous.

In a moment, the dust covers the entire surrounding area.

Tanos, who was on the floor, was not worried about the flocking pain.

Rather, he was smiling full of joy.

Jack’s son was so big.

It is clear that the transcendental power of the power is over.

Tanos thought so and crossed his arms.

Kwahia- !!

Daniel’s feet remove Tanos.Tanos did not fly.At the short moment when Daniel’s feet touched both arms, he stopped it and caught Daniel’s ankle.

“There are too many loopholes in movement.”

At the same time, Tanos stepped off.

Kwahiah- !!

Daniel’s abdomen is leaned back.He even burst out of his mouth.

“If you think a lot, you will have loopholes.Move according to your instinct.The bleeding is possible. ”

At the end of Tanos, Daniel went down his elbow.It was very bitter for the attack I tried in a balanced situation.


Thanos’ feet, who are beaten by Daniel’s elbows, are still on the ground.This time, Tanos lost its strength and situation.But it’s Tanos.

Other extras are not those of these two three, but the first sword of the Milos Empire, which is the current state of the province and the emperor’s protection and the defense of the empire.

He showed a flexible movement that was not suitable for the huge size.The body was used to move the body forward.

Then Tanos’s body rotated.

For sure, all these movements were unpredictable movements by Daniel.

Even when I do Dalian, I never showed this movement.

At least Tanos was sincere.

Sincerity as an enemy, not a teacher.

The perfect gap is exposed.

It was the time when the sword was full of confusion, Daniel.

The momentum of the sword, which seemed to be bells, became weak.

It wasn’t intended by Daniel.Tanos intended.Later, Daniel lifted his back.


Daniel’s brow is crumpled.

I was prepared to cut.But the sound was not that sound.This is not a sword, but a sword, or a sword.

Daniel’s gaze heads to the back of his hand.

I checked with my eyes.

It was an interface.

“……. ”

Daniel was quiet silently.

I even lowered the momentum of the sword in the middle, and I wielded it in my inspection.

In some ways, it could have been enough to say that everything was enough, but Daniel didn’t think so.

Tanos looked at Daniel quietly.


Tanos puts a sword.


At the same time as the sword touched the ground, the two men fisted each other as if they had promised.

I’m pretty!

The faces of each other are leaned back.The two stepped back once again left each other.

It was really amazing.

If you look at the state where the two men are, you can’t know that trying to avoid and defending defense is basically an attitude for those who are in the fight.

However, the two did not think about evasion or defense again, as they ran towards each other at the same time when the sword fell.


Like the promise, they only attacked each other.

Even the attack was all hit.

The two didn’t seem to think about evasion or defense.

Fierce and eerie.


And the two are not ordinary people.It is a transcendental.Daniel is ahead of the natural exploitation and Tanos is natural.

When each other attacks, the damage around the surroundings is more than serious.

I can’t say it.

Already the surrounding area was being ruined.The unmanned in the world was enough to evacuate the prisoners of the plains.

Dwarf plates did not have such a mess.

Daniel’s brow is frowned upon.Daniel’s legs pushed the earth.Daniel’s body stretches at the speed of light at Tanos.

I lifted my knees as it was.


Thanos’ chin was raised.Tanos reached out and grabbed Melon’s thighs.

It was possible because it had a huge palm for a huge size.I pulled it as it was.

Daniel’s balance is distracted in the air.

Tanos’ fist began to vibrate.The red suncho, which was covering the surroundings, exceeded the great level.It was almost power.

Daniel, who felt that way, responded different from Tanos’ thoughts.

Tanos’ fist goes down.

Time seemed to stop.

Daniel was watching.

‘Hour Clock’ in front of you.

It is turned upside down.One year of time.

Daniel spent a year of life.All the power of the whole body amplifies.The confusion is amplified, the muscles expand and the senses become sensitive.

The limit of the brain increases rapidly.Daniel immediately reached out.


Tanos’ eyes are writhing.

Now, the fist was caught by Daniel.

There wouldn’t have been this power.

I didn’t want to kill it in the first place, but this shouldn’t be caught like this.

Tanos was embarrassed when the situation happened.

And at the same time, I understood what this phenomenon means.

In a moment, Tanos’s expression hardens.

like that.

Daniel fisted.

Kwahia Ah- !!!

Thanos flees away with a binge.

And Daniel stopped on the spot without any additional action.

Daniel’s mouth and blood flow from the body.

Daniel stole the blood from his mouth and struck the sword of Tanos on the floor.

The black flew and headed to Yasan where Tanos flew.I didn’t throw it to break my breath.

I threw it to hold the sword.

For a while, the time has passed.

Tanos comes to Daniel’s quietly waiting.

His hand had a sword that Daniel kicked.

And Tanos didn’t seem to want to fight anymore.

Tanos said.

“I’m not just dealing with my body too much?”

“……. ”

“Is the hourglass of time, right?”

“yes.you’re right.”

“As you know, the lifespan is used every time you use it.But that is possible to recover natural.It is not perfect, but at least half of life can be recovered.But that’s not the technology. ”

Thanos, who stopped talking for a while, spoke with a sword in the waist dance.

“How do you use forbidden techniques that must consumes absolute life, how do you use it for this?”

“It’s like this, so I use it.”

“……Is this happening? ”

“yes.As you know, there is a fight that should never be retreated.Today, this moment when I mixed with Tanos was a fight that could not be back with me. ”

Daniel looked at Tanos with soft eyes.

“I hope Tanos will be my sword, not the Father’s sword.”

“……The hourglass of time shows the power as much as it uses the price.His Majesty also destroyed Cheonma Protestant and Outdoor Cheon with that technology.But that is a forbidden technology.What would it mean if the bleeding became the world before I became a sword of the bleeding? ”

Tanos, who looked at Daniel with a complicated look, eventually sighed.

Tanos has been Jack for decades.

At that moment, Jack did not support and cheered all of what Jack did.

From unexpected things to common sense, I had a “doubt” of all things that I didn’t understand, but I didn’t doubt Jack.

It was Jack, emperor, and silver.And it was so clear light that I showed up to Tanos’s life.

Tanos questioned Jack’s event for the first time today.The question was just doubt.

Hourglass of time.

Tanos sincerely regarded the technology as a forbidden technology.

It’s a personal idea, but I think it’s more dangerous than black magic.

It is not dedicated to other things, but a technology to give life.

Of course, there is a clear difference in those who are talented and when they use that technology.

The limitations and minds that the body can accept.

This is the most important thing.Addicted.

If you are addicted to that force, you can’t break up.

There is no drug addict.

“Bundle, this is a sincere word, I hope you will not be addicted to that power.”

“You don’t have to worry about that.”

“……Can’t you worry?He is going to have a lifespan and wants to have a Cheonma Protestantism. ”

It was Tanos who was stuck in the corner of Yeongwol for a while, and Yeongwol jumped.

That man is not a general public, but a condolence of the conduits.

It was natural to be surprised.Honestly, it was a bit stuck.

The gaze was so bloody and the dense life hit my whole body.I swallowed the saliva.

Thanos sighs once more.

“……No matter how much I dry, you won’t bend it.


“……You really look like your Majesty. ”

Tanos, who was ill -reclaimed in the past for a while, eventually took both hands.

“The bleeding proved.By force.So I will not say anything anymore.just.”


“I don’t want to be realized as much as I imagined.”

That’s it.It was when Tanos was trying to disappear.

Daniel asked.

“Can I just ask one?”

“yes.young master.”

“Why didn’t you do your power?”

Tanos laughed.

“The growth of the bleeding is too faster than I thought, so if I do my power, the bleeding will be too big.”


“In the beginning, I hoped that there would be no situation to do its best.”

“IIt wasn’t. ”

“……. ”

“I think I had been with Tanos tens of thousands of times, but I never won.”

“It’s strange to win.”

It was good to be confident.Honestly, no matter how talented Daniel was, Tanos learned Jack for decades.

Efforts were not neglected.

That effort would not have been the reason for betraying themselves and if Tanos hadn’t believed himself, he wouldn’t have done it.

“I don’t know later, but I still can’t do it for me.Even if you use the hourglass of time, that’s no different. ”

The reason was not a big deal.

How did Tanos know about Daniel’s skills?


Tanos also knows the hourglass of time.

The hourglass of time is a technology that only those who live as a sword like Tanos should learn.

Those who want to protect someone while throwing their own lives.

It is their skills.

Those who have to have someone like Daniel should have no reason or need to learn, but how reckless?

Daniel looked at Tanos with a complicated look.

“……I will go to this. ”

“Next time, we have a meal.There is a good restaurant nearby. ”

“yes.Then I will come to an empty stomach. ”

Tanos disappeared like that.

Daniel sighed quietly.

After all, the first sword of the Milos Empire is different.

I always felt it, but Tanos was definitely strong.

At this point, it is probably not easy to compete with Master’s cell.Maybe you can win.

Yeongwol is approaching Daniel.

“Mr., are you okay?”

Silently Daniel nods.Tanos is a wasteful sword to throw away.

To fully dominate the Milos Empire means that you have to enter the monster of that Tanos.

Even though it can’t be yet, I don’t know the future.

Daniel really wanted to have a sword called Tanos.If you throw it away, then your heart hurts a lot.

Daniel asked Yeongwol.


“……There seems to be a few people who run away.The drones went to catch now. ”

“Catch everything.Catch it and put it in the middle of there and put it all over the neck. ”

“yes.I will. ”

Daniel turned around.

I was tired.

Looking at the collapsed hut, he raised mana.

I had to rebuild the collapsed cabin.


Dozens of trees fly smashed from Yasan, which was far away with a creepy sound.

The trees began to create a temporary building again.

Daniel breathed.

It was an unexpected, very tired day.

And the day is not over yet.

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