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Legendary Youngest Son of the Marquis House complete (605)

Episode 605

Chapter 2

The execution was done in the plains.

Silently looking around, I spit out my feelings.

“There are a lot of viewers.”

It was literally.

From the temporary inspection agency, from nearby forests, and the walls of the world.

There were people everywhere.

The number is at least thousands of.

Yeongwol said next to me.

“This is the punishment of criminals in the world.But for decades, so many people have been executed at once. ”

The number of people who will die today is exactly 287.

The enemy was not a number, but it was exactly 459.The fight between Tanos and me was ruined, and those who ran away continued.

I caught all the runners and executed it on the spot, and 287 were left.

I touched my chest for a while.

The blunt, booklet is caught in hand.

I turned my eyes and looked at Yongsung -un patrols who had a huge road across from the side.

Exactly yesterday evening.

Yongseong -un came to me and said:

“I don’t know what the inspector is and who you are.”

The expression of Yongseong Woon seemed very serious and asked with a serious look.

“Didn’t you come in to know that?”

“you’re right.To be precise, it was the command of Namgung Cheol -young, Daedangju, which the patrols of Sichuan, including me and other Sacheon came to the bottom of the commander. ”

Looking at the water -shaped luck, he speaks.

“But I was curious about you before seeing the actions you are doing before.So I became a patrol and came under the head of the commissioner.And I got a item that could confirm your truth.I will give you this to the commissioner. ”

There was no guess.Namgung Cheol -young came and trembled with all kinds of journals and robbed five slave shops in the East Content.

Honestly, slavery is not a good job, but it is forbidden to buy and sell slaves in the first place.

In other words, it is no different from the aiming at the people who make and operate, those who use them, or the knife on each other’s neck.

The reason for this is that they are addicted to medicine, and in fact, they will be able to achieve their own positions, power, and power.

It is natural to feel the desire for what you have not tried, and some people feel free to feel the virtue that you feel once you encounter it.

That is addiction.

From the point of view of merchants, those who use it may be written when they do their own necks, and those who use it may be afraid of the disadvantages of the use of them.

This is a side note, but I didn’t do any actions such as threatening or torture to all of the slave merchants who had caught.The owners of the five slavery markets know all the names of those who are treated as a kind of VIP.But it did not blow.

The reason was simple.As mentioned earlier, I didn’t threaten or torture it.

To be honest, it’s meaningless.Because they are the highest level.

I have only caught sinful people.All of their families have left unincheted, but they don’t have to do it like me.

I was afraid, so I put my mouth.There is a chance of dying all of their families.

And the list of their names is written.

“This is.The list of slave markets that were operated in Cheongseong, the name of the person who is familiar with the commissioner. ”

I took it.

And it stopped in one place.

One name written in the gate is stuck in my sight.

Namgung Cheolyeong.

Obviously he came and had some reason.

I asked Yong Sung Woon.

“Why do you give me this to me?”

“I was deeply impressed by the president’s behavior.”

“Is it behavior?”

“If you have any crimes that everyone may be convinced, you have investigated and punishes them in any way.I am curious about where it will go. ”

Yong Sung -woon bowed to me with a strange look.

“That is all.I will go to this.If you need a hands and feet, please call me. ”

So, Yong Sung -woon left his seat and Yeongwol came to me.

Yeongwol calls.



“It is said that the meeting is all over.”

The meeting meant that the work was to bring all the people who came out of Hoecheon Bridge and followed Yeongwol.It’s going well.

“Where is the place?”

“It is Hwawolru.The date is next week today. ”

“What is the number of people attending?”

“It’s a power.”

It was definitely right.Yeongwol changes the theme to me, saying that I nodded and suffered.

“What are you going to do?”

I lifted the book in my hand.

“Are you saying this?”

“yes.I couldn’t confirm the contents of the inside, but if you look back at the conversation between Yongsung -un patrols and the master, there is a high probability that there is a name of ‘Namgung Cheol -young’. ”

I didn’t want to deny it.You will know Yeongwol anyway.I handed over to Yeongwol without a word.

Yeongwol, who looked through the ledger, stopped at the same time in the part where I stopped.

“……The third ceremony of Myeongjeongga and Soo -yeon, who were called Anhui Cheil Mi, were missing, and they were kidnapped in the slave market. ”

“Namgung Cheol -young bought them.”

“……yes.In addition, young children are still…….I definitely couldn’t give my habit, this is a little……It’s severe. ”

I closed my eyes.

Apart from Namgung Cheol -young, his personality and behavior, he was worth eating.Because I supported patrols and riders without going far.

And starting with Namgung Cheol -young, those who could grasp the forces of the world and bring them to the people who brought and hit them were trying to hit.


I made my own forces of Hoecheon Bridge.

Now Namgung Cheol -young does not need.Do you know the internal circumstances?You can grasp it with others.

I opened my eyes and said.


“yes.Hoju. ”

“Namgung Cheolyoung, how would it be better to do it?”

“……The risks we need to eat are too big to eat Hanpot rice.Even though I don’t know the inspection law in detail, Namgung Cheol -young is a man who committed a felony that there is nothing to say even if the three generations are destroyed.I will follow the will of Haeju. ”

There is only one meaning.


“I have to kill.”

“Would you like to prepare a trap?”

I shook my head.

“After the execution of tomorrow, I’m going to catch him.If your execution is an immediate execution or a separate preparation, you can go and decide. ”

Yeongwol nodded.

I opened my eyes slowly.

These conversations are the conversations yesterday.

Hundreds of people are in front of you.The triumphs and patrols, all of them were holding the same swords of the same size.

As soon as my signal comes, they will swing that sword to punish sinners.

I shouted after putting mana on my voice.

“Do you know what the first thing your Majesty did before the founding of the Milos Empire was what they did first.”


“It is to get rid of the slave market from the world.Before and after the founding, the emperor’s closed has always been executed on the spot without asking or asking for those who always make a slave market.Now they are all used with those who have operated the slave market. ”

“……. ”

“Originally there were more, but I ran away.And they are all filials as they see. ”

There were hundreds of stakes in the direction I pointed to.

There were hundreds of thirsts on the pile, and that’s the guys who ran away yesterday.

Next to it was an empty pile exactly a 288 dog.

“All of them here will be stuck over there.Know everyone.As long as I am an inspector on the East continent, no slavery is in the world.The guy will die, and the guy who uses will die.I’ll go to the end of the world and kill them.

Of course there was no answer.

I raised my hand as it was.


It was even before the screams to save.The unmanned unmanned in charge of execution falls down the sword.

Surry!Surry- !!

Without rest, the sound of cutting the neck resonated everywhere.

I quietly watched the process.

I watched the sinners’ necks on the empty stakes and watched the effect of being filmed.

‘Follow me.Show the results of your options. ‘

With Yongseong -un with a bloody sword, I headed for resistance to the world.

* * *

Not all those who watched the execution were ordinary.

Ryujin, the world, who contained the whole process, sighed.

“I think this.”

The man next to Ryujin turned his head.

Ryujin connects.

“What the hell is he?”

Next to Ryujin was a man who surrounded the whole body with black clothes.

Even though this man looks like this, his position was different.

As everyone knows, there are two ruins in the world.

One is Namgung Cheolyeong.

Needless to say, he exerts a powerful authority inside the world and works in front.

And, unlike Namgung Cheol -young, who works in front, there are only those who work almost behind.

He is another party.The name is Sahonje.

This man, who is now being said of Ryujin’s words next to Ryujin, was Saehonje.

Famous for being very silent, he asked in a quiet voice.

“I think it’s an unusual man in many ways.”

“It’s unusual.By the way, if it’s just unusual, I don’t say anything.I don’t have any sense of what the goal of that baby is.Do you know? ”

Sahonje, who was quietly looking at Melon, said slowly.

“I worked in the shade and heard many rumors.Among them, there were rumors that next week, the new return of Hoecheon Bridge is held. ”


“yes.But it’s rumored, JungFixed time, location, everything is exposed.It seems that the internal unity is not yet. ”

Ryujin made a serious expression.

“……What are you really doing?Do you want to absorb the forces of Hoecheon Bridge?Is it because the troops that the world will support are not completely their own?or not……. ”

or not.

“Do you want to have a good and good?”

Sahonje said nothing.

It was just quietly nodded.

“There is a lot of difficulty without the professional advice and professional judgment of the inspector about smuggling, but this is really hits.”

Sahonje turned his head.Ryujin smiles.

“Should I kill me now?”

“……Lord. ”


“I was worried about it, but I think I should do it.”

Ryujin shook his head.It is very rare for Saehonje to look like this.

And I was curious.

For Ryujin, Sahonje was very surprised.

“……In advance, this is a rumor.There is no credibility and no evidence. ”

“What the hell is it?”

“It is a rumor that that man, who is the temporary commander of the current Eastern Continental Inspector’s Office, is actually a prince of the Milos Empire.”

Did you hear it wrong?

Ryujin doubted her ears.

Should I say that I didn’t even think about it?

So I had no choice but to ask.


“The name of that man who uses a funny name called that melon is a rumor called Daniel Milos.”


The walls caught in Ryujin’s hands were crushed by that grip.

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