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Legendary Youngest Son of the Marquis House complete (606)

Chapter 606

To be precise, you will have to express it as a scandal.

The scandal wandering in the rock, the inside, must go back to Melon’s Academy.

At a young age, Melon broke the record of the academy.

In relation to the circle, the overwhelming growth and the new fusion magic in the magic have created an overwhelming achievement that cannot be seen in the young age, not the young age.

Of course, it is not that the fusion magic itself has been created.There was already a fusion magic before Melon entered the Academy.

Magic and magic.

At least two magic methods were also listed in several books, but the processes were all formalized.

What Melon did was a new magic that did not appear in any book, which was made by mixing the seven circle hallucinations and the 9 circle natural magic.

Although he did not demonstrate himself, a professor of the magic scholar who accepted the theory demonstrated it and praised Melon.

This is simply limited in the magic field, and it is added to the swordsman.

Students at the Academy basically learn the Milos Empire Swordsman.

It was Tanos, the head of the current conduit and the guardian of the Milos Empire. Melon pointed out exactly two loopholes, and as a result, the Milos Empire Swordsman, which consisted of seven swordsmen, eight swordsmanship with eight swordsmanship.It became a sword.

Melon’s talent has already surpassed the great level.

Naturally, Melon’s backser was made, and Melon’s past was revealed.

When the Kingdom of Ishmael was in good shape, there was a very promising top, and the successor to the top was Melon, which was, of course, the past that Jack and Aberu wrapped their heads.

It was Jack who knew Melon’s talent better than anyone else.As there is an awl in the pocket, Melon will be fried in any way, and those who want to investigate the Melon’s behind it will occur.

It means that the meaning of hiding the identity is lost and it is blocked by Jack and Abeiru.


On the contrary, even though it is clean and there is no problem at all, once questioned, doubts.

And it seems to be the most convincing of that doubt, but the most unrealistic is the way, and that was Merron’s Hwangtae.

It was a public secret during the academy, but the scandal faded because there were many times when Daniel Milos and Melon, which were made of Jack’s magic in the official statue, existed at once.

But after Melon became an inspector, the scandal came back.

It is meaningless to the conditions or things that the Central Inspectorate walked to Melon.

Why did Jack Milos grant autonomy to the East Content?

And why is the prince of the Milos Empire only in perforation?

Why, even though the inspector named Melon is struggling in the eastern continent, is the central inspection office not actively digging up?

It seemed to be almost separated from the western continent and the east continent, and Melon seemed to have gained a complete “freedom” in the East Content.

And the accidents of Melon were eventually raising the name of Melon, so it seemed natural that the scandal was resurrected.

After hearing the story, Ryujin put his chin.

Melon was heading somewhere with a patrol company, but the back was so great.

“……If that’s really a prince, it’s too complicated. ”

“It’s just rumored.Not certain. ”

“But Saehon, you know.There is a reason for rumors. ”

“……But isn’t it too unrealistic? ”

“That’s not what you don’t know.But if that’s a prince, isn’t it more dangerous now? ”

“Is that so?”

Ryujin was not a fool either.

“Hoecheon Bridge is a subordinate organization of Cheonma Protestantism.It is also the only subordinate organization left in the current east continent.But absorbing the tissue?It means that it absorbs all of the remnants of Cheonma Protestantism, but if you look deeply, you accept the Cheonma Protestant Bridge, which the emperor broke down.It’s not different from opposing the will of the emperor, do you think this makes sense? ”

Sahonje answered silent.

“If that’s really a prince, if it’s right to absorb Cheonma Protestantism as a prince, is this almost not a rebellion?”

“……That’s, I honestly don’t know.I can’t catch it and I don’t know what it is. ”

Ryu’s expression was still serious.He could feel instinctively.

If not, that power is not explained.

Furthermore, you must have that power to receive the prince’s treat.

Ryu Jin knows that Melon has transcended the bell.

I know.

Instinctively noticed that the rumor that Saehon said was the truth.

“……Ha, once it’s starting to twist, it’s getting more and more complicated. ”

“If you tell me my personal thoughts, I don’t think I’m killing it.”

Ryujin made a strange look.It was a complex look that seemed to be good and bad.

Ryujin looked at the remnants of the slave market, which was effective with the walls.

Ryujin said.

“Yes, let’s watch it.”


This word was the most important.

* * *

Many of the people who went to see the execution were the main characters of the world.But one of them.Namgung Cheol -young did not reflect on the execution.

He sat with a firm expression in a living place.

It was.

Now, he was waiting.It was not a situation to go to execution.

Should I say it was uncomfortable?

I felt like a situation that could not be out of control for some reason when I went to see it.

Namgung Cheol -young slowly raised his head.

The eyes meet the two men who are coming into their dwelling.

Namgung Cheol -young asked with a bright expression.

“Is the execution end ended?”

Melon quietly nodded.

He stood in front of Namgung Cheol -young.Namgung Cheol -young glanced at Yongseong -un patrols with Melon.

I thought about Melon’s coming, even waiting.

But it was not Yong Sung Woon.

Before I asked why, Melon took out a booklet from his arms.

As soon as you see the booklet, Namgung Cheol -young’s eyes are big.It was not surprise.It was a joy and he was a joy that his expectations were hit.

“……After all, you have. ”

“I just got it before.”

“I got it……go?”

Naturally, Namgung Cheol -young’s eyes turned to Yongseong -un next to Melon.

Yongseong Woon was stabbed inside.

I think of one in my head now, but I don’t know.

I looked at Melon next to it.

Why did Melon bring him here?

Honestly, I didn’t have to bring it.

I just need to be alone.


If there is any other reason, you will be convinced.

For example, Melon holds hands with Namgung Cheol -young and turns back to allies.

Melon said when he was thinking about it.

“Do you need this?”

“I need it.But I want to ask one before that. ”

“What is that?”

Namgung Cheol -young, who did not take her attention from Yongseong -un, asked Melon.

“That book, did you bring it to Yongseong -un patrol?”

Melon spoke without a moment.

“yes.I received it from Yongseong -un patrol.Yesterday evening. ”


Namgung Cheol -young’s ball trembles.He said in a suppressed voice.

“Let’s see.Yongseong -un patrols, why did you do that? ”

“……. ”

“Let’s talk.Why did you do that? ”

Yong Sung -woon, who sighed, answered.

“Is there a reason to do not?”

“Well.Did I be sad to you?I don’t.I will not ask anyone in the world.But why do you hit my back?If I brought that book to me, it wouldn’t have been complicated.You have made work complicated now. ”

Namgung Cheol -young, who stopped talking for a while, smiled at Melon and smiled at her mouth.

“Of course, the Melon Inspector has brought you to me as a gift and solved it, but personally, it is very sad.”

Yong Sung -woon closed his eyes.

Increasingly, I am convinced.

And the voice of Melon was heard by the ear of Yongseong Woon.As soon as I heard that voice, Yongseong -woon was desperate.

“Let’s talk again.What can I get if I hand this book to Daedangju? ”

“I will get my trust.”

“Trust……. ”

“why?Are you lacking? ”

“I want something bigger.Here, Yongsung -un patrols have been brought, and I brought the books, but if I was simple trust, wouldn’t I be regretted? ”

“……That makes sense.good.So what do you want?Tell me once. ”

Yongseong -un has already given up halfway.And he opened his eyes in the words of Melon.

“Do you have something to be a weakness of the Lord or the Holy Spirit?”


“I asked if you had something to be weak.”

Namgung Cheol -young was really embarrassed.What is this crazy sound now?

“……What kind of intention?….No, the intention is enough, but now……Are you crazy? ”

“Isn’t it?”

Namgung Cheol -young is clearly close to Ryujin.

Melon’s words of knowing the weakness were certainly no hot.It was a kind of basis for making reasonable reasoning in itself.

However, this was a sound that I didn’t know about Ryujin.

Ryujin is not a man who works like a peacock like Namgung Cheol -young or others.

It was just so good that such determination, which accepted those who were good at such a work, trusted them, gained them with full power, and gained what they did not need.

Ryujin may be a big picture for a bigger meaning, but he never does something that is nasty.

Namgung CheolyeongTalking, including the slave markets, including the slave market.

Ryujin is such a person.And he does not dare to avoid responsibility for the wrong behavior of a person.Even less responsibility is responsible.

What weakness is such a person?

At least there was no weakness that Namgung Cheol -young knew.Namgung Cheol -young said with a very firm look.

“……No.Isn’t that for me? ”

Melon laughed.

“Then it’s done.”

“……What happened……. ”

Melon later acted exactly two things.

One is to throw the book he was holding to Yongseong -un.

Yong Sung -woon, who received it, saw the second action of Melon.


He was grabbing the killing of Namgung Cheol -young with his right hand.

Melon said.

“There is an empty seat on the pile.Let’s go there. ”

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