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Legendary Youngest Son of the Marquis House complete (608)

Chapter 608

Melon’s command was almost completely performed.

In just three hours, he brought all the information related to the canal that Melon requested, and Melon is looking at it now.

It was a vast amount.

But who is Melon?

He is a prince of the Milos Empire and a talented person who graduated from the Academy.

It has been a long time since the servant of human beings.

Memorizing, seeing, acquiring.

Not all that is human standards.

There were more than dozens of documents floating in the sky around Melon.

Slowly look at them and deepen the thoughts of Melon.

“……There are many problems. ”

When I looked at the materials around the surrounding way, Yeongwol lifted his head.

to be honest.

It was only a process of ‘’ ’to look at each one.

“You may have already guessed, but I didn’t know the problem of the East continent in the West.I just turned away. ”

Melon lifted his head.

“What they need is one.Public officials who would close their smuggling and justify them, and Raymond Beck, who was in the face of the commissioner, were perfect officials.I eat everything to eat and close my eyes, and I also manipulate the documents. ”


“This is a bit bad.It is packed with dozens of items that are appropriate to know that I know.It’s not consistent, it’s written in five silver silver silver.….There is also a problem with the tax paid in the Milos Empire.This is strange that I don’t thank you. ”

“I can’t help it.In the Milos Empire, it’s been a long time since I’ve already let go of what’s already happening in the East Content, and it’s strange to be honest with the book.because.”

“Is there a lot of people who eat?”

“yes.It is safe to say that the canal of the world dominates the whole continent.The amount of money is over the day.Some people do not want to make a problem, and there are those who do not want to hear the problem, and some people are forced to cover them without revealing the problem.This is not about the East Continent, but about the West continent.Because in the canal here, there are a lot of top to the western continent. ”

It was not the end.

“Is the goods that you just said, is it a thousand days?”

Melon nodded.

“The thousand days are only from the South of the East Lint.To be precise, it is safe to say that only South Korea is monopolizing.Even if the current price, the price of the time, and the price of the book are different, only Namman did this, and now, this is the case, but now, but now, only the person who raised the problem is ridiculous..Of course, if you dig deep, you will be weapons from then. ”

“It means that the roots are too deep.”


In fact, there was nothing to explain complicated.

The East continent is a member of the Milos Empire.Even if you grant autonomy, it doesn’t change to be a member of the empire.

And by belonging to the empire, one obligation is given to the world.

That’s tax.

The Milos Empire takes taxes to the “aristocratic”, “top”, “a group of commercial activities.”

The world was reducing taxes to pay, and no one could raise a problem.


“I can’t feel how far it is.”

“……If you want to turn upside down, I’ll help you somehow, but honestly, it will be harder than all of all that has done so far. ”

Melon closed his eyes for a while.

In fact, it was more serious than I thought.

Melon turned his head.I asked the two eyes of Yeongwol.

“Your Majesty, did you not know this?”

“……I don’t think you don’t know.just.”


“You just pretend you don’t know.Honestly, if your Majesty comes out, it will be solved right away.Those who have sinned will be punished and those who have been damaged will be rewarded.maybe.”


“Would you like someone to solve it?”

Melon smiled a strange smile.

“The result is responsible for the resolution?”

“……yes.Perhaps you will not be responsible.The person in the position of the emperor won’t be so drilled. ”

Melon asked.

“I don’t look good.Why is it? ”

“……. ”

“Because of the descendants of Protestant?”

“no.It’s never. ”

Melon looked at Yeongwol.

In the end, Yeongwol sighs.

“……I think you’re too discriminated against the East Content. ”


“yes.Ryujin, the world, is not a good figure, but it can’t be seen as a bad person. ”

“Why is it?”

“At least Ryujin is the person who is the most for the world in this world.”

“is it?”

“yes.Anyway, Ryujin’s actions are helpful for the continent.If the king is born, the residents of the East Continent are willing to serve Ryujin as king.It’s such a person.Ryujin. ”

Melon, who was thinking for a while, bounced his finger.

Then all the surrounding materials are in place.

Yeongwol asked Merron at his seat.

“Are you going to go now?”

“okay.Follow you too.With that. ”

“Are you that?”

“If you don’t have enough hands, take Yongseong Luck.”

“……John. ”

* * *

Ryujin, who had a strange look, asked Sahonje next to Moxibustion.

“Do you think that the perfection of the commissioner is those two?”

“yes.At this time, I think it would be right to see the two of them as a perfect person. ”

This conversation was inevitable.

Ryujin has been reported now.

Melon, Yeongwol, Yongseong Woon.

Three people are coming here now.

This was important to Ryujin and for Melon.

In such a place, it is right to bring each other’s trusted people.

So time has passed.

The door across the side opened and three people appeared.

Ryujin bursts into laughter.

“Did you come to a business?If you have a lot of luggage, you would have sent people. ”

“It’s not that much.”

Melon silently sat across Ryujin.

The distances of each other are about 150cm.

And in the meantime, there was a table about 1m.The man next to Ryujin stood up and put a glass in front of Melon.

Slowly drink in it.

“It is an“ elf ”that is specially aired on the western continent for my prince.You’ve already eaten a lot, but I hope you think it’s my sincerity. ”

Then I handed it lightly as if to drink.

Melon did not refuse.

There is no reason to ride something like a poison, and it doesn’t matter.Many, more than that, the body is now the body of Melon.

Melon put the elves in his mouth at once.I can feel it.The taste was also the best.The smile is built.

Ryujin also laughed.

“How do you like it?”

“yes.It’s definitely the best elf.It would have been difficult to find, but you got it. ”

“There is nothing to seek.Add one more. ”


I had something to do.

Melon raised his hand.Then, he put down dozens of documents on the back of Melon and dozens of documents on the table.

Ryujin shines the eyes.

“Yes, I was curious too.What the hell is that? ”

“It’s related to the unusual things that have happened in the world’s canal for decades.”

“It’s an emergency……. ”

“I know quite a lot of problems with smuggling.As here. ”

Ryujin looked like a golden gate.

“okay?I don’t know that work is going well, but was there a problem?Sahonje.Is there a problem with our canals? ”

“doesn’t exist.Seongju. ”

Melon laughed.

“It’s a way to hit the horns with a bull.”

“How can a person who can’t tame a bulls lead this big group?”

“Overwork.What is the purpose? ”

“Yeah, the word came out, but what is your purpose?”

Ryujin leaned forward.

“Prince of the Milos Empire, Daniel Milos, why did you hide your identity and enter the academy and work under the name Melon?To be recognized by the world?Well, why the hell?Why are you trying to turn around and go around the difficult way? ”

“……. ”

“If those who did not know, they were just a prince class, and he was recognized by the emperor and became an inspector to build a achievement to be recognized by the people.

A cool smile blooms in Ryujin’s mouth.

Ryujin was not a fool.And there is a place where it is located.I can’t be stupid.

“It would have been different when I was in the Academy, but the actions you do in the East Lint are far from recognition.”

Ryujin frowned one eye.

“It doesn’t seem to be altered, why?Did you change? ”

“I do it.”

“that’s right.Shouldn’t we wake up rather than deterioration?I’ll ask yourself once.Why, did it?Why are you trying to cross the line?I think I’m thinking about absorbing Hoecheon Bridge and reorganizing it with Cheonma Protestant Bridge, and trying to swallow it to the world.do not be like this.We, don’t do that. ”

Ryujin grabbed the table with both hands.

He seemed to have a guess.

“What do you think people move?”

“It would be a desire.”

“Yes, it’s a desire.This desire is also a very implied word.Is the emperor who is trying to be recognized? ”

“……. ”

“There are other people other than the emperor, for example, the empress.or.”



“……. ”

“Look at this, Ah, aren’t you a lover?Who wants to think of it as a lover, not a lover…….I understand that that’s enough to wake up. ”

Melon, no, Daniel was consistently expressionless.

But there is no choice but to change a very fine feelingRyujin noticed it.

“It’s fun.You are a really fun man.I should say that blood should not be deceived, but why not everyone noticed it?It’s been asking, but who is that?Who the hell is that can have a great influence on the direction of the prince’s life and the prince’s life. ”

Daniel did not answer.It was a situation where I was not sure of my own thoughts, and I was feeling looming because of Ryujin’s words.

This is enough to talk about Daniel.Then I had to move on to Ryujin’s story.

“What is your purpose?”

The response to the word that was the sahonje was holding an elf.

His brow was crumpled and his hands were wriggled but not out.I didn’t go over.

Ryujin said.

“purpose?What purpose? ”

“Raymond Beck was an excellent talented man’s dots.Even though he was not enough, he was firm to lead his beliefs and the world on the right way.Such a man was a public official who covered the corruption of the world and eats the rust of the world.It was clear that anyone was influenced by you.He was definitely moving for any purpose.It would be the same as that way, what is that? ”

I was curious.

Ryujin was clearly not interested in self -interest.

Why do such a person commit corruption in the canal of the world?

Sprinkle bribes and buy public officials.

Why do you do that?

Obviously, there would be a purpose, but Daniel was always curious.

And that purpose, Ryujin seemed to hide at least Daniel.


That short word is crumpled by Daniel.


“Yes, independence, the western continent and the east continent are far away.And the two continents are tied up in a country called Milos.From the beginning to the end, just in the ear, just in the Milos Empire.I want to make a variable on this. ”

“Variable…….What the hell do you mean? ”

“Why shouldn’t ‘Wang 王’ should exist?”

“……. ”

“The king of the East continent, the nominal or whatever is the king, so there is a problem.”

“……. ”

“The Milos Empire created an inspector on the East Lint.It is also a dull, even the inspection office is an administrative office and a supply office.Send some people to a small building and they do everything?If you are not kidding, if you are going to dominate, shouldn’t it be clear? ”

It wasn’t wrong.

“There is a high probability that the emperor has emptied the East continent for your prince class.It’s so excessive that we’re struggling to live.First of all, I will make the king first.And I will be independent. ”

“……. ”

“The roots of the Milos Empire are the western continent.The Milos Empire remains only on the western continent and exchanges with the East Continent, and that’s the world I want to make.why?Is it too surprising? ”

“yes.Surprisingly.Is it possible more than anything? ”

Ryujin’s mouth is drawn a soft smile.

“of course.”

The smile was a very confident smile.

The conclusion was simple.

Ryujin of the Cheon Ha -sung is preparing for independence from the Milos Empire.

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