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Legendary Youngest Son of the Marquis House complete (609)

Chapter 609

I didn’t expect it.

I was honest with everything.I really didn’t expect it.

Of course I thought.

Perhaps the result of the murder of inspectors in the world is the result of the desire to independence the East continent.

Why did you think about this?

It’s a contradiction, but why kill the inspector and why to spread the bribes by stretching the beast to the west continent.

I imagined the most unrealistic, words that were not the most unrealistic, words, because I didn’t feel sensitive what the ends of all of these things were, and one of them is independence.

Why do I think independence is impossible because I know my father’s sexual affairs never allow it.

As everyone knows, the stubborn itself is very stubborn.

The Milos Empire is a single empire that combines the East Continent and the West Continent.It was born like that.

By the way, independence?It means to remove the land mass.

Although the Milos Empire was putting hands in the East Content, strictly speaking, it still belongs to the empire.

Is this different and it’s similar to something else?

The Eastern Continents of the Milos Empire and the new nation separated from the Milos Empire are definitely different.

The birth of a new state means that the power of the Milos Empire is weak, and that is the birth of a new phase.

If independence was allowed, what would happen in the independent land.

There are many unmanned groups, aristocrats, and aristocrats that want to make a bigger power by establishing the tops and branches dispatched from the western continent to take advantage of what comes to mind right now.

The era of marriage will be opened and it will cause tremendous damage.

Just simply means it’s meaningless.

“You, no, this place is made, so it makes you feel comfortable.Do you think that’s right? ”


Ryujin answered as firmly as I answered firmly.

“That’s how you say that you are the prince, and have you thought about it from the perspective of the inhabitants of the East continent?”

“It would be better for them to be dominated by the Milos Empire.”

Ryujin bursts into real.

“I want to believe that.”

“……. ”

“Did the emperor say that?Listen to the iron. ”

Warakman was crumpled.What is this bullet?

“What do you mean?”

“What means, I’m disappointed if I really don’t know.”

“……. ”

“I am not interested in whether the object you want to be recognized is an emperor or a woman.But as a prince, is it all that is the mind that you have to have? ”

I shut my mouth as it was.

“It’s acting as if recognized is the last goal of life.Is there the only person around the prince?So what does that mean? ”

It was right to have a mouth.I was crazy.I feel like I have forgotten.

“If you have lived longer than you, don’t look too forward.Because your father is not founded with a light heart of Milos. ”

“……. ”

“Of course you won’t know.At least I spent the longest time with the emperor in the present world and you will be two people now.But know this.It’s meaningless to these continents at least how much you know about what has happened in the past.You just heard and read, but we’ve been through it yourself. ”

Is true.I did not go to those days.I just learned by writing and story.

“You must have talent.It’s a great man.If I am the emperor, I will bring all the gifts to you, even if I search all the world.But no matter what happens, it never passes as much as a country. ”

Silence is for a while.Not only me but also Ryujin, and Sahonje next to him and Yeongwol and Yong Sung -woon at the back of me.

Everyone was silent.

I took a drink on the table without a word.

I was convinced what I wanted to talk about.There were some things that could be rebutted, and there were stories that could be accepted without words.

Comprehensive speaking.

“It was a very reasonable story.It also makes sense. ”

Ryujin’s eyebrows are slightly wriggling.

It was obvious.

Now this is a place to explore what each other is.Ryujin does not know in detail about me.I would have been trying to find out this opportunity, and now my answer was that Ryujin was a great ambassador for judging me.

“I thought I was pressed to the prince, but thank you for saying that.”

In summary, the world of the East Lint was preparing for independence from the Milos Empire and I do not know how to do it.

However, Ryujin was working with ‘conviction’ and now I am listening to the story in front of Ryujin’s face.


Ryujin is convinced that I am a prince.I did not deny it either.

But why is he talking about this?It’s also in front of me.

I asked with a serious look.

“Now let’s go to the main point.Why is it? ”


“To prepare for independence is to wait for ‘time’, why do you talk to me?You wouldn’t have thought that I would support independence. ”

Ryujin, who leaned on his back and leaned on his arms, replied.

“It was uncertain.”

“is it so?”

“Yes, it was uncertain.Honestly, I’m not sure even though I talk now.But I had to do it. ”


“I need your help and you will need my help.”

Now it seems that the conversation is going properly.

“I think it’s not good with the Central Inspector.Carl Sagan of the Central Inspector was not very coveted. ”

“Is it a marquise?”

“I think I didn’t hear it.Not long ago, I became a Duke Carl Sagan.You may have guessed, but Carl Sage, he’s a different kind. ”

“……. ”

“It’s a species, but it’s a peacock, so I can’t doubt my ability.He judged.You are called ‘rebellion molecule’. ”

Warrak, the brow is crumpled.

“I don’t know if it’s a prince, but I don’t know if it’s like that, but I don’t know anything.You have done something too. ”

“If you put a criminal and you didn’t like it, is it not a problem, but that’s not the problem?”

“That’s your thoughts.”

“……. ”

“Let’s be honest.The reason why you approached Namgung Cheol -young after killing Beck was because of this series of events that took place in the eastern continent, and at the end of the conviction that there would be a “bigger reason.”no?”

“you’re right.”

“Did you think that thought?”

“……. ”

“Carl Seigan, he’s the same as you.I thought there would be some secrets in the East Content.He was also investigating Beck.You must have been very annoying from her point of view, who intervened in the middle and killed the beck and touched the world at the same time. ”

The brow is crumpled.

“This is what you say, but only four people, including me, are all knowing that I’m preparing for independence.Originally five, but you killed one person and became four.No matter how much Carl Sagan is flying and crawling, I can’t reveal the secret that I know very few. ”

Ryujin smiles.

“As you know, Raymond Beck has a heavy mouth.As the emperor saw, he was a man with a belief.In the East Content, I actively agreed to the fact that the formal inspector of the Milos Empire or the true king, not such a true king.Was it simply for yourself? ”

“……. ”

“He felt that the Emperor’s way was wrong.I don’t think that the emperor’s judgment is blurred.As I get older, I’m fifty years before the regression, and I’m in my late thirty age. ”

What is obvious?

“The emperor uses a huge stage called the East Continent as a test site.I don’t want to say anything.And there’s no emperor as I don’t have.All of this happens in the East Content.Now, let’s talk, what is your ultimate purpose? ”

I understand.What purpose Ryujin has?

Only after understanding all of that came out of food and laughter.

“Let’s go with me with me, are you this?”

Ryujin also smiles.

“I really understand, I want to hear the answer, how about my suggestion?”

“It’s not bad.But I wonder how we can help each other specifically. ”

This was a real point.

“Simple.I know what you are trying to do even if I don’t know in detail about you. ”

“What is that?”

“Raising forces.”

“……. ”

“That’s why we accept Hoecheon Bridge under the direction.You have a lot of enemies.Without going far, the Karl Sagan of the Central Inspectorate is hostile to you.If your status is not a prince, it’s right to move alone like Dokgodai.But no. ”

“……. ”

“What do you need for you to be the next emperor of the Milos Empire as a prince?There is only one.Influence.If it was possible to create and lead a country, why would the powerful guys would have created the power?You need forces, and that forces will be a great force in checking the Central Inspector, and it will be a great threat to those who oppose you.It’s like a “cuper” that the current emperor was under the founding of the Milos Empire. ”

Ryujin raised her head forward.

“You make your own ‘tube’.I promise to never interfere with the world, including me.Of course, it will not only interfere, but it will also help.Say that there is something you need.I will support it right away.In return, what I want. ”

“What do you want?”

“Silence, all the things that happen in the canal.”

“Is that that?”

“It’s not all, and there will be many requests for cooperation in relation to smuggling, and there is a“ reasonable conclusion ”as an inspector.”

“Reasonable conclusion?”

“It’s obvious.innocence,No charges, this. ”

I couldn’t ask.

“Is money so important?”

In my question, Ryu Jin and Sahonje shut their mouths.

Yes.This question was important.

The money earned from the canal is definitely beyond imagination.

Bribery is fed at the top of smuggling and bribes to the officials of the western continent.


Is this all because of money?

Money is definitely important.But the money earned by smuggling is more than that.Even if we investigate the issues related to smuggling everywhere, I know that the money is all in the world.

So I didn’t understand.

Honestly, I don’t have much to do as an inspector.

There are already those who have already bought the western continent, and all of the tops in charge of smuggling are on the side of the world.

In such a situation, you talk to me without my own goal?Is that just because of money?It’s ridiculous.

Ryujin smiled faintly.

“of course.Is there anything more important than money?You will know if you have a person below.If you don’t have money, it’s nothing. ”

I looked at Ryujin.Ryujin quietly looked at me.

It’s simpler.

Is Ryu Jin’s proposal for me now?

Should I eat or not?

When I saw the flow of dialogue, Ryujin knew that I did not wiped up the Hoecheon Bridge and tried to attract Hoecheon Bridge under the direction.

What if the Carl Sagan of the Central Inspectorate knows this and tries to press me?

I can get out somehow.It is necessary to kill all those who are left in Hoecheon Bridge and kill those who are directly related to this issue.

Even if there are people who know, it will be Ryujin in front of you now.Even if Ryujin knows, it is useless if there is no evidence.

But there will be so many blood that needs to be buried in the process.I haven’t done something right yet, but it’s ridiculous to be scared and over.

It’s stupid.

Slowly Ryujin reached out to me.

Ryujin’s proposal is right.

Rat medicine to eat.

From Ryujin’s point of view, my existence is a rat medicine.

Ryujin’s hand, which is coming out now, is a challenge.

It’s a rat medicine to eat rats together and cover them first.

There is no reason to do it.

Ryujin’s hand was held.

I laughed.

“All things that happen in the canals will be solved according to the will of the Lord.”

Ryujin also laughed.

“The secret of the commander will be kept, and the commander will have more power than the world, which is comparable to the world.Let’s do well in the future. ”

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