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Legendary Youngest Son of the Marquis House complete (610)

Episode 610

The conversation is over.

Should I say something vain?It wasn’t clearly resolved, but I felt a little steamed, but it was already a symbol tax 之 之 之 勢.

I started and I can’t stop before seeing the end.

“Would it be okay?Ryujin, the world, is never a good figure. ”

“Can you be separated?I have to follow it first. ”

As you know Yeongwol.

“It’s hard to reduce the crime rate of the East continent to decimal points.”

“……That’s right.but……. ”

I raised my hand and swept the shoulders of Yeongwol.

“I don’t believe you.”

“……. ”

“But don’t think that the members of Hoecheon Bridge, which you are thinking about now, will be alive after the meeting.”

This is natural.

It would be convenient if everything was solved by conversation, but I know that the probability is almost zero.

I’m going to get blood in my hand.

“If the number decreases, it will be difficult to work, and even if the world decides to interfere with my work, it is impossible.On the contrary, it will be easier if the world is actively helped. ”

It should be seen reasonably and efficiently.

“I don’t want to reap the trust I gave you.I don’t want to throw it away and I don’t want to kill it.So don’t worry.Still, the core of the Eastern Continental Inspector’s Office is you and your decision will proceed. ”

“……Thank you.Believe it. ”

I lowered my hand to sweep the shoulders of Yeongwol.Yeongwol made a sad look and told me.

“I sent a letter that those who would create a new Eastern Continent Inspector would arrive tomorrow morning.Can I make the building as I showed you then? ”

Not long ago, Yeongwol showed me a design.

It was not a Seodae land building, but a building of the continental continent, which was a kind of ‘manor’.

A manor with a huge yard and a wide and wide building.

The important thing was not the appearance of the building.

The building said that the best institutional experts in the current east continent joined together to install all kinds of traps.

There are even traps that can be buried at once.

It might have been excessive, but Yeongwol actively appealed.

No one should easily enter the inspector of the East Continent.

There are countless thieves in the East Contents and it should be a place where they must be scared.

Honestly, there is nothing to steal, but I don’t know.

You may have an attempt to assassinate you, or you can do your life and do something crazy to interfere with the investigation.

It is right to prepare.

“I proceed like that.and.”

After stopping for a while, I turned to Yong Sung Woon.

“Do you agree with Ryujin’s thoughts?”

Now, I’m letting me go, and Yong Sung -woon, who made such an expression, seems to be worried for a while.

“……Can you be honest? ”

“Honestly speaking.There is no such thing as a punishment or rewarding according to your answer. ”

“Then I will tell you.I think nothing is wrong with the words of the world. ”



“Yeongwol, you?”

“I do the same.Honestly, the way of your Majesty is very inefficient.In the case of the western continent, it is simple.In the West Continent, aristocrats are located everywhere, and where the aristocrats dominate.And the Milos Empire invests in those lands with collected taxes.But there is no such thing in the east continent.Only administrative, inspection, and even distribution, only the “inspectors”, which will handle all of this, are located, and the support for the inspector is also insignificant.At the same time, the taxes are huge.In professional terms, this is called exploitation.I think it’s right to be independent.but.”


“……The key is whether it is possible, but the world was very confident.I think it is important what the source of that confidence is……. ”

“Do you have any guesses?”

“doesn’t exist.Just one. ”

This was enough.

Ryujin, the world.

He is not a simple man.It’s a detailed strategy.His words of independence were convinced.

I wondered what to do, but I don’t have to know it right now.

“Definitely the world is wide.”

I am sincerely.

The world was wide.

I turned around.

From now on, I will firmly build my own forces.

* * *

Plums have been the busiest time in recent years.

Half of Hoecheon Bridge was completely out.

Beginning with the death of Cheonwol, the associates of Cheonma Protestantism, who had been dominated by the existing gyoza and long ago, he died.

It was not the end.

Even those who have been in Cheonwol are all dead.

Hoecheon Bridge is an organization that works throughout the East Continent.

It was not a huge organization that dominated the East Continent, but it was also the most likely to be dominated by cancer.

The contract was the main task, and the commercial activities, including Giru, were wealthy.The reason why such an organization exists as an organization that almost dominated the world in the cancer was that it was able to maintain the power, because it was with the overwhelming forces that dominated the whole continent of the world.

Then think about it.

Will Cheon Ha -sung, who looked back so that Hoecheon Bridge can be active?

It is skeptical.

Most of all, Melon, which is already a new principal, is not so good with the world.

Even if the relationship is improved, the current Hoecheon Bridge is almost only the shell.

Half of all died and the base of the existing places were destroyed and at the same time dominated by other organizations.

Even if you take it back there, Hoecheon Bridge cannot be the past.

Even though Cheonwol and Jincheonhui are the people who have been destroyed, they can’t ignore the ability.

They were powerful and did not cover the means and methods to develop that power.

Is Melon like them?

I know that there is power.I know it is the chief inspector.

But this should be certain.

It is powerful but young and is the head of the inspector, but it may be dismissed after five years, or may be dismissed before it.

There are too many incomplete things.

How will you follow these beings as a regret?

It’s strange to follow.

Plum raised his hand and ordered the source.

That’s there, turn on my back and cook is the highest level.

If you lack alcohol, go down the warehouse and fill it up.


Today is the day where Hwawolru does not receive guests.Nevertheless, there was one reason for preparing so large foods and all the sources belonging to Hwawol -ru.

Today is the meeting date of Hoecheon Bridge.

After all the orders, the plum continued to think again.

Melon is incomplete, and the idea has never changed.

Melon shows only ruthless hands and boldness.


Maybe this is the biggest problem.

‘A rational man who is bold and selfish, and still gets something.’

Melon, judged by plum, is such a man.

Melon killed Raymond Beck, the head of the Eastern Continent, and the unmanned in the world.

Their charges include the murder of the inspector and the body of the body, the manipulation of official documents, and the murder teacher.

Many charges have been applied and have also been featured in the West Continent.

Melon was named and won.

But at the same time he was punished.

Central Inspector.

They shackled on Melon’s feet.

It means that the Central Inspector is already watching all the actions of Melon.

The problem is correct.

‘Yeongwol would have judged that he had to take him as a resident even if he took all of these risks.’

The reason for the plum was the reason for the judgment.

What did the alternative Melon saw, did the Yeongwol swear loyalty?

That’s why the talks are all over.

The full moon rose in the sky, and people began to flock little by little.

First of all, the head of the Eastern Branch of Hoecheon Bridge is seen.

He was a thin man as a whole.

The face was thin and the body was thin.Not to mention the limbs.

The eyebrows were thin, and the plums smiled and greeted him.

“long time no see.Branch chief. ”

“The same is true.It’s been a long time since I saw Hwollo’s Ruju.Are you doing well? ”

“Of course.Eat inside.For reference, Gumma is the first.Why did you come so fast? ”

“It’s a day when a new returning stock shines on the face.I couldn’t sleep because I was curious for a few days.I wanted to come yesterday, but I was also impressed with the “first order of the gyoza” to ban private meetings for the time being.Draws, so, is my seat over there? ”

“yes.Come here. ”


He is a master of the landscape, and as all branch offices do, they play their own contracts, deal with information, and operate the top.

It is versatile, but his biggest ability is flexible.Hoecheon Bridge is divided into four branches.Northern, East, Southern, and Cheon Ha -sung branch.

Originally, the western branch moved to the world and became a world branch, but for nearly 30 years, all branches of the branches have changed several times, but only the eastern branch has not changed.

30 years.

This means that the Milos Empire has also experienced the era of the upheaval.

The grand prize was such a flexible person.When you go back, you know how to do when you have to step back.

Subsequently, the branch managers of each branch began to appear one after another.

The branch manager of the northern branch, Geum Tae -sung of Munjoo, the enemy.

Kwak Do -kyung, a branch manager of the southern branch, Munju Kwak Do -kyung in Gwangcheonmun.

There was one unusual thing here.

The branch manager of the Cheon Ha -sung branch.

Those who were sitting in place were executed a while ago.Not only the branch manager died, but the deputy general manager died.

It was good to be almost swept away.

The heavenly branch of the world is almost as disappeared.

Therefore, all branch officers, the core forces of Hoecheon Bridge, gathered.

First of all, Kwak Do -kyung in the south was a very silent man.

He silently greeted the plum and went to the reserved seat without saying anything.

But it was not Geumtaeseong in the northern.

“long time no see.Hwawol Ruju. ”“Yes, it’s been a long time.Have you been there. ”

“It was Kangnyeong.Until a strange guy who puts a fucking command to fold all the business and to be silent. ”

“……. ”

“Even if you give a command, you only give a strange order.You said you saw Ruju first?What kind of person is the new door? ”

“I think it’s better to be careful about the Word.”


“yes.It doesn’t matter if you use a frivolous tone, but if you insist on such a tone in front of you, I can’t take responsibility. ”

Geum Tae -sung laughed.

“I’m getting it.You know?The northern branch will not go back without me. ”

It’s true.

Northern part of the East Continent.

Strictly speaking, it is the North Sea Ice Palace that completely dominates the northern part.

However, the Ice Palace is based on Cheonsan, which has a full year, and does not come down under it.

The enclosure has a very great force in the northern region, and most of them are organized in the northern branch.

The northern branch is right enough to establish the formula of the enforcement.All branches have been hit by recent things, but they are not hit by the northern branch.

At the end of Geum Tae -sung, the plum laughed coldly.

“This is advice.Please engrave it again.It’s good to refrain from such a tone to Hoeju. ”

Geum Tae -sung laughed.

“There were a lot of bitches that I had sold in the base.Shall we go to the backyard over there? ”

The plum was not dying.

“We also had a lot of loudness, who kneeled in snow and asked for the elimination.Do you think of the inspirants to be chased by the inspector? ”

“Ha, look at this year.I can’t.Before you come to the week, you’ll have to get a little behind. ”

There is no shortage of plum forces.Hwawol -ru is huge.The plums that manage such a base are naked.

It was before the forces of plums pulled their weapons.

Everyone was very surprised.


Someone raised his hand on Geumtae’s shoulders.

“It’s a good day, but if you cause a problem, it is used.”

At that point, Geum Tae -sung was creepy all over his body.

I didn’t know.

Someone took this perfectly, but even the reaction was not Geumtaesung.The same was true of plums that were opposite him.

He, no, the Provincial Meron of Hoecheon Bridge appeared.

Yeongwol appeared behind him, and everyone who had to come to the meeting gathered in Hwawol -ru.

“Did you say Geumtaeseong in the northern?”


“At that point and go to place.”

Geum Tae -sung stepped in a good position.

Inside, they all stood up as soon as they recognized the appearance of Melon.

Looking at them, Melon said.

“Stone seats.every.”

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