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Legendary Youngest Son of the Marquis House complete (611)

Chapter 611

Ryujin, the Lord of the Cheon Ha -sung, was sitting in his seat with his legs braided.

He caught the drink that was as big as his face without any hesitation.

Gulp, gulp.

Sahonje, who looked at it, asked.

“Are you okay?”

“Are you fine.Don’t be okay. ”

I know Saehonje.It’s not good at all.

Sahters spoke in a quiet voice.

“You don’t have to make a difficult choice.”

Ryujin raised his head.

“Seongju is still like a king.You don’t have to do it. ”

“It’s Saehon.”

“Yes, the main.”

“Do you believe in inevitable?”

“……I do not believe. ”

“I did too, but I believed.”

Ryujin, who smiled, took out a red jewel in his arms.

“I didn’t think much until I got this.I’m serious.”

The red gems in Ryujin’s hands were very beautiful.

Should I say that I have a light?

It was time for two eyes to shake.


Red jewels began to burn.

But even though it was beautiful, the flame was beautiful.

Even if a body is beyond humans, pain is felt when flames occur in their hands.

But Ryujin did not raise one.

This flame is not a fireworks that cause pain.Therefore, there was no reason to boost energy.

Should it be called the type of energy?

This is a fireworks form.Even Ryujin is so huge that he can’t afford it.

This should be certain.

This confusion is not Ryujin’s confusion.It is the confusion of ‘someone’ in the jewelry.I don’t know who he is.

Looking at it, Ryujin said.

“There are four sacred things in Cheonma Protestantism.”

Sahonje did not respond.I just heard it.

“Cheonma New Sword 天魔 神劍, Cheonma Jangpo 天魔 天, Cheonma New Ten 天魔 神功, and Torch.”

Three years ago in the war 20 years ago, the previous three relics disappeared.

Cheonma Shin -gum was broken by the current emperor, Jack Milos, and Cheonma Jangpo was torn by Jack Milos, and Cheonma New Gong had only a booklet without a tradition.

Even the existence of a booklet was only “rumors,” and for more than decades, the Cheonma New Temple has not appeared in the world.

And fourth, torch.

In a way, this was the most important.

When the Cheonma Protestant was created thousands of years ago, the first thousand horses were with this torch.

These three relics, Cheonma New Swords, Cheonma Jangpo, and Cheonma New Gong, are not in the early days, but the Cheonma Protestantism was created and after decades or hundreds of years.

Yes, this was important.

This is the first holy sacred fire that was in the hands of Ryujin.

When the Cheonma Protestant was alive, they always searched for sanctification but could not get it.

It was not in Ryujin’s hands from the beginning.

The world is not obtained as the center of trade.

This is what Ryujin really enjoyed swimming in the sea by chance.

If you think about it, it’s ridiculous.

The forces of Cheonma Protestant were not small.Since the past, which had dominated the entire Moorim, they were the best people to find torch, and the money spent was beyond imagination.

However, the fact that I found the torch was Ryujin who swimmed in the Black Sea to cool his head.

It was inappropriate to use the word coincidence.

This is inevitable.

And Ryu Jin’s words were very hot.

“Was the first horses of the Cheonma Protestant Bridge to see the future?”

“……well.I know there was no such trace anywhere in the record. ”

“I don’t think.The first thousand horses were right to see the future. ”

It may seem that Saehon knows a lot about Ryujin.

Honestly, it wasn’t wrong.

It was said that it was one of the very few who knew that Ryu’s true purpose was independence of the East Continent.

The important thing is that the purpose is independence, but I don’t know the method.

And unless it was a fool, I could know.

The torch in Ryujin’s hand.

That is related to independence.


Sahonje jumped at the moment.How are you convinced of independence?

I was really curious about what is preparing for it.

But he didn’t spit out of his mouth and did not reveal his expression.

It is a natural question.

Why did you believe and follow Ryujin without knowing how it will proceed?

It was simple.Because I believed.

Because he is the main army who swears loyalty.

This is enough answer.

Sahonje answered.

“I’m curious, but there should be few people who know the secrets.You don’t have to tell me. ”


“yes.It may be a problem later.When I get tortured or caught up with a mental magic, I want to prevent the problem that will arise. ”

Sahonje was loyalty.

A little different from Namgung Cheol -young, such a loyalty.

Ryujin, who only lost torch, thought.

Life has changed since I got this sanctification.

If you learn the truth about this torch, your life will change.

Ryujin was not sure.

If you know the truth, will Saehonje be loyal to her as it is now?

Ryujin sighed small.

“What happened to the basement?”

“I keep it well.”

“What is the rest of the part?”

“It’s been behind the entire continent, but it hasn’t been found since the ‘Hyeokjin River’s femoral’ saved last year.”

Before the appearance of the Milos Empire, the East Continent was a world where Cheonma Sindak and Cheonmuncheon were divided.

Exactly, Cheonma Protestant.

Cheonja Hyukjin River of Cheon Outcheon.

These two men were the strongest masters who were named in the history of Moorim for thousands of years, and drove the emperor of the west, Jack Milos, to the end of his death.

If they had killed the emperor of the west, they would have changed not only the East Continent but also all the history of the West continent.

One of those two people is the femoral femoral.

If you had heard of a person who did not know, it would have been creepy.No, you would have questioned.

Where the hell are you going to use that?

It was not the end.

“And I accidentally got the emperor’s arm bones in the slave market.”

Ryu’s expression was bright.

“Jack Milos?”

“yes.you’re right.”

There is nothing new.

Those who transcend the species are relatively free from limb cutting.

Because it can be played.

If so, what is the part that was cut off before regenerating?

If the site is not collected, it will be in place.

In other words, it means that someone can take it.There are many people in the world with star hobbies.It means that many people collect the body.

Ryujin is attracting what they were in.Hahaha, Ryujin bursts out.And for all this phenomenon in front of his eyes, Saehon did not question.

As mentioned earlier, Sahonje is loyal to Ryujin.No matter what Ryujin did, he did not question the whole force, and he did his command and removed the stone on his road.

He is the shadow of Ryujin.The shadow has no words.

“It’s Saehon.”

“Yes, the main.”

“What do you think of the East Line now?”

“What do you think……? ”

“I think it’s peaceful.”

In this question, Saehon was able to answer clearly.

“yes.It is very peaceful. ”

There will be no denial in this answer.If it is a big event that has been in recent years in the East Contents, the Namujincheon Palace collapsed, the patrols of the world and the party died, and furthermore, the unmanned in Hoecheon Bridge, the remnant of Cheonma Print, was executed.

This is a big event.That’s all.

In other words, the East continent is now enjoying an unprecedented peace.

“that’s right.Peaceful.Because of that peace, not everyone in the East continent is “uniting”. ”

“Is it unity?”

“The east continent before the emperor of the west was free.It was very different from now. ”

Ryujin, who put down the glass, sighed once more.

“You know well, but the drone is born on the battlefield.”

Ryujin’s voice was very subsided.

“Fighting and fighting again, the drone develops and grows.But now there is nothing like that in the East Content.It’s peace. ”

“……. ”

“It’s Saehon.”

“Yes, the main.”

“What would happen if the East Continent and the West Continent fighted without the transcendental?”

“……I do not know.”


“There are so many things to consider tactically.There is also a variable. ”

“Regardless of that?

“……It seems that the western continent is the superiority. ”

Ragnarok was defeated in the fight between the emperor and Ragnarok in the west.Ragnarok’s energy spread to the world influenced all mana users and unmanned in the world, and the talents have developed in development.

Nevertheless, the western continent was dominant.

It was so different from the situation 20 years ago.

Twenty years ago, if the emperor Jack Milos was not only the existence of the West, the West and East Contents were not initially fighting.

The weight itself was different, and only half of the drone of the east continued could dominate the western continent.

Even if many unmanned by Jack Milos died, there was a gap in the world.

This was not the end.There was more irrationality.

“Even if you catch the espionage of the conduic hall that penetrated the world, you have to release it.Even if they assassinate the drone of the East Continent, it doesn’t change.It is the inspectors who judge the sin.No.The Milos Empire is “dominated” the East Later, but does not “manage”.Thoroughly, the western continent and everything returns to the western continent.Do you know the mental state of unmanned in this world? ”

“yes.As the Lord said, I lived in peace and my mind was crushed by the power of the emperor who made it. ”

“Are you pressed?”

“The warriors and inspectors of the conduits laugh at whatever they do.As the Lord says, it’s wrong.This is never a normal situation. ”

The past of the past was so brilliant.

It was the world of the unmanned, and the unmanned the worldDominated.

Strong, strong meat.

Ryujin wants to do it is not just “independence.”

Recreating the era of glory.

That’s what Ryujin wants to do.

The desire to raise the east continent once again.

Ryujin will be sure to succeed.

For it, you can do anything.

“What will our prince do in the future?”

“……I think I’m going to resurrect Cheonma Protestant. ”

“Then what is it?”

“Would you like to make your own forces and move to the West Continent and be recognized as a prince there?”

“It may be the opposite.”

“Is it the opposite?”

“It’s not the western continent, but to swallow the east continent.”

“……. ”

“If you are a foundation, will you throw it away and go elsewhere?”

“……If it’s an existing situation, it would be difficult, but if you are a prince, shouldn’t you go in the end? ”

Ryujin laughed.That’s right.

By the way, Hoecheon Bridge is an organization with very low immunity.

It is such an organization that is enough to be a dying date even if you take a cold once, and the prince is a strong cold.

“Whatever the choice, it’s worth seeing.”

Chapter 3

Everyone finished the introduction and a long time passed.

There were a lot of people in the meeting place, but no one opened his mouth.Should it be called an uncomfortable silence?

As I mentioned earlier, everyone’s introduction was over.


Everyone here talks about everyone except one.

One was Melon.

Hoecheon Bridge.

There was no one who did not recognize Melon.It is natural that the strongest one sits in the head.

The question is how Melon will run Hoecheon Bridge in the future.

Even though it is not the same tendency as Jincheon Hwi before, Melon, who will tell it, was only drinking silently.

It was ridiculous.

Little by little, those who reveal the discomfort among the unmanned unattended of Hoecheon Bridge began to emerge.

It was then.

Slowly, Melon opened his mouth.

“Suddenly, I thought this way.”

Everyone’s eyes were once again focused on Melon.Melon connects.

“The name of Hoecheon is a name without any meaning.”

The closest place in Melon was Yeongwol, and she quietly filled the drink of Melon.

“It seems to have been delivered to some, but it didn’t seem to be conveyed.So I say clearly here.There is no Hoecheon Bridge in the future. ”

Everyone’s eyes are rounded.What is this?

“In the future, the name of this organization, which I will be head of the organization, is ‘Cheonma Sindyo 天魔 神 敎’.”

The branch managers in the north and southern stood up.

Rarely seen.

The head of the branch in the northern part of the country.

He is called a sword that reveals his feelings of embarrassment.

“……Hoe -nim, that’s a problem……. ”

The swordsman did not speak.

Because Melon raised his hand and blocked his mouth.

Not only the generals, but also the mouths of everyone here.

Melon’s words are not over yet.

“Forget the existing Hoecheon Bridge system.There will be only one principal in Cheonma Protestant, and there will be a total of five elders underneath it.The elders’ position is undecided.It may be filled or not filled.But it is not the place of the law. ”

Melon pointed to Yeongwol next to his finger.

“The first big lake law of ‘Sincheon Marsin Bridge’ is Yeongwol.”

What the hell did Yeongwol showed what they showed?

I was seriously questioned, but I didn’t say anything again.Because Melon was a horse.

And the following Melon’s words were more shocking than the previous words.

“First of all, there is one goal of Cheonma Protestant.Cheonhaseong. ”

Only Yeongwol, who had already heard it from Melon before entering here, swallowed the saliva.

Finally, a smile is drawn on Melon’s mouth.

“I will pull down Ryujin.”


“We make the world a new center of Cheonma Protestantism.This is the goal of Cheonma Protestant. ”


“Move for this.If you have any objections, try it. ”

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