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Legendary Youngest Son of the Marquis House complete (612)

Chapter 612

The room in the silent room is overwhelmed by a deeper silence.

I was rolling my head here and there.Subsequently, those sitting in their seats turned their heads and looked at those who were acquainted with them.

Did you hear it wrong now?

Looking at Melon, Melon’s expression was serious.

driving me crazy.

“……Are you really aiming for the world? ”

The question was Kwak Do -kyung in the north, famous for being silent.

Melon answers that.

“Do you look stupid enough to say that you are aiming for the world with a joke?”

Kwak Do -kyung was surprisingly easily convinced at the words that seemed to be rough, but not Geumtaesung.


He shouted with the table.

“Ibo show.Is it regression, sane? ”

The same was true of Geum Tae -sung.And such gold Tae -sung concluded.

It is never to touch the world.

“What do you do with the world, not elsewhere?”

“I said it was centered.In other words, I swallow it. ”

“……I’m crazy.It’s really crazy. ”

It is Geum Tae -sung who thinks that he cannot touch the world.

But you swallow the world?What do you say?

“Look.I know the will to do with a new inauguration, but what you are trying to do is an obvious rebellion. ”

Funny words came out.


“exactly.Rebellion. ”

“The word is interesting.What rebellion is there?

“……The world dominates the East Continent.Other than the words of the king of the longitudinal continent. ”

“The wrong word causes the wrong judgment.Keep in mind.Currently, there is no king in the East Content.And I’m really curious about this, is Ryujin scary? ”

“……. ”

“I’m too scared of a person who is not the first person of Moorim.Then only one more. ”

Melon, who slowly stood up in his seat, approached Geum Tae -sung, who stood up in the same place.

Melon stopped in front of his nose.

“What is the source of fear that Ryujin feels?”

“……No, that’s. ”

“Ryujin is not afraid?”

“……Ryujin is just an unmanned unmanned person.I am unmanned in Protestant, and now I have a body in Hoecheon Bridge, but I don’t want to disparage Ryujin’s achievements.It’s just that. ”

Melon laughed.

“Let me know one more.We describe the feelings of the northern Geum Tae -sung and your feelings.There is a question again at this point. ”

Melon reached out and put it on the shoulder of Geumtaeseong.

“Is Ryujin afraid or I am afraid of my eyes.”

“……. ”

“I have noticed it from the entrance, but I think the words of plums were not heard in the ear.This time, I will talk with my mouth.Geumtaeseong in the northern part of the country, be polite when talking in front of me.Like I have it now. ”

I don’t know what to see, but at least Melon was now enough politeness.

I didn’t kill it.

Today is the day of the formal change of the name of Hoecheon Bridge into Cheonma Protestantism, and it is a day to announce the birth of the new Cheonma Protestantism.

You should refrain from seeing blood on these good days.

I know that much.

I know.

He could hardly recognize Melon as a rejuvenation.

“Look.Hoju, something is mistaken, but Hoecheon Bridge is not simply a lower organization that follows the Cheonma Protestant Bridge.Hoecheon Bridge is the last organization that the Descendants of Protestant can lean on.I know what the returning stock is going to say……. ”

“Cheonma Protestant.And the principal. ”

“……? ”

“Hoecheon Bridge is not a subordinate organization of Cheonma Protestantism, but from now on it is Cheonma Protestant itself.I am not a master, but a gyoza.Don’t be confused about this part. ”

“……. ”

“Tell me even.”

“……Good.I will say.Gyoju, you are Hoecheon Bridge……No, I won’t say anything until I swallow Cheonma Protestantism, but it’s a different story to seek the world.If you pretend to be with them, the descendants of the Protestant Protestant will be harder, and the Cheonma Protestant may be in a situation where you have to war again with the West.In the situation where Emperor Jack Milos is holding behind, the current Cheonma Protestant is not able to deal with the conduit below it.

Had people who did not know would not have understood the flow of this conversation.

Why is it suddenly talking about the story of the world?

It was simple.

Touching the world means touching the interests involved in the world, which is like touching the family of the western continent.

“Although the principal has already touched the world, it was to touch the culprit of the world, and there was enough cause, but it was a different problem to swallow the world.Before taking care of the cause, Cheonma Protestant will be torn and the lord will be isolated.No, the principal will eventually survive alone.I’m an inspector and from Seodin.The principal and we are different.We have lived with persecution.

Geum Tae -sung in the northern life lived like this.

Although he was from a municipal administration, he had a mouth, but after entering the Protestant, he found a meaning to life and gave meaning to it.

For Protestantism, Geum Tae -sung can easily throw his life.

Melon clearly understood the sincerity in his words.

“Geum Tae -sung.”

“……yes.Province. ”

“I’m calling only words.”

“……. ”

“Does not matter.Suddenly, the guy who appeared in the lord is stretched out, so it would be natural that there is no respect from the deep heart in the heart. ”

A smile is drawn on Melon’s mouth.

“It’s strange that the achievements in the first place were not achievements for Protestant, but for individuals.I understand everything.Not only you, but everyone here will think so. ”

Melon, who was holding the shoulders of Geum Tae -sung, looked around and looked around.

“Would you like to make one in this place?”

“……Is it bet? ”

“If I win in the bet, you will obey everything I do in the future.”

“If the principal loses?”

“On the ground, there will be no renaming to Cheonma Sindyo, and I will come down from the position of the principal.I will not harm you and I will quietly devote myself to the inspector’s life. ”

It was interesting.

Geum Tae -sung asked.

“What is the content of the bet?”

It was simple.Melon had already thought of it.

“I sit in the place of the first elder of the five elders.

“……what……yo. this?”

“Blood Horse Yangbul -hui, he will make him the first elder of Sincheon Masin Bridge and let him kneel in front of me.Is it worth this? ”

In this place, Melon could know the relationship between Hema Yangbul Hwi and the people here.

Yangbul -hui is a descendant of Protestantism, but it was ‘enemy’ with the existing Hoecheon Bridge.

He knows that he is still in Gonun Mountain, but no one has been thinking of having a relationship with Yang Bul -hui.

Because it is strong.

It’s a transcendental, a monster.

If he calls him to Protestant, and he can be under the lower, the dominance of Cheonma Protestant is once again different.

Their thoughts will be different, and decisively, “cause”.

“The deadline is a week.I’ll see you again a week later. ”

Melon, who said there, turned around and moved.

Yeongwol follows such melon.

* * *

Yeongwol, who followed, asked me.

“Priest.Is it okay like this? ”

Yeongwol’s name changed me.

This also meant that Yeongwol believes in me.

“What does it mean?”

“……I am excited about it, but there was a certain way to be recognized by everyone here today. ”

It wasn’t wrong.

“It would have been comfortable to kill Geum Tae -sung and killed all of them, but it would not be too much of the mercy.”

You can kill Geumtaeseong as you say.

When Geum Tae -sung dies, if they follow him, they will stand up and they kill them all, and who will dare to say me on the spot.

But that’s not what I want.

“I think that simple fear will go long.What I want to rule with absolute obedience and fear should start with respect. ”


“There was a guy who leaked what happened on campus.”

“……After all, you knew you too. ”

“I can’t know.And I checked some of the patrols of the world hiding on the way, did you see it? ”

“sorry.I didn’t see it. ”

It was.I was hiding very secretly.


“Are you writing the list?”

“……Yes, I am writing. ”

The list here meant the bursts that leaked the work of the doctrine.

And today’s work will be spread elsewhere by those bursts.

“Can I ask you why you don’t hold it right away?”

I answered clearly to Yeongwol.

“I have to write it as a material.”

“Materials, are you talking?”

“If you accept blood hemp Yangbulhui as a subordinate, your respect will follow, but it is not enough.As I said before, respect should be fear.The list is a kind of killer.and.”


“Some people want to put them on the list if they want to put them.I’ll kill you all in a week. ”

I said so and moved.

By the way, there is no sound from the back.I turned my head.

Yeongwol stood in a place with a complicated look.

“Why?Is there any problem? ”

“……It’s not a problem, can I ask one? ”

Yeongwol nods and asks Yeongwol.

“Why are you so good at me?”

It was simple.

“Because I’m the first to accept myself.”

Yeongwol shook his head.

“……I haven’t seen anything yet.But give me too infinite trust……. ”

“Are you anxious?”

“……little bit.”

“There is no need to be anxious.”

I put my hands on the shoulders of Yeongwol.

Indeed, I didn’t have to be anxious.

“No one in the world is perfect.Whatever it happensAll are my responsibility.There is no responsibility, so don’t worry about it. ”

“……Yes, the lord.We will try to meet expectations. ”

I lowered my hand.

Previously, Hyphima Yangbul -hui told me:

Go to Gonun Mountain.

I don’t know why, but the important thing is that Yangbulhui is also in Gonunsan.

I am now going to Gonun Mountain to meet Yangbulhui.

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